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American Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Info, Pictures, Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

jack russel bulldog mix

Height: 10–25 inches
Weight: 30–45 pounds
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Colors: Varies widely, but often a white base with markings in various colors
Suitable for: Families looking for a high-energy companion
Temperament: Confident and outgoing, can be stubborn at times, friendly and intelligent

If you’ve started looking for a fun-loving and intelligent puppy to join your family, you’re in for a treat with this article. We will take a look at the unusual and sassy American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix. While it might be tempting to rush out and buy one of these puppies immediately, we recommend doing your research first!

As a hybrid breed and an unusual one at that, there’s not much information about this mix. These cute puppies can inherit a mixture of mental and physical traits from either one of the parents. Of course, that also goes for health conditions.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the exceptional American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix. Divider 1

Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies

American Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Image Credit: Counselling, Pixabay

Every puppy is adorable, and it can be hard to resist coming home with a little bundle of cuteness if you see a litter. However, it’s best to find out all you can about this mixed breed before signing on the dotted line and committing yourself to a new pup.

As a hybrid or mixed breed, the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix can combine the best of these two larger-than-life breeds, though your puppy may also inherit a few of the more challenging personality traits of each of the parents.

While Jack Russells might be small, they have bold personalities and high energy levels. American Bulldogs can be prone to destructive behavior if they’re left home alone for long periods, so if you work away from home every day, this mix might not be for you.

Both American Bulldogs and Jack Russell Terriers have a stubborn streak. So, while they’re intelligent enough to know what they’re being asked to do, sometimes, they’ll ignore you! This can be a challenge for new dog owners, and they’re more suitable for experienced owners who know how to train stubborn canines.

Three Little-Known Facts About the Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

1. This Hybrid Breed Is Sometimes Called the American Bull-Jack

Many hybrid breeds end up with a name combining both parent breeds, and this mix is no exception! So, if you see an American Bull-Jack advertisement, it refers to the same mix as the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix. We know that’s a bit of a mouthful, so it makes sense that it’s been shortened!

2. American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mixes Can Be Stubborn

Hybrid breeds can inherit a mix of traits from their parents, and it’s difficult to determine how the puppies will turn out. Character traits shared by both parent breeds are likely to be inherited by all puppies.

In the case of the American Bull-Jack mix, both parents have a strong stubborn streak. So, you should be prepared for your pup to challenge your training skills!

3. Hybrid Breeds Are Often Healthier Than Pedigrees

Hybrid breeds are also called mixed breeds, crossbreeds, or designer dogs. They’re created by crossing two distinct breeds to create puppies with a mixture of characteristics of both parents. While some breeders and owners prefer pedigree dogs, there are advantages to choosing a hybrid breed.

First, they may be healthier than their purebred counterparts and suffer from fewer genetic problems. This is due to the wider gene pool that crossing two breeds creates.

Parent Breeds of the American Bull Jack
Image Credit: Jumpstory

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix 🧠

Because the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix is a relatively new hybrid, there isn’t much definitive information on their character traits. However, we know that puppies will inherit a combination of their parent’s characteristics, and we can use that as a baseline.

Remember that your mixed breed puppy could end up with more characteristics of the American Bulldog or Jack Russell Terrier. So, only by familiarizing yourself with both parent breeds is it possible to know what to expect.

Although the parents are stubborn, which makes training their offspring more of a challenge, the playful nature of both breeds means that the puppies will enjoy learning new tricks as part of a varied training program.

American Bulldogs and Jack Russell Terriers are intelligent breeds, so you can expect your little puppy to inherit plenty of brain cells. That means they’ll grow bored quickly, so you must keep them entertained with walks, plenty of exercise, and training sessions.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

The American Bull-Jack makes an excellent family dog. Their high energy levels and enthusiasm for life make them a great choice if you have energetic kids who will love to walk, play with, and train a fun-loving canine. They can get bored if they’re left unoccupied for long periods.

The boredom can turn into destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture, barking, or causing mischief. So, the more you can involve an American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix in your daily life, the less likely they will get bored and start looking for trouble!

