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Automatic Cat Litter Scoop

This automatic litter scoop lets you deposit your cat’s waste directly into a waste bag — making for disposal without hassle. The lattice filters out unused kitty litter, and the side guards stop you from spilling anything.

The scoop comes with a pack of 15 appropriately sized waste bags that fit the waste compartment.


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About this item

Features -
  • Hassle-free cat litter scoop
  • Lattice with slats to filter out unused kitty litter
  • Easy-clean smooth plastic
  • Waste compartment attached
  • Side guards for extra cleanliness
  • Waste bags included
  • Colors: gray, green, and blue
Materials/care +

This automatic cat litter scoop cuts out the middleman!



Cat poop isn’t nice. Dealing with it is arguably the least tasteful aspect of owning a cat. Don’t take care of it on time, every time, and your cat will let you know with a nasty surprise in the middle of the night.


This cat scoop makes your life a little easier — and keeps you further away from the nasty stuff.


It comes with a waste compartment that can be pre-loaded with a waste bag (included). All you need to do is scoop your cat’s waste into the bag, and then dispose of it. The plastic material is easy to clean, the scoop has added guards on the sides in case your hand’s not too steady, and the lattice on the scoop makes it easy to filter the used kitty litter from the fresh stuff.

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