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German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix: Info, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

german shepherd bloodhound mix

Height: 22–27 inches
Weight: 50–110 pounds
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Colors: Black, brown, tan, liver, silver, white, red
Suitable for: Active families, those looking for a laid-back companion, households with children
Temperament: Friendly, loving, eager to please, loyal, intelligent

Combine everything that you know and love about German Shepherds and Bloodhounds, and you will get the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix. This is a dog that likely exists now due to accidental litters. The resulting dogs possess the best characteristics of both breeds.

The unintentional creation of this mixed breed gives people an opportunity to have an intelligent, family-friendly, loyal companion that might get a little too focused on tracking scents. The Bloodhound nose is strong on this dog. The German Shepherd half might account for a little less drool everywhere. Let’s take a look at this magnificent animal and see if they’re the right choice for you.

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German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix Puppies


Since this dog usually isn’t bred intentionally, a bit of searching might be required to find the exact crossbreed that you’re looking for. When purchasing this puppy, it’s best to go in person to the breeder’s facility. Ask to see the parents of the litter. Notice if any dogs seem sick. Coughing, discharge around the eyes or nose, and sneezing are all indications of an illness spreading among the dogs. All puppies should come dewormed and with their first round of vaccinations at least. A high price for puppies that have not received age-appropriate medical care is a red flag.

You can also adopt this mix. Due to the accidental origin of this breed, the puppies are often unwanted and brought to rescues and shelters. You may have luck searching available animals at your local animal rescue. This cost will be much lower than going through a breeder. The adoption fee covers the puppy’s veterinary care, vaccinations, microchips, and spay or neuter surgery. You can expect to pay a low adoption fee at a rescue and have most of the puppy’s medical needs already met.

3 Little-Known Facts About the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix

1. They’re not lazy.

Bloodhounds are sometimes portrayed as lazy, sleepy dogs who are constantly lounging. In reality, they require a good deal of exercise. German Shepherds are energetic dogs that also require daily exercise. The German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix inherits the energy level of both parents, so they’ll need plenty of exercise to keep them happy.

2. The German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix isn’t recognized by the AKC.

The AKC doesn’t consider this a pure breed of dog and doesn’t have a registry available for them. However, this breed is encouraged to participate in AKC events for hybrids and mixed breeds of all kinds.

3. This dog’s nose can track anything.

The German Shepherd already has a keen sense of smell, but the Bloodhound’s is outstanding. Combining these two gives you a dog that is ready to track anything and will usually be reluctant to give up until they’ve found what they’re looking for.

The parent breeds of German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix
The parent breeds of German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix: Left – German Shepherd (Anna Dudkova, Unsplash) | Right – Hanoverian Bloodhound (e2grafikwerkstatt, Pixabay)

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Temperament & Intelligence of the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix 🧠

German Shepherds are famous for being strong working dogs. Often used in the military and police force, these beautiful dogs show courage, loyalty, and confidence every day. As family dogs, they’re protective of their people. They’re affectionate and loving, forming strong bonds with their households.

The Bloodhound is friendly, curious, stubborn, and independent. This dog’s nose can’t be beaten, and Bloodhounds are also used by police in search-and-rescue missions. Their curiosity and strong nose can sometimes distract them and keep them focused on finding whatever it is they’re detecting. This is a good attribute for police work, but not so much on a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

Combining these two breeds will leave you with a dog that is loving, intelligent, easily trainable, and affectionate, with a bit of a stubborn streak. Training will help reduce this streak because this dog is eager to please and enjoys having a task to perform.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

Both Bloodhounds and German Shepherds make great additions to families. This mix of both breeds will inherit a loving, gentle disposition, along with a playful side. For families with kids, this is great for everyone. The dog will enjoy playing with children and get exercise at the same time. However, the sheer size of this dog might be intimidating for young children. Toddlers might be overwhelmed by such a large nose coming at them to smell them all over (and then track them).

This mix is docile by nature and social. There’s not much that they like more than hanging out with their people and enjoying their company. They don’t do well alone, so if they’re going to be left by themselves for long hours, they may turn to destructive or annoying behaviors.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

The German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix can get along with other pets and enjoy their company, but the best chance of that happening is if the dog is introduced to them as a puppy. Bringing an adult dog into your home with other animals may trigger prey drives, and the Bloodhound’s instinct to hunt. If this mix is raised with other animals, the chances of them growing up in harmony together are much higher.

