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13 Pet-Friendly Home Décor Ideas You Will Love

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If you have pets, there are many ways to incorporate their needs into your home décor. You don’t have to use your pets as an excuse to purchase less-than-lovely dog beds and cat trees. Instead, try some of these suggestions to keep your home looking sharp while also keeping your pets comfortable and at home.

In this article, we’ll look at several design elements that are entirely pet-oriented. Hopefully, this article will give you plenty of ideas on how to re-decorate your home.

1. Litter Box End Table

Even your cat’s litter box can be incorporated into your home design. Today, there are plenty of home décor options that can incorporate your litter box into your home. Most are made with either wood or plastic. There are so many options that you can find one to fit just about any home décor style.

Some require some assembly, but many don’t. The sides usually lift so that you can access and put the litter box inside of it. The only caveat with this décor is that you will need to give the litter box clean, as it will be right in your living room. Otherwise, the smell will quickly waft into your living space.

2. Pet Living Space

If you have the room, consider dedicating one area of your home to your canine. This doesn’t have to be a very large area, especially if your dog is on the smaller side. A bed and a cute dog-inspired wall hanging may be all you need to set your dog’s space apart. This area can be a stylish place for you to put all of your dog’s stuff, such as their toys and food bowl.

You may opt for a few baskets, especially if they’re themed, though you can likely get away with spreading the toys around the area as well. Plants are a suitable decorative option as well. Add wall hooks to keep your dog’s leashes and collars all in one spot as well.

3. Cat Tent

We’ve all seen the teepees designed for children. But they also have very small teepees designed for cats! These cat hiding holes are fantastic for felines that like to hide. You can add a bed or cushion to the inside to make it even cozier. Most of these teepees are made with design in mind, so they fit in nicely with nearly any home décor.

If you’re looking for a cat bed that looks good, one of these teepees might be your best option.

4. Tiny Dog Couch

They now make tiny cat beds that look a lot like regular couches. If you’re looking for something to match your home’s décor, these little couches can blend in perfectly. They’re also great for children!

You should be able to find an option that matches your current home’s style. There are countless options available on the market today. Of course, these cat beds may only be suitable for smaller cats since they are smaller. A larger cat may need something a bit bigger. Most cat-sized items are not designed for Maine coons.

5. Dog Kennel End Table

Similar to the cat litter box, they make dog kennels that look like end tables. These are most suitable for calmer dogs, as they may not stand up to too much scratching. Most are made out of wood or some sort, so they can be scratched up easily by dogs that aren’t kennel-trained. You should ensure you purchase one that is large enough for your dog as well. They make all sorts of sizes.

These tables come in all sorts of styles and colors, so finding one to fit your home shouldn’t be very difficult.

6. Personalized Photos

Consider commissioning a painting for your canine. There are plenty of artists out there that do commissions, making it easy to find an art style you like. This is an easy way to bring a touch of your pet into your home, especially after they’ve passed. You can often personalize these things with the pet’s name and other additions.

Plus, this option is probably one of the least expensive!

7. Cat Climbing Structure

Cat wall shelves
Image By: TaraPatta, Shutterstock

Ditch the usual cat trees and make a one-of-a-kind climbing structure for your feline. These structures attach directly to your wall, so they don’t take up as much floor space as other options. You can also make the structure as demanding or easy as your cat needs. Seniors might benefit from lots of ramps, while younger cats can leap from perch to perch.

You can purchase these wall-hanging structures pre-built, or you can design one yourself. They’re pretty easy to DIY if you’re up for it.

8. Hutch Table

For smaller pets, this hutch table is a must-have. You can keep the animal inside, while the top of the table can be used to store all the animal’s things. If you already have a hutch that is a decent size, then you can build it into a table. Just be sure to provide enough airflow for your pet by keeping the front open.

You can find a few of these designed online, but you may need to DIY it to get exactly what you want. Be sure to use pet-safe paints and disinfect it with a suitable cleaning product when you’re done.

9. Pet Bed Table

These tables look a lot like a bunk-bed. However, they have a pet bed on the bottom, with a table on the top. You can use them as a nightstand if your pet likes to sleep in your room, or you can put the table in the hall to house picture frames and the like.

These beds look absolutely adorable, but they are typically only suitable for smaller dogs. Bigger dogs usually won’t fit underneath a reasonably-sized table.

10. Cat Bubble

These cat bubbles are absolutely adorable. They work great with the cat climbing structures we previously discussed, but you can use them independently as well. Stuff a cushion or bed inside to keep it nice and cozy for your feline.

The main problem with this idea is that not all cats will use these bubbles. Many will not feel safe due to the glass, while others might not like how you have to climb into it. If you think your cat will like them, though, then they are an excellent option.

11. Upcycled Cabinet

If you have a cabinet somewhere in your home that you aren’t using, you can easily remove any doors and shelves to create a little dog area. Add a cushion to make it comfortable, and you’re good to go. This is one of the easiest DIY options on this list, but it is one of the most striking when it is done. This is one of the few practical options that also looks quite good when you’re done.

You can really design this cabinet to fit anywhere. Match your dog’s cushion to the rest of your home décor to tie everything together. Sadly, this design only works if your dog is small enough to fit into a cabinet.

12. Leash Holder

If you’re like us, then you always lose your dog’s leash. Get a personalized leash holder to ensure you can always find it and to bring a bit of your pet into your home’s style. These are very easy to DIY yourself as well. Alternatively, you can purchase them pre-made, as they are pretty popular. Some have multiple hooks, or you can add multiple hooks if your dog has multiple leashes.

Either way, this is an easy project that doesn’t take up much room.

13. Tiny Dog Chair

If you have a tiny dog, consider getting a tiny dog chair. These dog chairs are adorable and look far better than most dog beds on the market. However, they are only best for smaller dogs, though. A larger dog would need a full-sized chair, so this option is really only practical for very small dogs.

Some dogs might not like these chairs either, so it may be hit-and-miss with your particular canine.

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