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7 Best Dog House Heaters of 2024 – Reviews & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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There are many ways that you can spoil your pet, but the pinnacle seems to be getting your dog a whole house to themselves.

Of course, that’s topped by getting your dog a house and then buying a heater for that house to make sure that it is weather appropriate all year round. While this seems like a niche field of business, it is a thriving and viable industry.

In these reviews, we will take a look at the best house heaters for dogs, tell you which one is our top pick, and guide you through the buying process.

So, let’s take a look at the seven best house heaters for dogs!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Akoma Hound Akoma Hound
  • Safe design
  • Runs off electricity
  • Can hold temperatures from 30 to 100 degrees
  • Best Value
    Second place
    ASL Solutions Floor ASL Solutions Floor
  • Water resistant
  • Runs off 40 watts
  • Comfy for your pet to lay on
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Gracelove Deluxe Gracelove Deluxe
  • Heats a decent sized dog house
  • Effective heat shield
  • Overhead heater
  • 100 watts of power
  • Comes with a hanging hook
  • Cozy Products Compact Panel Cozy Products Compact Panel
  • Gently radiates heat
  • Doesn’t require a great deal of power
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • The 7 Best Dog House Heaters

    1. Akoma Hound Heater – Best Overall


    This heater is effective, affordable, and safe, all things you should look for when shopping for a dog house heater. Let’s get into the specifics of why we decided to make Akoma our top pick.

    The design itself is centered around the one thing that is more important than anything else: the safety of your pet. Made with a curved design, this heater is visible in your dog’s house but has no sharp edges. The inside has a heat shield that protects all the internal wiring and components but also prevents the face of the heater from heating up too much. This heater runs off of electricity with a powered 8-foot three-pronged cable.

    The temperature range of this heater is impressive. Able to heat a space of roughly 75 cubic feet, this heater can hold temperatures as low as 30 degrees or as high as 100 degrees. Because of the power behind this heater, we think that you could get away with heating something a little bigger than 75 cubic feet.

    If you want to get fancy with your heater, you can hook it up to a smart power strip and sync it to your phone so you can control the heat of your dog house from anywhere!

    The heat shield on this is sometimes a bit defective and our one concern about the product.

    • Safe design for your pet
    • Can hold temperatures from 30 to 100 degrees
    • Runs off electricity
    • Faulty heat shield

    2. ASL Solutions Floor Heater – Best Value

    ASL Solutions

    This is a neat little invention — instead of heating a whole dog house, ASL Solutions made a product that just heats the floor. Considering how much dogs love laying down and napping, this is a perfect idea for a dog house, especially during the winter season.

    This heater runs off of electricity of 40 watts, which happens to be more than enough to keep your pet warm throughout the cold season. This product comes with a built-in thermostat, so you’ll never have to question how hot it is and you can keep tabs on the perfect heat for your beloved doggo.

    Another wonderful quality about this heater is that it is water resistant. It will not be affected if your buddy lays down on it after a long day of running around in the snow.

    A complaint we commonly hear about this heater is that it doesn’t heat a whole dog house enough, but this product is only supposed to heat the area in which the dog is laying. We love this design, and from the sound of it, so will your dog. As such, it seems clear that this is the best dog house heater for the money.

    • Water resistant
    • Runs off 40 watts
    • Comfy for your pet to lay on
    • Won’t heat the whole dog house

    3. Gracelove Dog House Heater – Premium Choice


    This heater is similar to our top pick, but it is more substantial in size and in price. This is a newer item out on the market, so it doesn’t have much of a reputation, but we do know that it is heavy duty and can heat a big dog house.

    This runs off a three-pronged electrical cord and has a built-in thermostat for self-stabilization. The inside is protected by a heat shield that should keep your pet safe from burning themselves.

    This product has a bit more of an output, so it can heat dog houses bigger than the ones mentioned with our top pick. The heater also has the tendency to overheat, so you will want to monitor it to make sure your dog does not get injured in any way.

    • Heats a decent sized dog house
    • Effective heat shield
    • Sometimes overheats

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    4. SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater


    As opposed to our last product, which is newer and more of an unknown, this product has been around since 1995 and is trusted by many! It is a good design and makes for easy heating of a whole dog house.

    This is an overhead heater, so you don’t have to worry about your pet bumping into it accidentally and getting burned. This model heats in a uniform way and doesn’t create any hot spots. Heated with 100 watts of power, it can warm up spaces of up to 330 square inches. This heater can either be installed in the room of the dog house, or you can simply hang it from the provided hook.

    Your pet will like this heater. It doesn’t overheat, so your pet won’t get uncomfortable when hanging out in their little home. The only concern about this heater is that it smells a bit odd when first used, but eventually, the smell goes away.

    • Overhead heater
    • 100 watts of power
    • Comes with a hanging hook
    • Smells a bit odd at first

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    5. Cozy Products Black Radiant Heater

    Cozy Products

    This is a good product that lives up to the company name. This radiant heater doesn’t take up too much space, making it a wonderful choice for a dog house. If the dog house is outside, no worries, this heater can withstand a little rain or snow.

