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8 DIY Dog Cones You Can Make at Home (With Pictures)

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If you’ve recently brought your dog home from the vet after surgery or treatment from an injury, they may have a new accessory: an Elizabethan collar (e-collar), a.k.a. a dog cone. Unfortunately, your dog may not take kindly to wearing this new plastic contraption that some dog owners refer to as “the cone of shame.”

Luckily, you can learn how to make a DIY dog cone from things around your house. These ideas are easy, simple, and worth giving a try to help your dog feel more comfortable.

They still do the most important job, which is preventing your dog from licking, irritating, and possibly infecting its wound. Read on to learn about five DIY dog cone ideas made from everyday items in your home.

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The 8 DIY Dog Cones You Can Make at Home

1. Towel Dog Collar, From Dog Training Nation

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Dogtrainingnation

The first DIY dog cone on our list is the towel cone. If you want a comfy alternative, you’ve found it with this towel dog collar from Dog Training Nation. It’s as easy as wrapping a folded towel around your dog’s neck and duct-taping it in place—that is, if your dog is willing to stand there while you fit it. If not, that’s why we added peanut butter or a treat to our list of materials, to help keep your dog occupied while you figure it out.

  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Materials: Towel, duct tape, and a treat, like peanut butter
  • Time: 5–10 minutes

2. Pool Noodle Collar, From Budget101

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Budget101

If you have an extra pool noodle sitting in your shed from the summer, this pool noodle collar from Budget101 will keep your dog’s recovery afloat. The foam texture of the pool noodle is far more comfortable and easy to slip on and off your dog’s head. A great way to make this collar extra safe and durable is to add electrical tape to each pool noodle segment.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Materials: Pool noodle, kitchen shears, and a ribbon
  • Time: 10–20 minutes

3. Bucket Collar, From Cuteness

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Cuteness

This idea from Cuteness is the next on our DIY dog collar list, and it is as straightforward as finding a bucket large enough to fit around your dog’s head and cutting a hole in the bottom. We suggest that you attempt this project if you’re confident with a sharp knife. Also, make sure that you sand or cover the edges of the cut opening for your dog’s comfort and safety. Adding a layer of electrical tape on the edges will protect the delicate skin on your dog’s neck.

  • Difficulty: Moderate. Requires knife skills.
  • Materials: Bucket, utility knife, scissors, tape, and twine
  • Time: 10–15 minutes

4. DIY Cardboard Cone Collar, From Pet DIYs

DIY dog cone
Image Credit; Petdiys

Take that cardboard box from your last Amazon delivery, and shape it into a dog cone. If you’re already handy with scissors and duct tape, this project from Pet DIYs is for you! Keep in mind that cardboard’s archenemy is water. If your dog is a sloppy drinker1 or is planning to jump in puddles or roll in the snow, this cone collar isn’t going to last.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. You’ll need crafting skills.
  • Materials: Cardboard, scissors, duct tape, and shoelace or zip ties
  • Time: 15–30 minutes

5. Neck Pillow Collar, From DOGSaholic

DIY Dog cone
Image Credit: Dogsaholic

The final DIY dog collar on our list is very straightforward. If you own a neck pillow for travel, DOGSaholic states that it can work great around your dog’s neck. The crescent shape cradles your dog’s head while preventing your dog from bending toward its wound. Of course, this idea works best if your dog is just resting.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Materials: Travel neck pillow
  • Time: Less than 5 minutes

6. Furry Collar, from Instructables

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Egg crate style foam, fur sleeve, wide Velcro
Time: 10–20 minutes

This furry collar comes together in just a few minutes and provides your dog a sense of comfort that most e-collars cannot.

Remember that this cone style may not be ideal if you’re trying to stop your pup from licking its front legs. It’s best to keep your dog from reaching its back and belly area as access to the front legs is still possible.

7. Cervical Collar, from Instructables

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Human cervical collar, duct tape
Time: 10 minutes

If you already have a cervical collar for humans at home, repurpose it by assembling this DIY dog cone in less than ten minutes. First, fit the collar around your dog’s neck so it’s not too tight or loose, and secure it with the collar’s straps. Next, wrap two-inches duct tape around the collar, overlapping it to secure it.

This cone style may not work for every application as your dog can still get at its rear area.

8. Fabric Collar, from By Mama With Love

DIY dog cone
Image Credit: Bymamawithlove
Difficulty: Moderate
Materials: Vinyl, fabric, scissors, touch tape, sewing machine, thread
Time: 1–2 hours

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and have a lot of spare fabric, you can assemble this stylish fabric collar in an afternoon. SOf course, some degree of patience and skill will be required to do this project, but the result is a cute, colorful, and completely functional collar for your recovering dog.



Crafting a DIY dog cone is only a few materials and steps away. Be sure to measure your pups neck before diving into any of these plans to guarantee a great and comfortable fit!

Featured Image Credit: Robyn-May, Shutterstock

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