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How Much Does an Irish Wolfhound Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are the world’s tallest dog breed. Because of their large size, they tend to be very expensive.

These breeds were used for hunting wolves, wild boars, and deers. As one of the largest breeds in the world, they are easily recognizable because of their towering height of over 40 inches.

Apart from the purchase price, these dogs require more money to breed. They take up more space, need more food, and a lot of care which can be costly.

If you are thinking about owning an Irish Wolfhound, keep in mind that this dog will cost you money for grooming, supplies, medication, vet visits, grooming, training, and pet insurance. You can budget and plan for some expenses right from the start. You can spend between $160–$440+ per month. However, some unexpected or emergency costs may arise as you take care of your dog.

As you plan for your Irish Wolfhound, here is an estimate of all the expenses you might incur. Keep in mind that the costs might be more depending on different variables.

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Irish Wolfhounds Price: One-Time Costs

Owning a puppy does not come cheap. If you are a first-time owner, there are expenses that you’ll incur as one-time costs before bringing your pet home.

Items such as bowls, collar, crate, bed, and a leash fall under one-time costs. These are the critical supplies you have to buy for your dog to be comfortable. Even if you are getting your dog for free, you’ll still have to budget for these items.

For owners with other dog breeds, it becomes easier because you already have some supplies. However, because this is a large dog breed, you’ll still need to cater to its specific needs by getting a larger bed and other items that fit its size.

In addition, your dog might not enjoy using hand-me-downs.

Irish Wolfhound Puppy
Photo Credit: Jolanta Beinarovica, Shutterstock

Free Irish Wolfhounds

Because these dogs require a lot of maintenance and food, some owners might give them out for free. You could also source some from a friend who is giving away puppies. However, even though you won’t pay for the purchase, it’s still expensive, thanks to other initial costs.

The dog needs to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated if the previous owner had not done so. The Irish Wolfhound also still needs the initial supplies like any other dog breed.

If you get a stray dog, you’ll need to factor in vet visits, especially since you don’t know whether it has any medical conditions.

Irish Wolfhound Adoption

  • $50–$500+

Adopting an Irish Wolfhound gives the pup a good home. The price of adoption varies depending on various factors.

For instance, if you are getting the dog from a pound, you might save some cash because most of them tend to neuter or spay the dogs. This saves you a few dollars in medical costs.

Adopting a dog from a rescue group may cost a lot more. Before they hand over the pup to you, they need to factor in the costs incurred while taking care of the dog, including items such as food. They also might need to do home visits and background checks to confirm that the dog is going to a good home.

Getting an Irish Wolfhound via adoption is cheaper than the breeders, and it’s good for the dog.

Irish Wolfhounds Breeders

  • $1400–$2,500+

Irish Wolfhounds are pretty expensive. Getting one of these dogs from a reputable breeder will cost you quite a few dollars.

Due to their high-maintenance needs, these dog breeds require specialized attention as puppies for them to grow well. Because of this, breeders charge higher due to the amount of care they provide for the puppies.

The price can go up to $3,000, especially if the Wolfhound is a descendant of show-winning parent breeds. The price also goes up if the dog has breed purity and has kennel club papers.

In addition, large dog breeds such as this one are more prone to medical conditions. Therefore, if a breeder carries out medical tests to confirm if the puppy is healthy, they’ll charge more.

Puppy mills and backyard breeders sell these puppies at low prices up to $400. While this looks attractive, it’s very risky because they don’t provide medical tests. Therefore, you might end up with unending medical bills, which makes owning this dog very expensive.

Irish Wolfhounds Cost: Initial Set-up and Supplies

  • $245–$955

Before bringing your Irish Wolfhound home, there are initial supplies that your dog needs to survive. The amount you spend on these initial costs will also depend on whether you have another dog in your home. Some items can be reused for another dog; however, you could still incur these expenses if the dog breeds are very different.

For instance, the Wolfhound is a large dog breed; therefore, it will need bigger items such as the dog bed, carrier, and toys. Puppies are more costly and have more initial needs as some of these items don’t need to be repurchased. Therefore, the costs might go down as the dog grows older.

The amount you spend on these items also varies depending on where you source them and the quality. You can get some of them online and in second-hand stores, which significantly reduces the total expenses. If you are on a budget, this is a pro-tip to save a few coins.

