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25 Pitbull Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove


It’s no secret that Pitbulls get a bad rap for being a dangerous dog. On the contrary, this fun-loving and loyal breed is a devoted and endearing member of the family that has been used as a “nanny dog” due to their gentleness around young children.

Athletic, versatile, and tenacious, Pitbulls excel in doggy sports including obedience, agility, and weight pulling. Their brawny, bodyguard-esque appearance perfectly paired with a gentle soul makes the Pitbull the ultimate guardian. Here are the top Pitbull mixes to know!

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What Exactly Is a Pitbull?

The word “Pitbull” doesn’t refer to one specific breed of dog. Rather, it encompasses several types of dogs and can be derived from four pedigree breeds, including the American Bulldog, the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

With that said, Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs with broad, muscular bodies and big heads that come in a myriad of terrier colors. Though these pooches have gotten negative press for being fighting dogs, Pitbulls are actually smart, social, mush-balls.

Now that you know more about Pits, let’s explore the top 25 Pitbull mix breeds to see if one of these adoring dogs is right for you and yours.

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Top 25 Pitbull Mix Breeds:

1. Pit Chow (Chow Chow and Pitbull Mix)

Pit Chow_
Image Credit: roboticalatina, Shutterstock

Parent breeds: Chow Chow and Pitbull

A super sweet mixed breed, the Pit Chow is the result of breeding a Pitbull with a Chow Chow. They can come in all shapes and colors and can grow to be 21 inches in height at the shoulder and clock in at 70 pounds.

This type of dog has a long lifespan, ranging from 10 to 15 years. Your Pit Chow can inherit personality traits from either of their parent breeds. Both Chows and Pitbulls are obedient, social dogs but can be wary of new faces.

2. Pitador (Labrador Retriever & Pitbull Mix)

Parent breeds: Labrador Retriever and Pitbull

The Pitador is a spunky, smart companion that makes the ideal dog for active families with children of any age. Also referred to as the Labrabull, Pitadors are playful, protective, and powerful dogs that will always keep a watchful eye over their pack.

They can grow to be 24 inches in height, weigh up to 80 pounds, and live from 10 to 14 years.

3. Pitweiler (Rottweiler & Pitbull Mix)

Image Credit: vee_xo, shutterstock

Parent breeds: Rottweiler and Pitbull

This mixed breed comes from two of the most popular guard dog breeds out there. The result is a reserved, grounded dog that makes a very loyal companion. The Rottie and Pitbull can both be cautious of strangers, so proper socialization from a young age is of the utmost importance. When properly trained, the Pitweiler can be an awesome caregiver to your kids. Just be sure to always keep a watchful eye over all of them when they play!

4. Doxbull

Parent breeds: Dachshund and Pitbull

This cute, compact, and cuddly mixed breed is the result of crossing a Pitbull with a Dachshund. They can grow up to be 20 to 25 pounds and live from 8 to 12 years. If you’re looking for all of the personality of a Pitbull with the petite package of a smaller dog, this mix could be perfect for you.

5. Aussie Cattle Pitbull

Parent breeds: Australian Cattle Dog and Pitbull

What do you get when you breed a durable dog with one that was bred to herd cattle? The answer is a livewire pooch that’s ready to work! The Aussie Cattle Pitbull is an energetic breed that thrives when they have a task to tackle.

This dog would do best with an experienced owner.

6. Pitsky

Image Credit: AllisonJ7, Shutterstock

Parent breeds: Husky and Pitbull

A medium-sized mix that can weigh between 35 to 80 pounds and grow up to 24 inches at the shoulder, the Pitsky is a highly intelligent, committed dog that wants to please. They love to hunt, race, and romp with their human companions.

These dogs can be highly exuberant and do best in a sprawling suburban home with a big backyard.

7. Akita Pit

Parent breeds: Akita Inu and Pitbull

A devoted defender, the Akita Pit is a mixed breed that is guaranteed to protect and serve your family for their entire life. With a muscular build and growing up to 22 inches in height, the Akita Pit may appear scary but is actually a big sweetheart. When trained properly, this dog can be great with kids.

However, be aware that this mix can come with a dominant personality. Establishing who is in charge from the get-go is very important.

8. Bull Boxer Pit

bullboxer pit
Image Credit: Ipek Morel, shutterstock

Parent breeds: Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier

This hybrid dog can grow up to be 26 inches in height and weigh up to 80 pounds. Despite their large size, the Bull Boxer Pit is a gentle giant that is great with people of all ages.

9. Pituahua

Parent breeds: Chihuahua and Pitbull

Looking for a tiny dog with a huge personality? The Pituahua is as unique as its name suggests! The result of mixing the dainty Chihuahua with the powerful Pitbull, this tenacious little guy isn’t afraid of anything.

Pituahuas can be yappy. Be sure to socialize and train them from the start to avoid unwanted behavior.

10. Beagle Bull

Parent breeds: Beagle and American Pitbull Terrier

A mix between the family-friendly Beagle and the loyal American Pitbull Terrier, the Beagle Bull is a one-of-a-kind mix breed that can be laid back and loving. However, depending on what personality traits they inherits from their parents, your Beagle Bull can require a lot of exercise and does best with an active family.

