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Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? Facts & Tips

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

French Bulldog sitting on the pavement

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French Bulldogs are cute little canines that don’t get much bigger than about 1 foot in height. They have short coats and need little grooming to stay clean and healthy. These attributes lead some people to believe that French Bulldogs are hypoallergenic. However, this is not the case. While French Bulldogs have short hair and don’t shed as much as many other breeds, they are not a good choice for people who suffer from severe allergies.

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French Bulldogs Tend to Shed Dander

french bulldog walking on grass
Image Credit: Christel SAGNIEZ, Pixabay

Dander is full of allergens. Those who suffer from allergies can develop serious symptoms when they come into contact with dander. French Bulldogs have short hair, but the hair is coarse, so dander easily gets stuck within it. Then, that dander gets transferred to furniture, carpets, and corners within the home where it builds up and gets stirred into the air. Sadly, French Bulldogs are far from hypoallergenic dogs.

Keeping Dander to a Minimum When Living With a French Bulldog

French Bulldog snuggling beside owner
Image Credit: Mylene2401, Pixabay

If you happen to live with a French Bulldog, there are a few things that you can do to keep dander to a minimum inside your home. First, take the time to comb or brush your dog’s coat outside, at least several feet away from your home’s doors and windows, a couple of times each day. This should help remove dander from the coat so it can float away in the wind and not end up in your home.

Another thing that you can do is bathe your pooch once a week or so. This should help clean out the dander and give your pet a fresh coat that’s easy to manage. Just make sure to bathe them outside instead of in your bathroom so the dander doesn’t end up in your bathtub and circulate throughout your house. Also, be sure to use dog shampoo that will be gentle on sensitive skin.

It’s a good idea to keep your pooch off your furniture and bedding so dander doesn’t get stuck in the fibers of the materials. You can also put a doggy t-shirt on your canine companion to keep dander from falling off their coats as they move around the house. Doing these things should make it easier to live with the dander that these cute little dogs produce.


Dog Breeds That Are Considered Hypoallergenic

No dog is truly hypoallergenic. However, there are a few that are considered hypoallergenic because they produce little dander. Here are a few options that might interest you and your family:

Take the time to visit with each breed, and find out how your allergies react to them. This is the only way to know how their dander will affect you when you’re living together at home.

a french bulldog on a blanket on the couch
Image By: Mylene2401, Pixabay

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A Quick Recap

Although French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic, there are a few things that can be done to keep dander to a minimum. That said, other dog breeds are considered hypoallergenic, and they should be considered before a Frenchie if you have severe allergies. Overall, it comes down to how your body reacts to being around a French Bulldog or any other dog breed.

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