Irish Wolfhound
Photo Credit: Tikhomirov Sergey, Shutterstock

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List of Irish Wolfhound Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $5–$20
Spay/Neuter $50–$500
Vaccinations $50–$105
Deworming & Fleas $80
Microchip $25–$50
Teeth Cleaning $10
Bed $30–$110
Nail Clipper (optional) $5–$30
Brush (optional) $5–$45
Poop Bags $55
Litter Scoop $10–$30
Toys $90
Carrier $50–$165
Food and Water Bowls $10–$40

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How Much Does an Irish Wolfhound Cost Per Month?

  • $160–$440+ per month

The amount of cash you spend on your Irish Wolfhound every month will highly depend on your preferences. If you decide to go for the high-end items, your budget will be on the higher side. You can find ways to keep the numbers down if you keep your purchases low.

For the monthly budget, ensure that you spend only on the items that the dog needs for basic survival. In addition, you can save money by going for alternatives that don’t incur any costs. For instance, you can spend time with your dog while going for a hike or jog instead of paying a dog walker.

Irish Wolfhounds are pretty expensive in the first year and could deplete your cash if you are not careful. Once you set apart money for food, grooming, treats, vet visits, and an emergency fund, you can be frugal in the other extra purchases.

Irish Wolfhound
Image Credit: DragoNika, shutterstock

Irish Wolfhound Health Care Costs

  • $42–$85+ per month

For giant breeds such as the Irish Wolfhound, veterinary care is one of the most expensive expenses. Despite being purebred, this dog is prone to health conditions.

The most common ones are bloating, heart conditions, hip dysplasia, and cancer. Just like people, as the dogs grow older, they require more healthcare which can become expensive.

Medical costs include fecal examinations, essential vaccines, spaying, and neutering. The heartworm and flea prevention medication ideally cost $75–$120 and $100–$125, respectively, for the first year. You’ll spend more on vaccinations when the dog is a puppy and schedule periodic boosters as the dog grows older.

Irish Wolfhound Medication and Vet Visits

  • $20–$35+ per month

Irish Wolfhound owners are expected to take their dog to the vet at least once a year for annual check-ups and vaccines. The price varies depending on the vet and if there are additional bloodwork tests.

This dog breed also needs to be on monthly medication for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. The medication is given according to the dog’s weight; therefore, the Wolfhound is in the expensive bracket.

If your dog is relatively healthy, you can reduce the vet visits as they cost money. However, if they are prone to health issues or develop symptoms, it’s advisable to schedule regular check–ups with the vet to increase the odds of survival. Also, if the disease gets caught early, you can save lots of cash that could have been spent if it became severe.

If your dog is on medication for chronic conditions such as cancer, you have to budget for that. In addition, you can use supplements where necessary because they are much cheaper than medications. However, before switching to supplements, it’s best to consult the vet.

Irish Wolfhound Food Costs

  • $17–$56+ per month

Irish Wolfhounds are large dogs. As adults, they can weigh from 105 to 120 pounds.

Because of this, they have a big appetite. A grown Irish Wolfhound will eat between 2 and 4 cups of food each day to keep up with the body’s needs. However, they need supervision to ensure they don’t become overweight.

If your Wolfhound becomes heavier than average, they’ll start developing bone issues. Ensuring that your dog eats high-quality kibble and foods will save lots of dollars in medical care.

Apart from food, you can feed your dog some treats. These cost between $10–$60 per month. Keep in mind that the treats should occasionally be included in the meal and shouldn’t be part of the main meal.

The brand of food you purchase matters. If you go for premium brands, the cost will be higher. To make some monthly savings, you can buy the food in bulk and split the portions across the year without repurchasing more food.

Irish Wolfhound Grooming Costs

  • $10–$45+ per month

This dog breed requires moderate amounts of grooming. You can save cash by doing most of it at home instead of using the services of a professional groomer. Home grooming will require you to buy a brush, nail cutter, toothbrush, and some dog shampoo.

When necessary, you can take your pet to a professional groomer at least twice or thrice each year for coat plucking and trimming. Each session could cost from $65 and $90 and varies depending on the coat condition, dog size, services, and products used.