11. Golden Pitbull

Golden Pitbull
Image Credit: Chivachuck, Shutterstock

Parent breeds: Golden Retriever and Pitbull

A devoted demeanor and a positive outlook on life is what you’ll get when you decide to bring a Golden Pitbull home. A mix of the popular Golden Retriever and a Pitbull, this hybrid breed is highly intelligent, athletic, and playful.

12. Pug Pit

Image Credit: SikorskiFotografie, Shutterstock

Parent breeds: Pug and Pitbull

This short, stocky hybrid isn’t the most obvious choice when shopping for a Pitbull mixed breed, but these compact comedians have hearts of gold! They’re great for both apartment dwellers and suburban homes, and are laidback, loyal pets.

Your Pug Pit may inherit their Pug parent breed’s propensity to be brachycephalic, so be sure to routinely take them to the vet for checkups.

13. Borderbull

Parent breeds: Border Collie and Pitbull

An energetic athlete, the Borderbull is a smart, skillful pet that always needs a job to do. They will do best in a suburban or rural home with a large yard. Keep them busy by enrolling your Borderbull in training or agility classes.

14. Pit Shepherd

Parent breeds: German Shepherd and Pitbull

The second to last breed on our list is the Pit Shepherd. A cross between the regal German Shepherd and the Pitbull, this hybrid breed can weigh up to 85 pounds and grow to be 24 inches tall at the shoulder. They can sometimes be aggressive toward strangers, so an experienced pet parent would do best with them.

15. Pyrenees Pit

Parent breeds: Great Pyrenees and Pitbull

Also referred to as the Pitness, this hybrid breed is relatively new to the designer dog scene, but their popularity is skyrocketing. A gentle giant, this muscular, broad-boned breed is a loyal dog, bound to scare away any stranger. However, he’s a true softie underneath the sturdy exterior and will do anything for their family.

16. Springer Pit

Parent breeds: Springer Spaniel and Pitbull

The ultimate package of brains and brawn, the athletic and able Springer Pit is the result of breeding a Springer Spaniel and Pitbull. Growing up to 21 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 35 to 50 pounds, the Springer Pit comes in a myriad of color combinations and is a playful, versatile pup.

17. Greybull Pit

Parent breeds: Greyhound and Pitbull

What do you get when you mix the cunning, lightning fast Greyhound with the athletic and intelligent Pit? The Greybull Pit! This unique breed can grow to be about 30 inches in height and weigh between 30 to 85 pounds. The Greybull Pit is a sensitive and smart breed that needs a lot of exercise. An active family will be a great match for this pup.

18. Pointerbull

Parent breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer and Pitbull

Be prepared for some energy! Both the Pointer and the Pitbull are full of a lot of life and love, creating the ultimate fun-loving breed. The Pointerbull would do best in a suburban home with a big backyard and active owners that can take them for long runs in the woods on a daily basis.

19. Doberpit

Parent breeds: Doberman Pinscher and Pitbull

Despite the bad press both of these breeds get, Dobermans and Pitbulls are actually amazingly loyal, well-behaved dogs. When you breed these two breeds, the end result is an amazing patroller and protector of your home.

It is important to socialize your Doberpit pup starting from a very young age, as they can be a bit wary with new faces, including both people and pooches.

20. English Pitbull

Parent breeds: English Bulldog and Pitbull

This lovable, laughable mix is a big ball of mush. Created by breeding the English Bulldog with the Pitbull, the English Pitbull is a large, sturdy dog that has an intimidating look. However, once you get to know them, you’ll realize this mix is anything but scary!

The English Bulldog is known to be a sometimes-stubborn breed. If your English Pitbull inherits this personality train, they will need stern and consistent training from the start.

21. French Pitbull

Parent breeds: French Mastiff and Pitbull

This big dog is a mix between the French Mastiff, or Dogue De Bordeaux, and the Pitbull. Your hybrid, though large in size, will have lower energy level outputs, making them an ideal dog for city and apartment dwellers.

Be aware that this mix will have a tad more drool to boot and can reach a size of up to 90 pounds.

22. Staffy Bull Pit

Parent breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pitbull

These two bully breeds create one awesome dog. This hybrid dog is often harder to find since they are often the result of unintentional crossbreeding.

23. Saint Pitbull

Parent breeds: Saint Bernard and Pitbull

If you’re in the market for a huge, and we mean huge, designer dog, then the Saint Pitbull will be right up your alley. The Saint Pitbull can top the scale at 150 pounds or more! Despite their large size, the Saint is a mellow dog that is a notorious drooler, so be prepared for the waterworks!

24. Bullypit

Image Credit: ravipat, Shutterstock

Parent breeds: American Bulldog and Pitbull

The Bullypit is a great example of a true Bully-breed hybrid. Clocking in at between 40 to 100 pounds, this large and powerful designer dog breed is resilient, willing to learn, and highly trainable.

25. Pit Pei

Parent breeds: Shar Pei and Pitbull

A relatively new hybrid breed, the Pit Pei was first developed in the early 2000s. Since then, their popularity has taken off due to their unique appearance and high intelligence.

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If you’re thinking about adding a Pitbull mix to your home, one of these 25 hybrid breeds would make an excellent choice. As with any dog breed, proper training and socialization from a young age will ensure your Pitbull mix is a happy and healthy dog.

Featured Image Credit: pimnana, Pixabay

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