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10 Dogs Similar to the Bernese Mountain Dog (With Pictures)

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

Leonberger And Bernese Mountain Dog Outdoors

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large-breed dogs with athletic, muscular builds. They are the epitome of gentle giants, with endless affection for their humans and enough fur to make any cuddling session fluffy and comfy. If you have had your eye on the Bernese Mountain Dog but want to consider other options as well, we’ve compiled a list of 10 other dog breeds that are remarkably similar to the Bernese Mountain Dog. Take a look at the list below and see if any of the breeds strike your fancy!

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The 10 Dogs Similar to the Bernese Mountain Dog

1. Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound
Image Credit: Jana Oudova, Shutterstock
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Lifespan: 6–8 years

The Irish Wolfhound was initially bred to hunt wolves. Since it was bred with this intention in mind, it is only natural that the Irish Wolfhound would be a large dog. The dog can weigh around 120 pounds, which aligns with the Bernese Mountain Dog’s weight.

Although hunting wolves is an intense activity, the Irish Wolfhound is not as scary as you think. They are known to be gentle and happy to get along with anyone they meet, including strangers and other dogs. They are also quiet, making them excellent companions during calm nights.

2. Hovawart

Image credit: Chrisklas, Pixabay
Height: 23–28 inches
Weight: 65–90 pounds
Lifespan: 10–14 years

Hovawarts may not weigh as much as the Bernese Mountain Dog can, but their coat color and pattern are practically identical!

Hovawarts are attentive, alert dogs that adore their families. They love to cuddle with their favorite humans for hours on end, but they also enjoy running around the yard and playing with young kids.

This breed is incredibly intelligent and remarkably loyal. They make excellent guard dogs due to their alert nature and devotion to their families. Although they are vigilant, they are also good-mannered with other dogs and strangers as long as they do not sense any danger.

3. Leonberger

Image Credit By: sesheta, pixabay
Height: 28–31.5 inches
Weight: 110–170 pounds
Lifespan: 7 years

Talk about a big dog! The Leonberger can grow to 170 pounds, making it a powerful breed. It is known to be incredibly friendly and sweet and is gentle, graceful, and full of affection for its families. However, the Leonberger is no pushover. This dog is a vigilant one and is always on the lookout for danger. They are known for their intelligence and sound judgment and are incredibly eager to please.

Leonbergers will require a lot of brushing and grooming care due to their long, furry coats. If you bring a Leonberger home, you will need to be ready to handle a lot of dog fur.

4. Newfoundland

Image Credit: dennisflarsen, Pixabay
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 130–150 pounds
Lifespan: 9–10 years

Newfoundlands tend to weigh a bit more than Bernese Mountain Dogs, as they are heavy-boned, powerful working dogs. They are known to be gentle and sweet, like the Bernese Mountain Dog, and enjoy being around their family. Newfoundlands are patient and docile and are perfectly content with snuggling on the couch rather than getting up to too much mischief. They are easy to train and great with children, making the Newfoundland an excellent family dog.

5. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard sitting in meadow
Image Credit: rokopix, Shutterstock
Height: 28–30 inches
Weight: 140–180 pounds
Lifespan: 8–10 years

Saint Bernards can grow up to 180 pounds. It is among the most famous and beloved dogs in the world, and for a good reason; this dog has an incredible temperament. Saint Bernards are known to be gentle, sweet, and remarkably patient, earning them the title of “nanny dogs” because they are so excellent with children.

Their gentle nature does not take away from the fact that this breed is a force to be reckoned with. A Saint Bernard is a powerful, imposing figure with great musculature and poise.

6. Mastiff

mastiff dog outdoors
Image Credit: Ricantimages, Shutterstock
Height: 30 inches or more
Weight: 160–230 pounds
Lifespan: 6–10 years

If you thought the other dogs on this list were big, you aren’t ready for the Mastiff. This breed reaches 120–160 pounds at a minimum, and at its largest, it can grow to 230 pounds! The American Kennel Club describes the Mastiff as “colossal,” and we think that’s an apt description. This massive dog is docile, dignified, and fiercely protective of the family. If you’re considering a Mastiff, ensure you have the space to accommodate such a large dog.

7. Great Dane

European Great Dane

Height: 30–32 inches
Weight: 140–175 pounds
Lifespan: 7–10 years

The Great Dane is likely a familiar name to you. This dog was bred to guard homes and hunt wild boars, but it is more than content to snuggle with you on the couch.

The Great Dane has been called the “Apollo of Dogs” due to its size and might. It can easily tower over most humans when standing on its hind legs. That will definitely be something to consider, as even the sweetest and most well-intentioned Great Dane can easily knock someone over.

8. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees, flock guardian, sheep dog in pasture
Image Credit: Malachi Jacobs, Shutterstock
Height: 27–32 inches
Weight: 100 pounds or more
Lifespan: 10–12 years

The Great Pyrenees is a fluffy, thick-coated dog, especially around the chest. They are a mighty breed with a majestic appearance and presence. They were bred to prevent wolves and other predators from coming near livestock, so you know this dog has an imposing figure.

Despite their size and poise, this dog is incredibly affectionate with family members. They may be somewhat hesitant around small children and strangers, especially due to their vigilant watchdog nature, but they can remain calm.

9. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

greater swiss mountain dog in the grass
Image Credit: Nick Chase 68, Shutterstock
Height: 25.5–28.5 inches
Weight: 115–140 inches
Lifespan: 8–11 years

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a similar weight and coat color as the Bernese Mountain dog. This breed can reach 140 pounds and is known to be a faithful, loyal dog. They are alert watchdogs who will keep an eye out for any danger and are always willing to protect their family, but they are also incredibly friendly with strangers. They are remarkably strong, fast, and dependable, yet they maintain much of their playful puppy attitude long into adulthood.

10. Kuvasz

Credit: La Su, Shutterstock
Height: 28–30 inches
Weight: 100–115 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years

Last but most certainly not least, we have the Kuvasz. This fearless dog is vigilant and incredibly loyal to its family but can be suspicious of strangers. The Kuvasz may not be the best choice for an inexperienced dog owner, but for a dog owner that knows what they are doing, it is easy to train and eager to please. The dog is sweet and affectionate with its family and makes an excellent companion.

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Final Thoughts

Although no other breed can replicate everything about what makes the Bernese Mountain dog so special, plenty of other dog breeds share enough similarities while having their unique strengths. Whether you want to bring home a Bernese Mountain dog or one of the dogs on this list, remember that large-breed dogs may accidentally bump into people or objects, leading to accidents. If you can alter your dog’s living space to limit this risk, your large-breed dog can roam without issues.

Featured Image Credit: miyajima, Shutterstock

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