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Can Boston Terriers Be Left Alone? Average Time Limits & Considerations

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

Boston Terrier posing in garden

When owning a pet, one of the hardest things to do is to leave them home alone. When buying a dog, you have to consider how they’ll react when you leave them at home while you go to work or elsewhere. This may be easy for those with households that always have people at home, or for owners with work-from-home setups. However, as most dog owners work day jobs, having to leave their fur babies  is almost unavoidable.

Thinking about how your Boston Terrier will manage if left alone? Luckily, Boston Terriers can be left alone! But like most dogs, they do have their limits—and as pet owners, there are a few things to consider. Read on to find out more!

Divider 7How Long Can Boston Terriers Be Left Alone?

Boston Terriers are one of the few breeds that are considered independent and can manage being alone for periods of time. Boston Terriers can typically be left alone for four to six hours a day, while more mature and trained Boston Terriers can be left up to eight hours a day.

One thing to consider when leaving your Boston Terrier is their potty frequency. Older and more mature Boston Terriers typically go potty every four to six hours, while four month old puppies go around every four hours. Younger Boston terriers below four months old can go potty every one to two hours—so leaving a puppy alone is not recommended.

teacup boston terrier
Image Credit: Andi Berger, Shutterstock

Can Boston Terriers Be Left Alone Daily?

Boston Terriers were bred for city life, where their owners are always out working in the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. Because of this, they can be left alone every day, as long as you don’t go over eight hours and remember to give them the love attention they deserve when you’re together.

Proper training and preparation for your dog’s alone time is crucial to get them used to the set-up and to prevent separation anxiety. Boston Terriers are sociable dogs that crave companionship, so being alone can easily stress them out especially if they aren’t used to it.

Things to Remember When Leaving Your Boston Terrier Alone

When leaving your Boston Terrier behind, there are a few important things to remember. Be sure you provide your pooch access to food, water, and entertainment. Leaving your Boston Terrier some toys can keep them entertained and help ease their anxiety.

Some owners even leave music or the TV on to give them both auditory or visual stimuli to attend to. Leaving the window curtains open is also a great way to keep your Boston Terrier’s environment naturally lit.

It is also recommended to make sure that your Boston Terrier has a safe space to rest. Many terriers spend most of their time alone resting, so a safe space can help calm them down and rest. For Boston Terriers that are crate trained and prefer staying in their crate, this gives them an added sense of security.

Exercising and letting your Boston Terrier out for potty is also good practice before leaving them alone for the day. This leaves your dog properly stimulated and relieved, allowing them to rest and relax while you’re away.

If possible, some owners can always ask a friend or family member to watch over their Boston Terrier so that they don’t have to be alone in the first place. In addition, investing in pet cameras can also allow you to watch over your Boston Terrier from time to time!

woman holding her boston terrier
Image Credit: Zoran Pucarevic, Shutterstock

How to Prepare Your Boston Terrier for Being Alone

There are few things you can do to help get your Boston Terrier used to the hours of being alone. Early crate training is a good way to develop a sense of boundaries for your Boston Terrier. Crate training teaches dogs when to be alone by giving them a sense of security. This also gives them their own comfort zone, where they can keep to themselves and rest!

Getting a second companion pet is also something to consider if you leave home often. Boston Terriers are sociable creatures and generally get along with other pets, including cats! Having a fellow dog or cat in the house can keep them occupied while you’re away. This also reduces their loneliness when left alone in the house, simply because they have a companion!

What Do Boston Terriers Do When They’re Left Alone?

So in those four to eight hours of being alone, what does your Boston Terrier do? They are likely to spend most of their time resting and sleeping, especially if they were able to exercise and relieve themselves before being left alone. Aside from sleeping, they are also likely to eat, drink, and play to keep themselves entertained.

They will also take it upon themselves to guard the house. Boston Terriers are loyal and territorial dogs, so they are likely to keep watch around their home. This also gives them an opportunity to look around and explore the house, while also staying vigilant of anything suspicious. These dogs truly are “American Gentlemen”—as they are so aptly nicknamed!

boston terrier puppy inside a large cage play pen with the door open
Image Credit: Christine Bird, Shutterstock

Dangers and Risks of Leaving Your Boston Terrier Alone

Boston Terriers crave attention and company. They can easily develop separation anxiety or exhibit unhealthy behaviors if not properly trained, or if they are left alone for more than eight hours.

Boston Terriers are heavy chewers, despite their stature. Chewing is a way for Boston Terriers to soothe themselves when stressed. If anxious, Boston Terriers may end up chewing on furniture and other belongings.

They may also exhibit rebellious behaviors due to the stress and anxiety of being alone, such as house soiling and indoor urinating. They may mess up the house and/or urinate or defecate in places they don’t usually do. In addition, they may also develop more aggressive behaviors, such as barking and biting to let out their frustration from being alone.

Boston Terriers can be independent, but it is important to know their limits and still give them the love and attention that they crave.

Other Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

Aside from the Boston Terrier, there are many other dogs that can manage being alone. Here are a few other dog breeds that can be left alone and are suitable for owners that are away for work during the day.

Divider 7Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers are loving and affectionate dogs that love the company of their humans. Despite their constant craving for companionship, Boston Terriers can manage being home alone for four to eight hours, provided that they are properly trained and given a safe and secure space at home.

Boston Terriers spend most of their time alone resting, eating, playing, and keeping watch over the house. These “American Gentlemen” can not only manage being home alone, but also take it upon themselves to protect their home!

Featured Image Credit: Ruben PH, Shutterstock

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