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10 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs If you have a small dog, then you know taking them for a walk can be a challenge. Collars can pull too hard on their delicate necks, or your little pup might even slip out of the collar and make a run for it. A harness, then, is the better choice. It’s not only more secure, but it also doesn’t put too much pressure on a small dog’s neck and throat.

You may have already started looking for the best harness for your pup, but there are so many choices out there that it’s hard to know which is the best one. Never fear! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reviews of the 10 best dog harnesses for small dogs. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide to help you know which features to look for.

Read on for our recommendations.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Puppia XS Puppia XS
  • Breathable
  • 100% soft polyester mesh
  • Comfortable
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Classic plaid design
  • Comfortable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Metric USA Metric USA
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release clip
  • Two reinforced D-rings
  • Copatchy Copatchy
  • Easy-on and easy-off
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Bolux DC112-Pur-S Bolux DC112-Pur-S
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective stitching
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • The 10 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs Reviewed

    1. Puppia Dog Harnesses – Best Overall

    Puppia PDCF-AC30

    The Puppia Dog Harness is our best overall choice because it’s made of breathable, soft polyester mesh, which keeps your pup cool and comfortable. It also has a padded neck opening for your dog’s comfort. The chest belt is adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit. It has a quick-release buckle for easy removal. It’s machine washable so you can easily keep it clean. To match the personality of your little pup, it’s available in a wide variety of colors.

    Be sure to measure your dog’s neck and chest rather than relying only on the breed size chart. We found the chart to be inaccurate in sizing.

    • Breathable, 100% soft polyester mesh
    • Comfortable padded neck opening
    • Adjustable chest belt with plastic clasp
    • Quick-release buckle
    • Machine washable
    • Many different colors available
    • Sizing is not accurate

    2. RYPET Small Dog Harness – Best Value


    The RYPET Small Dog Harness is the best dog harness for small dogs for the money because it’s comfortable and stylish. It’s made of a soft, breathable material that keeps your dog cool on hot walks. The classic plaid design looks good on any pup and is especially stylish during the holidays. The vest is padded, which keeps your dog comfortable by not putting too much pressure on their delicate neck. A sturdy metal ring on the back for the leash keeps your pup safe and secure on walks. The harness is also easy to adjust to get a perfect fit.

    It’s important to be sure the harness fits your pup properly, or the clip on the back can rub and cause discomfort.

    • Soft, breathable mesh material
    • Classic plaid design
    • Comfortable, padded vest
    • Metal ring on back for lease attachment
    • Easy to adjust
    • Clip can cause discomfort for dog

    3. Metric USA Lightweight Dog Harness- Premium Choice

    metric usa

    The Metric USA Lightweight Dog Harness is made of a soft, lightweight material that’s comfortable for your dog to wear. It has a quick-release clip to easily put it on and take it off. Two reinforced D-rings give you secure leash attachments. The fit on your dog is snug and comfortable and comes in a wide variety of sizes. It’s also available in multiple colors so you can choose the best one for your pup.

    The straps on the harness tend to rub the hair of dogs who mat easily. The sizing is also inaccurate. Be sure to measure your dog before ordering for the best fit.

    • Made of lightweight, soft material
    • Quick-release clip
    • Two reinforced D-rings for leash attachment
    • Snug, comfortable fit
    • Available in multiple colors
    • The material can cause matting of dog’s hair
    • Sizing is inaccurate

    Also see: The top harnesses for large dogs

    4. Copatchy Adjustable Dog Harness


    The Copatchy Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness is great for walking your dog at night. The reflective strips are easy to see. The harness is made of a lightweight and breathable material that’s comfortable for your dog. There’s also a handle on top of the harness for better control of your pup. It’s easy to put on and easy to remove, which is great for wiggly pups. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

    Because the harness lacks a chest strap, it performs more like a collar. It rides up on the neck and slips around under the dog’s abdomen. Your pup can also wiggle out of it, which is a safety concern. The material frays easily, so this isn’t the best choice for an everyday harness.

    • Easy-on and easy-off
    • Lightweight and breathable material
    • Handle on top of harness for greater control
    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • No chest plate, which causes harness to rotate on the dog
    • Frays easily
    • Dog can slip out of it

    5. Bolux DC112-Pur-S Dog Harness

    Bolux DC112-Pur-S

    The Bolux Dog Harness is made with a comfortable, breathable material that will keep your dog cool on hot walks. For nighttime safety, it features reflective stitching. The harness is easily adjustable with a chest strap and a snap-on buckle. It also has a sturdy stainless steel D-ring for the leash attachment.

    The Velcro chest piece comes off with minimal tugging or pulling by your dog. This is a safety concern because your pup can easily slip out of the harness. The sizing is also inaccurate, so be sure to do thorough measurements of your dog.

    • Made with comfortable, breathable material
    • Reflective stitching for safety at night
    • Adjustable chest strap with snap-on buckle
    • Stainless steel D-ring for leash attachment
    • Dog can slip out of harness
    • Velcro chest piece comes off with minimal tugging or pulling by dog
    • Sizing is inaccurate

    6. Sporn ZW1210 Dog Harness

    Sporn ZW1210

    The Sporn Dog Harness is made of a durable nylon mesh that’s both strong and breathable. The hardware is nickel-plated, which adds even more durability. The harness is easy to put on and take off. If your pup tends to pull when on a walk, then this is a great choice, as it’s designed for moderate to heavy pullers.

    The sliding clamp on the harness easily comes loose while your dog is walking, which is frustrating to have to adjust constantly. Even though the design is meant to be easy to put on, it can be difficult to figure out how to do so at first. On some dogs, especially ones with soft hair, the harness can cause chafing.