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Things to Know When Owning a German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Feeding the right diet to the right dog is important because there isn’t one specific dog food that’s perfect for every breed. German Shepherd Bloodhound Mixes require a diet that will meet the needs of large dogs. This also means they will likely eat a large amount at each meal.

A high-quality, protein-packed kibble is a sufficient food for your dog. They also need fats, vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables to stay in the best shape. Their perfect food will depend on their weight, age, and any health conditions that they may have. Overall, a well-balanced food that does not contain fillers or additives is a healthy choice for them.

Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. Given the slobbery nature of this dog, their bowl may have to be changed several times a day.

Exercise 🐕

It might not be obvious by the look of this dog, but the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix is active and loves to play. This dog has energy to burn, and if it’s not done enough, they will find unacceptable ways to get the job done. Digging, excessive barking, and destruction in the house can be avoided with proper exercise. If you have a backyard, that’s even better. They’ll love nothing more than heading out with the kids to chase a ball and run themselves ragged. If this isn’t possible, then a lengthy, brisk walk each day will do the trick.

At a minimum, this mix needs at least an hour a day of good physical activity. Not only will it keep them healthy, but it will also keep them out of trouble.

Training 🦮

The intelligence of the German Shepherd and the Bloodhound are combined in this mixed breed, and both dogs are known for their work with the police. While this makes the dog easy to train, the stubbornness of the Bloodhound can sneak out sometimes. Luckily, the desire that this dog has to perform a task and do it well outweighs most of the stubbornness. They are eager to do their jobs.

As a product of two working dogs, this mix is happiest when they have a job to do. With their high energy levels, they may also benefit from agility training.

Grooming ✂️

The German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix sheds—frequently. Then, they shed some more. The coat can take on the texture of either parent and daily brushing can help keep the shedding under control. They don’t require haircuts or frequent baths. You can invite them into the tub when they get dirty or start to smell. A moisturizing oatmeal shampoo will keep their skin healthy and soft. Regular nail trims to avoid paw injuries are required.

The most important part of grooming this dog is ear care. If your mix inherited Bloodhound ears, they will be long, heavy, and droopy. Any ear that covers the dog’s ear canal is a risk for ear infections. Moisture, dirt, and bacteria can get trapped in the ear. After baths or any time your dog gets wet, be sure to thoroughly dry the ear canals with a soft towel. Check regularly for any signs of infection, like redness, swelling, discharge, incessant ear scratching, or a foul odor coming from the canal.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Mixed breeds are usually not at risk for as many health conditions are pure breeds. While there aren’t many health issues with this specific mix, they can still inherit conditions from either parent breed. These dogs should be seen by a vet regularly to detect and possibly avoid any health problems.

Minor Conditions
  • Skin issues — Allergies, skin rashes, and infections are evident by your dog’s excessive itchiness and scratching.
  • Ear infections — The buildup of bacteria leads to soreness, swelling, pain, and itchiness.


Serious Conditions
  • Hip dysplasia — Common in large dogs, this condition is the misalignment of the hip joint, affecting the dog’s ability to walk.
  • Osteoarthritis — This is the depletion of cartilage in the joints, increasing inflammation and causing pain.
  • Bloat — The stomach fills with gas and twists, trapping the air and requiring surgery to repair.

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Male vs Female

Choosing whether to get a male or female German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix will come down to a matter of personal preference.

The personality of each dog is unique to that individual, but generalizations have been made about the different sexes. Females are thought to be gentler and more passive, while males want to dominate situations and take control. Males are also reported to be more possessive and protective than females.

The only documented difference between the two is size. Females are typically smaller than males, though both can grow to be quite large.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re excited to add a dog to your home that is affectionate, protective, friendly, and smart, look no further than the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix. This dog is a combination of desired characteristics that make them great family companions. If you have the space for a large dog that sheds everywhere and loves you fiercely, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal friend.

You can find a mix online through breeders or people looking to unload an accidental litter, but checking with your local animal shelters and rescues first is a great way to find a beautiful dog and save a life.

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