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Plush Coat (Medium-Haired) German Shepherd: 8 Interesting Facts, Info & Pictures

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By Nicole Cosgrove

plush coat german shepherd resting

Height: 21–26 inches
Weight: 50–88 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Colors: Black, tan, red, cream, silver
Suitable for: Active families, children, those who want an energetic dog
Temperament: Easy to train, loyal, affectionate, protective, dominant

The Plush Coat is one of three coats that the German Shepherd can have. This is the coat that you most often see on German Shepherds in dog shows. Then, there is the short, or stock, coat and the long coat, with plush, or medium, being right in the middle of the two. No matter which coat length your Shepherd has, it won’t affect their personality or trainability. Some people prefer the plush coat because of its fluffy appearance. Dogs with this coat have long patches of soft fur around their ears and on the backs of their legs. The entire coat is between 1-2 inches long, compared to the short coat, which is 1 inch.

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Plush Coat German Shepherd Puppies

long-haired puppy of a German shepherd
Image Credit: Happy monkey, Shutterstock


When looking for an adorable plush coat German Shepherd, take your time to find a reputable breeder that will take the puppies’ health seriously. Try to look for breeders that specialize in German Shepherds. You can also find these dogs at a dog shelter and you’ll be changing a dog’s life for the best.

When you bring home a plush coat German Shepherd, be ready to have a high-energy dog with you at all times. They’re very loyal and affectionate and will create strong bonds with their owners. They can live for up to 15 years so take your time to research the dog breed that best fits your lifestyle since this is not a short-term commitment.

8 Little-Known Facts About the Plush Coat German Shepherd

1. Their nickname is the German Shedder.

German Shepherds all shed and they shed frequently. The Plush Coat German Shepherd will shed longer hair. If you don’t like dog hair, this breed is not for you!

2. They’re rare.

A recessive gene causes the Plush Coat length, so finding this breed is a little difficult. Die-hard German Shepherd breeders tend to dislike this coat, so if puppies are produced with Plush Coats, it means each parent is carrying the recessive gene. Those two dogs likely won’t be bred together again.

3. “Plush Coat” isn’t an official term.

Calling the medium-haired German Shepherd’s coat “plush” is something that originated in America and is often used in the dog show world.

plush coat german shepherd
Image Credit: Jumpstory

4. Their coat length doesn’t affect their ability to work.

Medium-haired German Shepherds still have the intelligence, courage, and work ethic to be military and police dogs. They can also be personal service dogs. Their hair doesn’t change their personalities.

5. Their ears stand up on their own.

Your floppy-eared Plush Coat puppy won’t have those ears forever. At around 20 weeks old, their ear cartilage will become hard enough to force the ears to stand up straight, achieving the German Shepherd’s signature look.

6. Their bite is super strong.

While the dog might be 90 pounds, they can deliver a bite with a force of over 238 pounds. That’s why German Shepherds are chosen for police work and to be guard dogs. When they aren’t trained for this type of work and behavior, however, they’re docile and even-tempered dogs.

plush coat german shepherd walking
Image By: Jumpstory

7. The name was changed.

The American Kennel Club changed the name of the German Shepherd to “Shepherd Dog” after World War I. People held ill feelings about Germany and didn’t want a dog associated with the country. The name was changed back in 1931.

8. They’re intelligent.

The Plush Coat German Shepherd is an extremely smart dog. It’s been said that it only takes five repetitions of something before the dog has learned the command. Their ability to be trained so easily combined with their loving natures make them popular choices for family pets.


Final Thoughts

The Plush Coat German Shepherd is just a fluffy version of the original. With the same personality and traits, this dog has a strong work ethic and is a wonderful companion. Regular brushing can help with the shedding, but this dog is going to shed frequently no matter what. As family dogs, Plush Coat German Shepherds are great with kids and make loyal and loving pets.

Featured Image Credit: Jumpstory

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