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Does the Holiday Inn Allow Pets? (2024 Update)

Chelsie Fraser

By Chelsie Fraser

Holiday Inns are designed with families in mind, and we all know that pets are family too. There are tons of Holiday Inn locations that are pet friendly, so you can bring your fur baby on vacation with you to be part of the fun.

Read on for a closer look at Holiday Inn pet policies, locations, and what you can expect when you bring your pet on vacation.



Holiday Inn Pet Policies

Holiday Inns are known for their great amenities and service. By offering many pet-friendly locations, this hotel chain strives to make your stay as stress free as possible. Pet policies vary between properties. Most include extra deposits in case your pet does damage to your room, and there are often weight limits on the pet that you can bring. Fees frequently range from $10—$50 per night.

If your pet must be left unattended in your room during your stay, the hotel requests that you hang a sign on the door to alert housekeeping of their presence. This lets everyone know that an animal is in the room and keeps the staff and your pet safe. It also ensures that your pet won’t accidentally be let out by a staff member opening the door.

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There May Be a Few Stipulations

Even if the Holiday Inn that you want to stay at does accept pets as guests, there may be a few stipulations that will affect your experience overall. For example, some hotels have breed and size limitations for dogs. If you don’t know what the rules are, you may be turned away when you show up to check in to your room because your dog is too big or the “wrong” breed. Other stipulations that you should be aware of include:

  • Pet Deposits: Some Holiday Inn hotels don’t require a deposit for a pet stay, while others may charge anywhere from $10 to $250 (more or less), depending on pet policies in place.
  • Outdoor Pet Access: Many Holiday Inn hotels have designated outdoor areas for pets and restrict other areas from pets to accommodate the guests who don’t want to be around animals.
  • Room Supervision Rules: Some Holiday Inn hotels don’t mind if you leave your pet alone in your room for a while. However, others require that you always stay in the room with them or take them with you when you leave, to avoid the possibility of barking and meowing, which could affect neighboring guests.

It’s a good idea to inquire about these topics ahead of time so you are fully prepared for your visit to the hotel, and you can ensure that everything goes as planned.

For reference purposes, here are examples of pet policies at two different Holiday Inn hotels, in two different locations. Please note these policies are not universal among Holiday Inns, and it is important to check the policy of each hotel individually.

Pet Policy at Holiday Inn Winnipeg South, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
  • No size limit on pets
  • Additional fee of CAD$15 per night
  • Both dogs and cats are allowed
  • Pets may not be left unattended in rooms
  • Treats available at front desk
  • Grassy pet-relief areas nearby
  • No Pit Bulls permitted
Pet Policy at Holiday Inn and Suites Anaheim, California, U.S.A.:
  • Maximum of two pets up to 25 pounds
  • Additional fee of USD$50 per pet, per stay
  • $200 refundable deposit for damage
  • Both dogs and cats accepted
  • Pets must be kept in crates if left in room unattended
  • Grassy area on property for pet use

Pet-Friendly Holiday Inn Locations

Holiday Inn locations are worldwide. Not all hotels are pet friendly, but a good number of them are. To find out which Holiday Inn locations are pet friendly in your destination, search the hotel website for information, or check on the parent website for Holiday Inn.

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Pet-Friendly Hotel Etiquette

When you take your dog or cat with you for your hotel stay, you want to ensure that you are a quality guest who will be welcomed back.

Here are a few tips to ensure that both you and your pet will continue to be welcome at these hotels.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone. While we understand that you will have to leave your pet alone in the room occasionally, it’s best kept to a minimum. Leaving animals alone in strange, unfamiliar places can invite serious trouble. Nervous dogs can chew or tear up linens and curtains. Cats with anxiety often go to the bathroom outside the litterbox or claw up furniture. If you do have to leave your pet alone in a hotel room, they should be crated at all times to prevent harming the room or themselves. Also, keep in mind whether you have a dog that tends to bark while you’re away. Nonstop barking is a sure way to annoy your neighbor, who may complain to the staff about the noise.
  • Only bring housetrained dogs or litter-trained cats. This should go without saying, but dogs and cats that are not fully trained shouldn’t be taken on hotel stays. No one should be required to clean up after your pet’s accidents.
  • Ensure that your pets are flea free. Doing so before you leave home will ensure that your pet doesn’t leave any unwanted guests behind for the next visitors.
  • Bring your pet’s bed or blanket. Your pet will feel more at home with their own belongings. If your dog sleeps on the bed at home, bring an extra sheet to throw over the hotel linens so the bedspread doesn’t get covered in dirt or dog hair.
  • Don’t wash your pets in the hotel bathtub. Bathing animals inevitably leaves a great deal of hair behind. If at all possible, don’t leave potential drain-clogging pet hair in your room.
  • Be honest about your pet’s size. Some hotels prefer only to have cats or small dogs as guests and ban dogs over a certain weight. While these policies may seem ridiculous, you are better off negotiating an exception than lying about your pet’s size. If you find yourself in a location where large dogs aren’t allowed, try talking to the manager. Show them how well-behaved your pet is and how quiet they are. Promise good behavior, and offer to provide a deposit or sign a waiver, even if this isn’t required for smaller animals. (It helps if your sweet, lovable pet is with you when you make your case.)
  • Don’t sneak your pet in. As tempting as it is to just sneak your pet into your room, we don’t recommend it. There’s usually a good reason that hotels have certain rules and if you get caught, you won’t have a room to stay in either. It is best to find a pet-friendly location or use a vacation kennel close to home when you can’t take your pet with you.
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Tips for a Successful Stay With a Pet at the Holiday Inn

Once you find a Holiday Inn hotel to stay at with your pet, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the stay is successful and comfortable. First, pack a bag with all the necessities because you don’t know what will be available at the hotel. Items that you should pack include:

  • Enough pet food for at least 2 days longer than you plan to stay at the hotel
  • Plastic food and water bowls and paper plates in case you can’t wash dishes
  • A pet carrier, harness, and leash (for both cats and dogs!)
  • Bags to pick up waste on walks
  • A few favorite toys
  • A blanket that smells like home
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • A list of emergency veterinarian phone numbers

You should also make a list of questions to ask the hotel before your arrival so you know what to expect from the services that they offer. Questions to consider include:

  • Is any pet bedding provided?
  • Are pet walking and/or sitting services available? If so, what are the rates, and what is the scheduling process?
  • Are there any nearby dog parks or pet-friendly destinations to visit?

Packing a bag and asking plenty of questions before your Holiday Inn hotel visit should help ensure a fantastic stay for both you and your pet.

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Final Thoughts

Holiday Inn hotels pride themselves on offering great service and amenities, which is why many allow you to keep your pets with you for your stay. Each hotel has its own pet policies, so be well-versed in these rules before bringing your pet along. Making sure your pet is well-behaved and trained appropriately before you leave will ensure that you and your pet have a happy vacation and that you are welcomed back to the hotel again.

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