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Ragdoll Cats For Sale in Nevada: Breeders List 2024

Luxifa Le

By Luxifa Le

5 Ragdoll kittens on cream sofa couch

At Hepper, we advocate for adopting before shopping, but we understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, so we encourage it to be done the right way. We’ve put the top-recommended breeders here for you to get in touch with and ask all the right questions. We have not personally investigated each breeder ourselves. Learn more about our position and the questions you should ask before selecting a breeder here.

When getting a new Ragdoll cat, people often wonder if they should look for one particular breed. There are many reasons one might prefer one breed over another and finding a cat that suits your lifestyle and home is essential.

People looking for a cat breeder should look for breeders registered with The International Cat Association and/or the Cat Fanciers’ Association. These breeders undergo an application process that ensures that your cat is well taken care of before entering your home.

The 2 Ragdolls Breeders in Nevada

Ragdolls are famous for their friendly and relaxed dispositions, but they’re a breed that hasn’t garnered as much attention as some others. As a result, finding a reputable breeder of these beautiful cats can be challenging.

Luckily, several overseeing bodies for cat breeders have directories to help you find a reputable breeder in your area. Here are the TICA-registered Ragdoll Breeders in Nevada!

1. Vegas Ragdolls

Vegas Ragdolls logo

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas Ragdolls is a breeder owned by Rochelle Rexius and is a TICA-registered cattery in Las Vegas. They have a waitlist for kittens and register all their kittens with either TICA or the Traditional Cat Association. Vegas Ragdolls is registered with the TCA as “Fluffy Friends,” but the breeder’s name indicates the same person who now owns Vegas Ragdolls.

Their breeding stock is tested for FelIV, FIV, HCM, and worms and features a closed cattery, meaning they do not breed with cats from other catteries. This practice helps ensure that the cats coming from their cattery are disease-free.

They currently have a waitlist, and since the demand for their cats has grown, they estimate a 5-6-month wait time before a kitten will become available for you.

2. Halo Kitties

Halo Kitties logo

  • Las Vegas, NV

Halo Kitties is owned by Fei Geng and is a registered cattery with both TICA and the CFA. All kittens provided by Halo Kitties will come to their new home spayed or neutered and with two vaccinations.

Halo Kitties doesn’t send their kitties to their new homes until 13-16 weeks to allow them more time to make sure they’re litter trained, tamed, and ready to be separated from their mom and dad.

This cattery has a variety of kings and queens featured on their website. So, you’ll be able to get a sneak peek at what your kitten might grow up to look like. Halo Kitties doesn’t have a waitlist right now.

Preparing For a New Kitten 

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Getting a pet is a big decision that should be made with great care. Finding a reputable breeder is essential if you’re buying a pet from a breeder rather than adopting from a shelter. We hope this has helped you find a breeder in your area who practices safe and ethical breeding. So, you can bring home a healthy, happy kitten to join your family.

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