    As is the case for most of the heaters on this list, this heater needs to be plugged into an outlet, but once you have it set up, you will find that it blends in with your dog house wonderfully. Placed vertically, this product will look like just another wall in the room.

    With a safety rating of zero clearance, this is a good alternative to space heaters, which can be dangerous and even catch on fire. The low wattage of this heater means it should be compatible with just about any 110-watt outlet.

    Your friends will think that your dog’s house is super high tech, as aesthetically, this heater looks just like a flat-screen TV.

    The thing that most users complain about is that this heater just doesn’t get that hot, though it was intentionally designed that way. This heater is meant to keep your dog house warm, not to turn it into a sweltering sauna.

    • Gently radiates heat
    • Doesn’t take up too much space
    • Doesn’t require a great deal of power
    • Not that hot

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    6. BYB E-0076 Infrared Heat Emitter


    This is an interesting solution to your dog house’s heating needs. First off, this heater plugs into a socket for a light bulb and emits heat from the power drawn there. What makes this a unique choice for a dog house is that this heater was originally meant for high-humidity terrariums.

    This is also a finicky product, as it’s made to only be used with porcelain light bulb sockets. You’ll also have to wait to change it after turning the light off, as this thing gets hot and stays that way for a while.

    Because of how hot this product gets, it seems like it might be dangerous for a dog house and the dog inside of it. It also doesn’t seem like it could get hot enough to heat the dog house. Yes, the bulb itself gets very hot, but this is meant to be used with cold-blooded animals, not fully grown chilly mammals.

    • Interesting design
    • Could burn your dog
    • Meant for reptiles
    • Probably not that hot, except the bulb, which is very hot

    7. Climatesafe CRPH2 Dog House Heater

    Climate Right

    This is another similar design as our top pick. This heater attaches to the wall of the dog house, but you might want to make sure that you have a roomy place for your dog, as this heater takes up a decent amount of space.

    It does well enough when it comes to heating and can even double as a fan for when the weather gets hot outside. The fan also doubles as a cooling agent for the heater, theoretically preventing it from overheating. The power cord is said to be chew proof, but we know dogs and think that there are quite a few who would smirk at that claim.

    There are a few issues with this heater, which are what land it at number seven on our list. The first issue is that while it claims it doesn’t overheat, there are parts of it that do get quite hot, enough to possibly burn your dog. Also, the cord to plug this in is short, and since we are assuming that you are using this outside, it’s a bit of a pain to use.

    This unit can be difficult to install as well. The template sent with the product does not match the product at all, so you will have to do your best measuring and guesswork to put this in place.

    Once you’ve dealt with all that, you will learn that this unit breaks down quickly. The fan is highly durable, but when it is 30 degrees outside, you probably don’t need air conditioning for your dog.

    • Good heater when working
    • Gets really hot
    • Hard to install
    • Breaks down quickly

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Dog House Heaters

    When you’re shopping for the best dog house heater for your dog house, there are a few things you’ll probably want to consider. Keep reading to learn all about them!


    As with all dog products, our first and foremost recommendation is to keep in mind the safety of your animal. They trust you to make sure that they are well protected, and you do not want to do anything that could violate that trust. There are certain things to look for when it comes to safety.

    First, make sure that the unit you are getting for your dog house does not overheat. This is common with almost all heaters, so you will want to do research to figure out which heaters are least susceptible.

    While keeping your dog warm, you don’t want a heater that gets so hot, it could burn your dog if they accidentally bump up against it. Some heaters have heat shields inside of them, while others are only meant to get a certain temperature.


    Make sure that along with safety, the heater you buy actually helps keep your dog warm. Different heaters do this in different ways. Some like space heaters and keep a whole room warm, while others are like floor mat and will keep your pet warm.


    Your dog house is probably outside, so you will want to set how the heater is powered. Most seem to be powered by electricity, so you might have to make extra purchases, such as extension cords.

    Speaking of being outside, make sure that your heater can hold up to the weather if the weather gets bad. Some heaters are better at this than others, but this is another safety risk worth looking into.

    You will want to check the amount of power that your heater uses. Most of these heaters run off 110-volt outlets, so you should be well set up, but there are others out there that march to the tune of their own drum.

    black dog standing next to a dog house during winter


    You will also want to look into warranties, especially when dealing with a product like a heater. Damages are a realistic part of these devices, so make sure you are covered. You can learn about warranties and customer service by looking up the provider of the heater.

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    When it comes to our four-legged companions, there is nothing too good for them, so we are happy to compile this list of products to help you find the best heater for a dog house for your dog. From the different types of heaters, such as lizard heaters, to their common construction, we hope that you have a better idea of what you are looking for.

    What heater do you think you will buy? Will it be the heater from Akoma, our top pick? Or were you intrigued by the value of the product from ASL Solutions? Whatever you decide, we hope that you and your pup stay warm!

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