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100+ Native American Dog Names: Authentic & Indigenous Ideas

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Are you looking for a special name for your puppy? Why not honor America’s amazing heritage with a beautiful Native American name?

From tribes like Navajo and Apache to famous Native Americans like Pocahontas, there are lots of great Native American names for dogs. And if you want a real-life namesake for your unique pup, take a look at our list of famous historical Native Americans. Which will you choose? Keep reading to find out!

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Female Native American Dog Names

Nurturing and kind, to bold and free, your lady pup deserves a name that’s true to her heart and complements her personality. A Native American name for a female dog from the list below would be a great match if you are looking for something truly authentic.

  • Kasa
  • Cheyenne
  • Kai
  • Lakota
  • Ponca
  • Sacagawea
  • Aponi
  • Chenoa
  • Misu
  • Osage
  • Mika
  • Soma
  • Sequoia
  • Doli
  • Winona
  • Kiona
  • Kimi
  • Arizona
  • Tadita
  • Saloso
  • Winona
  • Di
  • Spokane
  • Nakoma
  • Koa
  • Wyoming
  • Kinta
  • Sasa
  • Bena
  • Quechua
  • Alawa
  • Hena
  • Hinto
  • Chinook
  • Pavita
  • Pawnee
  • Lulu
  • Yoki
  • Shoshone
  • Miamai
  • Ogin
  • Salali
  • Cherokee
  • Odakota
  • Maka
  • Pocahontas
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Male Native American Dog Names

Some of the Male Native American dog names we have listed below are strong and dignified, others are soft and sweet. Regardless of the breed, or temperament, one of these names is sure to be an excellent match for your companion.

  • Doba
  • Arapaho
  • Awan
  • Hopi
  • Blackfoot
  • Ahunu
  • Omaha
  • Pinon
  • Sinopa
  • Lucio
  • Suki
  • Fala
  • Enyeto
  • Pules
  • Iye
  • Pakwa
  • Axe
  • Waya
  • Honi
  • Yuma
  • Apache
  • Ute
  • Nokosi
  • Crow
  • Alo
  • Tokala
  • Tanka
  • Sitting Bull
  • Etu
  • Elsu
  • Navajo
  • Tyee
  • Maska
  • Hinto
  • Abeytu
  • Aztec
  • Migina
  • Eyota
  • Meli
  • Lonato
  • Crazy Horse
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Native American Dog Names with Meanings

Choosing a name with a beautiful message behind it, whether you share with others or not, is a wonderful way to honor your pup, or give a notion to some of their distinct traits. If your dog is a bit of a barker, maybe Keme, meaning thunder, is a fitting name. Perhaps a pup who likes to listen to music with you would find some comfort in the name Kanti, meaning sing! Take a peek at our favorite names with meanings for ideas to pair with your pooch.

  • Weeko – Pretty
  • Ayita – First to Dance
  • Ohanko – Reckless
  • Takoda – Friend
  • Catori – Spirit
  • Peta – Golden Eagle
  • Onawa – Nocturnal
  • Maka – Earth
  • Chirich – Trickster
  • Kitchi – Brave
  • Yoki – Rain
  • Keme – Thunder
  • Onida – The One Looked For
  • Tala – Wolf
  • Sike – Lazy
  • Zihna – Spins
  • Nikiti – Round
  • Huyana – Falling Rain
  • Enola – Solidarity
  • Motega – New Arrow
  • Niwot – Left Hand
  • Una – One
  • Kaya – Pure
  • Mona – Noble One
  • Ayana – Blossom
  • Nova – Chases Butterfly
  • Lulu – Rabbit
  • Kohana – Swift
  • Dakota – Friend
  • Chaska – Star
  • Koko – Night
  • Kanti – Sings

Famous Native American Names


You may know Pocahontas from the Disney movie, but she was a real person! Born in the late 1500s, she was a member of the Powhatan tribe that came into contact with the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Just like in the movie, she saved Englishman John Smith’s life. She also married a colonist named John Rolfe and visited England — where she died in 1617.


Geronimo was an Apache leader living in Mexico and the Southwest United States in the 1800s. A member of a small tribe called the Chiricahua, he lived as an outlaw for much of his life. He was a gifted hunter and warrior, leading rebellions against the Mexican and United States governments in defense of his homeland.

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull was another warrior chief, born in South Dakota in the 1830s. After gold was found in the Black Hills, the US government went back on an earlier treaty, opening the sacred lands to white prospectors. Sitting Bull led his people, the Sioux, in a fight against American soldiers. Most famously, he defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Late in life, he became friends with Annie Oakley and performed in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse was another 1800s historical figure who fought alongside Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Big Horn. A member of the Ogala Sioux tribe, he resisted being sent to a reservation in the Black Hills. He also famously refused to be photographed and never signed a single document.


Sacagawea was the daughter of a Shoshone chief. She was kidnapped by another tribe and sold to a French trapper, who married her at 12. She’s best known for her work as an interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition — during which she was still a teenager! You may also have seen her on the US Mint’s Sacagawea Gold Dollar.

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Finding the Right Native American Name for Your Dog

Native American names are often unique and beautiful — perfect for your special pup, no matter the breed. Whether or not you have Native American ancestors, you can honor the people and places who were here before you! With simply gorgeous female names, masculine and strong male names, suggestions with lovely meanings, and of course a few notable famous names, we are sure that there is one suitable for every type of pup. We hope at the very least our list of 100+ Native American Inspired names has convinced you that a name rich in history is the way to go!

Tips for Naming your Dog

If you are still having trouble landing on the one you love, continue reading for a few tips sure to make your decision making a much clearer and easier feat!

  • Ask your friends and family for their opinion. Ultimately, you are the one with the final say but if you are going back and forth between a few, maybe a second opinion wouldn’t hurt. Some feedback might be eye-opening!
  • Think of the personality your puppy has (or is likely to have). Each dog breed has a set of traits that are fairly common among them. However, these traits are only stepping stones to your pup’s true personality. Allow them to have a few days to get settled and watch them blossom – you might be surprised how easy choosing a name is after this.
  • See how your pet reacts when you say it out loud. Ask your pup’s opinion on the names you are considering! They might give you an indication that they love or dislike one. If an idea provokes an alarming bark, we know that’s not the name for your pup! If you get a curious head tilt or a few puppy kisses, we can bet you have found a winner!

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