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Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher

Cats love to scratch almost anything, whether it is your couch, the carpet, or even the curtains. Scratching comes naturally to cats, so why not treat them to a quality scratcher that they will enjoy as well as keep them off your furnishing? Hepper’s Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher will keep your cats busy and entertained!


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Features -
  • Set up the Hi-Lo in 3 positions to maximize scratcher life.
  • By adjusting the positions, your cat won't get bored and will always have a new challenge.
  • Extra thick cardboard for long life.
  • Solid plywood frame for stability and beauty.
Materials/care +

Incredibly Sturdy, Exceedingly Beautiful


Hepper’s Hi-Lo Scratcher combines aesthetics, engagement options, and quality materials all in one cat toy. Some cat scratchers on the market are quite tall and stand out. Our scratcher’s design and materials make this a modern addition to any room in your house. The Hi-Lo Scratcher has three positions, allowing your cat to choose which is more fun for them: high, low, and lower. Having these different positions means your cat can stretch out its entire body, working their muscles.


The high-quality cardboard is the perfect material for your cat to claw at. You don’t need to worry about your cat ingesting small synthetic fibers. Plus, once your cat has thoroughly scratched it up, you can get some replacement cardboard for it. There’s no need to throw the whole thing away!


The Hi-Lo Scratcher is definitely more than just a toy. It helps your cat stay happy, healthy, and entertained. And it keeps them away from your couch!

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It’s made of durable B-flute cardboard laminated together to make the main scratching area. The sides are Birch Plywood with a non-toxic glossy coating.

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