You can keep this budget as low as possible, depending on which grooming activities you can carry out at home. Purchasing a grooming kit is much cheaper and could save you a few dollars in expenses.

Irish wolfhound
Image Credit: 84kamila, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance Costs

  • $15–$45+ per month

There’s a lot of assumption that pet insurance is expensive. However, it can be life–saving, especially if your dog is sickly or has chronic conditions. It comes in handy in case of an emergency by offsetting medical bills.

Irish Wolfhounds are prone to some medical problems; hence, insurance is crucial, and it might save your dog’s life. Choose a plan that suits your dog’s lifestyle and health situation.

Environmental Maintenance Costs

  • $5–$10+ per month

You don’t need to spend a lot of money if you are keeping a dog. Unlike cats, dogs don’t require litter boxes. You just need a steady supply of poop bags if you live within the city. For owners with a yard, you’ll need to purchase a trash can and a poop scooper. Disposing of dog waste is much cheaper.

Poop Bags $5/month
Poop Scoop $5/month

Irish Wolfhound Entertainment Costs

  • $4–$12+ per month

Irish Wolfhounds aren’t rough with toys. However, they still need lots of them as puppies.

As they grow older, they require fewer toys; therefore, the expenses will reduce. However, since they are a large breed, these dogs need bigger toys which are expensive. Despite this, it’s essential to budget for them because they are good for mental stimulation.

Also, when buying toys, always go for quality so that they can last longer. If you keep purchasing low-quality ones because they are cheap, you may be forced to replace them often.

On top of the toys, you can also keep your Wolfhound entertained by taking them on walks. You just need to purchase a leash, and you can take the pet to the dog park or a hike.

irish wolfhound dog in winter field
Image Credit: DragoNika, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning an Irish Wolfhound

  • $80–$280+ per month

Owing an Irish Wolfhound comes with its own costs. Even with frugal purchases, you’ll still incur expenses if you want to keep this dog breed. The first year is usually more expensive because puppies have more needs, such as vaccinations and the costs of initial supplies.

The costs may also balloon past the budget, depending on the health and age of your pup. In addition, the costs go up if you decide to splash on expensive items and premium services. Therefore, as you budget for the dog, keep in mind that the first year is more costly, and the costs become minimal as the dog ages.

Additional Costs to Factor In

After you bring your Irish Wolfhound home, you’ll need to consider some extra expenses. For instance, if you have to go to work, your dog requires daycare services, and you might need to hire a caretaker or a dog walker. These dogs require moderate exercises; therefore, they will need to walk or run to stay active.

If you are shipping your puppy from a breeder in a different state, you need to factor in shipping costs. To avoid this expense, it’s better to source a puppy from a local breeder, where you can also check on the puppy’s physical condition.

With any pet, there has to be an emergency fund. Your dog might get sick or get injured unexpectedly. These sudden trips to the vet require money; hence, you need to save for them in advance.

9Irish Wolfhound
Image Credit: lutz-p0, Pixabay

Owning an Irish Wolfhound on a Budget

You can’t control expenses such as medical care for your pup. However, there are some that you can reduce the amount of money you spend.

The first step is sourcing a pup from a cheaper source such as resue organizations. As long as the dog is healthy, you can save some money instead of going to an expensive breeder.

The dog is also a companion; therefore, you can find ways to spend more time with them, such as going on walks, instead of paying a dog walker. This way, you can spend less on material items such as expensive toys.

Saving Money on Irish Wolfhounds Care

You can save money on your Irish Wolfhound by taking cheaper insurance plans. Because this dog breed is prone to disease, you should get on a plan but ensure it’s not too costly. In addition, if your dog is not too sickly, save some money on the vet visits. Schedule one or two trips annually until anything changes.

Owners can also save cash on grooming and training. Instead of paying professionals, learn the skills online and perform the tasks at home. By taking care of the dog yourself, you save cash and have more time to bond.

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Irish Wolfhounds make excellent pets. Compared to other dog breeds, they are relatively expensive because of their large size. Getting one of these will incur costs whether you purchase one from the breeder, adopt a pup or get it for free.

The total costs of owning this dog breed are significantly higher in the first year and reduce as the dog grows older. You can own an Irish Wolfhound on a budget if you cut down on unnecessary costs.

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