    • Material is sturdy, durable nylon mesh
    • Nickel-plated hardware
    • Easy-on, easy-off design
    • Designed for moderate to heavy pullers
    • Sliding clamp easily comes loose while dog is walking
    • Difficult to get on dog
    • Can cause chafing on some dogs

    7. EcoBark Classic Dog Harness

    EcoBark Classic

    The EcoBark Classic Dog Harness is specially made so it doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s trachea. The harness sits higher, which makes it more difficult for your pup to escape or pull. The material is soft, breathable, and lightweight for your dog’s comfort. The cover is also custom-stitched to prevent rubbing.

    The snap closure comes apart easily, which is a safety concern. The harness is difficult to get on your dog, especially if you have a pup who doesn’t like to hold still. Determined dogs can also slip easily out of the harness. Lastly, the sizing is inaccurate, so be sure to measure properly.

    • No-pull, no-choke harness
    • Soft, breathable, lightweight material
    • Harness sits higher, making it more difficult for dog to escape or pull
    • No-rub, custom-stitched cover
    • Snap closure comes apart easily
    • Difficult to get on dog
    • Sizing is inaccurate
    • Dog can easily slip out of harness

    8. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

    Voyager 207-BK-XS

    The Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness is designed to make it easier to put on your dog. Your pup can just step into the harness, without you having to fasten any buckles. The harness is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh that’s soft and comfortable. It features two reflective bands on the side of the harness for safety at night. The harness also has double D-rings for the leash attachment.

    Certain types of dogs, like those with narrow or small heads, can easily slip out of the harness. Because you’re unable to adjust the harness, you have to make sure you have the perfect fit. The stitching isn’t the highest quality and unravels easily. This harness can also cause chafing on some dogs.

    • Made from soft, breathable, lightweight mesh
    • Two reflective bands on side of harness for safety
    • Double D-rings for added security
    • Step-in harness without the need for clips or buckles
    • Dogs with narrow or triangular heads can easily slip out of harness
    • No adjustability
    • Poor quality on stitching
    • Can cause chafing on some dogs

    9. Downtown Pet Adjustable Dog Harness

    Downtown Pet Supply

    The Downtown Pet Supply Step in Adjustable Dog Harness has an easy step-in design. This makes getting it on your pup less of a hassle. It also is adjustable, so you can ensure that the fit is snug. The harness fastens on your dog’s back with Velcro closure and a clip for added security.

    Your pup can easily slip out of this harness, though, which is a safety concern. The sizing isn’t accurate, so you’ll have to measure your dog thoroughly. It can be difficult to put on, especially with a wiggly dog. The quality seems to be poor, as it frays easily.

    • Padded, lightweight breathable mesh fabric
    • Easy, step-in design
    • Velcro closure and clip buckle
    • Sizing is not accurate
    • Dog can easily slip out of harness
    • Poor quality
    • Difficult to put on dog

    10. Didog Soft Dog Vest Harness

    Didog Soft

    The Didog Soft Dog Harness is padded and made with a soft, breathable fabric. The harness features a D-ring on the chest for your dog’s tags or the leash attachment. It’s also easy to put on and take off.

    The fabric can cause rubbing and chafing, though, so it’s not a good choice for daily wear. The metal attachment for the leash breaks off easily, which is a safety hazard. Another concern is that the dog can easily slip out of the harness. The harness is poor quality and rips easily. It also doesn’t stay tightened, so it requires constant adjustment.

    • Padded with a soft, breathable fabric
    • Chest D-ring for tags
    • Easy on and off
    • Can cause rubbing and chafing
    • Metal attachment for leash breaks off easily
    • Dog can easily slip out of harness
    • Poor quality; rips easily
    • Doesn’t stay tightened

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs

    According to industry expert Jeff Carbridge at DogOwner.co.uk there are several features you should look for:

    Leash Attachments

    Harnesses typically have a front or back-clip leash attachment, and the one you choose depends on your needs. A front-clip leash attachment can help teach a dog to not pull while on a walk. Instead of causing a choking sensation, when your pup tries to pull their leash, their forward momentum is halted by causing them to spin around.

    Back-clip attachments are helpful for dogs who don’t pull much. They don’t provide as much control, but they won’t get tangled around your pup’s legs like a front-clip attachment tends to do.


    If you walk your dog frequently, then it’s best to get a harness that can stand up to daily wear-and-tear. Be sure to not only look for durable, quality materials but also double-stitching and strong metal D-rings.

    small dog with his owner's shoe
    Image Credit: rad fx, Shutterstock


    You probably chose a harness over a collar for your small dog’s comfort in mind, so it’s important to make sure the harness is comfortable. Choose one with padding on the chest and with soft materials wherever it comes into contact with your pup. It’s also good to have one that’s adjustable so you can customize it to your dog’s exact specifications.


    It’s always best to have your dog’s exact measurements instead of only relying on a breed size chart. This way, you can be sure that the harness will fit your pup properly. In particular, you’ll need to find the measurement of your dog’s neck, chest, and stomach.

    Special Features

    Certain harnesses include additional features that can make them especially appealing. Variety in colors and design is always a plus because your little pup can look stylish. Machine-washable designs make clean-up even easier. Reflective strips can keep your dog safe on nighttime walks.

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    Final Verdict

    Our best overall choice is the Puppia PDCF-AC30-PK-XS Dog Harness because it’s breathable and comfortable for your pup. The polyester mesh will keep them cool, and the padded neck opening makes sure the harness doesn’t rub or put too much pressure on a little dog’s delicate chest.

    Our best value choice is the RYPET Small Dog Harness because it’s comfortable and nice looking. It’s made of a soft, breathable material, has ample padding, and features a fun plaid design. It even has a little bow tie on the front, which is especially stylish during the holidays.

    We hope our reviews and buying guide have helped you find the best harness for your small dog.

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