They’re better suited to families with at least one member at home for most of the day who can entertain their fun-loving pups.

American Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Image Credit: almadin02, Pixabay

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets? 🐶 😽

Overall, you can expect your American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy to get along well with other pets—with a few caveats! Both of the parents were bred to catch prey for their owners. In the case of the American Bulldog, they hunted feral pigs.

The Jack Russell Terrier was used for fox hunting first, then later for flushing out badgers or groundhogs. As a result, both dogs have a higher-than-average prey drive. They’re more likely to hunt small pets like rodents than befriend them.

Introductions with pet cats should be carried out carefully and under close supervision. Confident cats who stand their ground should easily be able to live with an American Bulldog and Jack Russel Terrier mix, but it may take more time to introduce them to a nervous cat that prefers to run.

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Things to Know When Owning a Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mixes are active, and you’ll need to make sure you feed them enough to replace all those burned calories! If you choose a high-quality dog food with a good percentage of protein and other essential nutrients, your pup will thrive.

Cocker Jack Dog Breed Info
Image Credit: Bequest, Pixabay

Exercise 🐕

American Bulldogs and Jack Russell Terriers have vast amounts of energy and need plenty of exercise. You’ll need to set aside time for walks three to four times daily and ensure you include regular training sessions. This mixed breed is not well suited to families looking for a laid-back dog that won’t mind missing the occasional walk.

Leaving an American Bull-Jack to exercise in a backyard also isn’t a good idea. They’re more likely to turn their thoughts to what they can destroy or whether they can jump your fence and explore on their own. American Bulldogs can jump up to three feet high thanks to their muscular physique, so you’ll need to make sure your fences are high enough.

Training 🦮

American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix dogs are intelligent and love to learn. This makes them nearly the perfect student, except they can also be stubborn! It’s a good idea to start puppy training classes as soon as possible with your new dog so you learn all the tricks of the trade and how to keep them entertained and engaged.

Mental stimulation is almost as important as physical exercise, so signing up for obedience classes is a great idea. Challenging your American Bull-Jack to complete complex tasks and tricks will keep their brain engaged and give them something to focus on.

Due to their stubborn streak, they’re probably better suited to families who have owned dogs and have experience training high-energy breeds.

American Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Image Credit: rzierik, Pixabay

Grooming ✂️

Your American Bull-Jack puppy will inherit a short coat that doesn’t shed much. Some Jack Russell dogs have a wiry rather than smooth coat, and if that’s the case with one of the parent dogs, there’s a chance your pup will inherit it. Brushing their fur once a week should be enough to keep your pup’s coat healthy and shiny. You can expect a small amount of seasonal shedding, but less than average.

Make sure you trim your puppy’s nails regularly and get them used to having their ears and teeth checked.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Luckily, the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier are generally healthy and suffer from far fewer health conditions than the average breed. Nevertheless, they can still be prone to a few conditions you’ll want to watch out for.

Minor Conditions
  • Patellar luxation
Serious Conditions
  • Lens luxation
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness
  • Hip dysplasia

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Male vs. Female

Maybe you’ve decided that an American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier mix will be the perfect high-energy addition to your family, and the only thing left to decide is whether you want a male or female puppy.

Before you make your final decision, remember that each puppy’s personality is not necessarily dependent on their sex. So, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind and choose a puppy based on how you bond with them at that initial meeting rather than choosing one just because they’re male or female.

Male puppies are larger and more independent as they grow up. They’re often a little more playful and boisterous and will require more of your time to wear them out!

Spaying and neutering your dog can reduce or remove many of the hormonal characteristics of male and female pups. If you have no plans to breed your dog later, it’s a good idea to speak to your veterinarian about the benefits of getting them spayed or neutered at an appropriate age.

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Final Thoughts

While the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier hybrid mix certainly aren’t as well-known as some other breeds, they have several admirable qualities. Their fun-loving nature, loyalty, and intelligence mean there will never be a dull moment with one of them around!

While they don’t require much grooming, you’ll need to set aside a serious amount of time for exercising these energetic pups! They make excellent companions for active families looking for the perfect breed to join them in their adventures.

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