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160+ Arabic Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (With Meanings)

Hallie Roddy

By Hallie Roddy

Arabian Mau basking in the sun

Picking out the perfect name for a pet can be a long process. When you bring a new cat home, many people are looking for something that isn’t commonly used all the time. How many times have you heard the names Lucy or Simba? There is nothing wrong with choosing a more common name, but some cat lovers prefer something a little more unique.

One of the best ways to find one-of-a-kind cat names is to refer to other languages. Whether you’re looking for names that are part of your culture or just like the way the language sounds, Arabic names are the perfect way to find something special for your new companion.

How to Name Your Cat

Before we present you with some common Arabic pet names with a deeper meaning behind them, take some time to think about what is going to make a truly fitting name for your cat. Here are some tips for naming your feline:

  • Opt for short names that are under two syllables. This makes it easier for your cat to remember.
  • Avoid choosing a name and then switching it to a nickname.
  • Pick something that you can pronounce.
  • Find a name based on the characteristics of your pet, whether it is chosen because of its physical appearance or temperament.
bengal kitten
Image Credit: JanineWilkins, Pixabay

Arabic Names for Female Cats

  • Aamal: has aspirations
  • Anbar: fragrant or perfume
  • Anisa: friendly
  • Dunay: world
  • Habiba: beloved
  • Ghaydaa: delicate
  • Malak: angel
  • Kala: strong
  • Karima: generous
  • Najya: victorious
  • Adjum: star
  • Amira: princess
  • Farah: joy
  • Hana: the happy one
  • Fadila: virtuous
  • Rabab: cloud
  • Lina: fragile
  • Zurah: divine, surrounded by divinity
  • Zahira: bright
Black Smoke Persian Cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

Arabic Names for Male Cats

  • Ali: noble
  • Andel: fair
  • Amin: faithful
  • Anwar: bright
  • Diya: bright
  • Bahij: brave
  • Fatin: elegant
  • Ghiyath: protector
  • Halim: affectionate and patient
  • Husain: beautiful
  • Jabir: consoles or accompanies
  • Kaliq: witty or creative
  • Mashaal: bright
  • Nnabhan: noble
  • Ghaith: rain
  • Nazeh: chaste
  • Habib: loved
  • Hassan: beautiful
  • Kahil: friendly
  • Rabi: spring breeze
  • Sadiq: reliable or faithful
  • Zafir: victorious
  • Tahir: pure
  • Ziad: surrounded by abundance
white maine coon
Image by: Kanashi, Pixabay

Common Arabic Names

  • Sultan: prestige and influence
  • Selim: free from defects or ailments
  • Rabeea: radiance and beauty of spring
  • Izzy: brave and wise
  • Milo: attentive and lucky
  • Kedar: strong or resolute
  • Rikuo: strong or brave
  • Anhad: courageous or doesn’t fear enemies
  • Zaghloul: young
  • Aden: settles
  • Adein: name of a gulf or body of water
  • Qaseem: distributor
  • Kadin: companion
  • Tawil: tall
  • Ferran: baker
  • Abba: father
  • Layla: dark beauty
  • Loza: almond
  • Anisa: friendly, sociable, or entertaining woman
  • Karima: generous
  • Here-Hana: happiness or joy
  • Lina: fragile or kind
  • Ghaydaa: tender
  • Amal: optimism
  • Saba: youth, vitality, or activity
  • Nour: hope, illumination, or light
  • Tala: little palm
  • Loay: slowing down
  • Ameera: royal name for females
  • Malak: kind angel
  • Nabila: name with royal origins
  • Gigi: a female who runs the world
  • Fiona: bright white
  • Amina: faithful and loyal
  • Bushra: brings good news to owners
  • Hadia: calm and tranquil
  • .Najma: stardom or fame
  • Samira: speech or chatty
  • Zahra: beauty or flower
  • Zena: beautiful lady
  • Kalila: love that lasts forever
  • Vega: a bright star
  • Zada: very lucky
  • Ada: noble
  • Khalisa: clean
  • Kaarina: pure
  • Fleur: like a flower
  • Giovanna: merciful God
  • Jolana: violet, flower
  • Val: strong, powerful
  • Roya: a dream come true
  • Roxy: sunrise
  • Rozi: progress
  • Maya: goddess
  • Dada: wavy hair
  • Gied: gemstone
  • Naomi: tenderness or kindness
maine coon cat stretching
Image Credit: Piqsels

Popular Arabic Pet Names with Foreign Origins

  • Kona: fame, fun, stardom
  • Kali: intense beauty
  • Nala: sweet, the success of a plant
  • Kiara: sparkle, glow, a ray of sun
  • Sultana: powerful, princess, queen
  • Cora: courage or strength
  • Freya: honorable lady or mistress
  • Ruby: red gemstone
  • Nova: high
  • Astra: superstar
  • Loki: rowdy
  • Murphy: pebbles
  • Casper: a treasure or gem
  • Chikou: good-spirited or light-blooded
  • Rudi: kindness, deliberation, and non-recklessness
  • Samson: similar to the sun
  • Rex: strong and controlling
  • Tyson: lucky or active
  • Sami: an owner of the highest standing
  • Bradley: energetic and fierce
  • Anka: to bring money or wealth
  • Ava: denotes life
  • Caroline: dignity or pride of something
  • Elsa: caring for the deity
  • Okocha: whispering, quiet
  • Albinka: blonde
siamese cat in the garden
Image Credit: Nataliya Ostapenko, Shutterstock
  • Nary: strong fire
  • Roy: king
  • Zeus: God of the sky, thunderbolt
  • Oliver: beautiful olive tree
  • Bamber: September
  • Genius: sharp intelligence or genius
  • Luke: source of light
  • Marley: graceful
  • Victor: victorious
  • Martin: protector of Latin deity
  • Mers: brave warrior
  • Robin: lively and energetic
  • Grant: distinct or wonderful
  • Tim: honored by God
  • Dakota: loyal companion
  • Lotus: rise to the surface
  • Eiji: beautiful and intelligent
  • Cola: charcoal
  • Zlatan: gold
  • Ernst: fierce features
  • Amino: black ocean
  • Greori: plow
  • Almira: honesty, does not lie
  • Albina: white
  • Baran: sparkling star
  • Gretchen: strong personality
  • Lola: lady of sorrows
  • Marta: pretty, spoiled
  • Ursula: female bear
  • Emma: fame
  • Etestein: dealing with others without fear
  • Nagi: kindness towards others
  • Harmonia: harmony
  • Kola: charcoal
  • Lara: fun being
  • Cardi: nothing wrong
  • Leah: helping people
ragdoll cat outdoor
Image Credit: Roernesfoto, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there are numerous Arabic names to choose from. Some of the names on this list come directly from the language. Others are simply popular pet names that are used in Arabic culture, even when they stem from foreign origins. All of the names on this list are excellent cat names options with beautiful meanings. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find one that fits the characteristics of your cat so well that it immediately feels like it was meant to be.

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Featured Image Credit: Arabian Mau cat basking in the sun | Medhi Photos, Shutterstock

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