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15 Border Collie Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

border collie

Border Collies are well known for their incredible work ethic and big personalities, and they’re regarded as one of the most energetic breeds around. They’ve starred in productions like Little House on the Prairie and Animal Farm, and they’re a popular breed throughout the entirety of the United States.

Given their popularity and the fact that they make wonderful family pets, many breeders have sought to combine the wonderful characteristics of the Border Collie with numerous other breeds. We’re taking a look at 15 Border Collie mixed breeds that are just as loveable and adorable as purebred Collies!

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Top 15 Border Collie Mix Breeds:

1. Border Collie and Great Dane Mix: The Great Collie

great dane border collie mix
Image Credit: Maria Paolini, Shutterstock

Great Collie” may just be a mashup of the two breed names, but it’s also a name that’s indicative of this hybrid’s personality! The Great Collie is just as energetic and hardworking as the Border Collie, but they bring additional affection and some added protection to the table as well. These mixes make great watchdogs and even better family pets.

2. Border Collie and Australian Shepherd Mix: The Border Aussie

border-aussie laying in grass
Image Credit: mstover, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a Border Collie mix with a stunningly beautiful coat, this is the dog for you! The Border Aussie is a bit calmer indoors than Border Collies, but given that both parent breeds are bred for herding, this hybrid will still love to work hard and exercise often. These dogs can also have different colored eyes (heterochromia) just like the Australian Shepherd.

3. Border Collie and Pitbull Mix: The Borderbull

The Borderbull is a strong, highly active, and protective pooch with very few health issues. They’re prone to hip dysplasia like most active dogs, but beyond this, they are generally extremely healthy. They’re highly trainable, and while they sometimes take issues with other dogs, they’re excellent with their human family members and especially children.

4. Border Collie and Boxer Mix: The Boxollie or Collie Boxer

This mixed breed is adorable and loveable, and the addition of the emotional neediness from the Boxer to the high-energy Border Collie makes for a perfect family pet for active owners. These dogs can inherit some stubbornness from their Boxer ancestors, so these dogs aren’t recommended for inexperienced owners.

5. Border Collie and Poodle Mix: The Borderdoodle

Just about every breed has been mixed with Poodles for their hypoallergenic tendencies, and the Border Collie is no exception. The Borderdoodle is a great option for those with allergies, and they bring a lot of affection, intelligence, and energy to any family. They’re great with children and are very sociable with strangers and other dogs, making this a perfect family pet!

6. Border Collie and Golden Retriever Mix: The Golden Border Retriever

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix
Image Credit: HappyHounds, Shutterstock

What do you get when you take a breed that loves to work hard and mix it with a breed that’s calm and fun-loving? Possibly the greatest family dog you could ask for! The Golden Border Retriever can experience some heart issues as well as bloat, but for the most part, this is a hearty and healthy pup that will provide you and your family with love, joy, and entertainment for up to 15 years!

7. Border Collie and Husky Mix: The Border Collsky

border collie husky mix
Image Credit: a4ndreas, Shutterstock

The name may be difficult to pronounce, but this is one of the healthiest Border Collie mixes out there! This hybrid is playful, protective, attentive, and energetic, and they make excellent family pets for owners who are experienced with training. The Border Collsky often has long, beautiful fur, which means shedding will be high and grooming somewhat time-consuming.

8. Border Collie and Corgi Mix: The Borgi

border collie and welsh corgi mix
Image Credit: story_of_one_wolf, Shutterstock

Looking for a Border Collie mix on the smaller side? The Borgi always inherits the Corgi’s short legs, so this hybrid will pack a lot of energy and intelligence into a small package. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent and were bred to herd, so you’ll see a strong work ethic and an incredible willingness to learn from the Borgi.

9. Border Collie and Great Pyrenees Mix

Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix
Image Credit: LaurieSH, Shutterstock

The Border Collie and Great Pyrenees mix is an affectionate and playful dog that will be happiest when serving and protecting you and your family. These dogs, unfortunately, inherit several serious health issues from their parent breeds, but the years you do get with them will be full of love and loyalty.

10. Border Collie and German Shepherd Mix: The German Collie

german shepherd border collie mix
Image Credit: Christin Lola, Shutterstock

Border Collies are loyal and intelligent, and those traits are doubled when you combine them with the German Shepherd’s temperament. The German Collie will stick by your side and protect you above all else. They learn commands and tricks very rapidly, and if you’re experienced with training and are willing to establish leadership, this is a perfect breed to add to your family.

11. Border Collie and Labrador Retriever Mix: The Borador

A gorgeous border collie cross Labrador working dog_RMC42_shutterstock
Credit: RMC42, Shutterstock

The Borador is a fun-loving, affectionate breed that thrives in a physically active and mentally stimulating environment. They’re loyal and obedient, and they inherit their outgoing and sociable nature from their Labrador parents. This Border Collie mix is full of life, energy, and love for just about every person and dog they meet.

12. Border Collie and Dalmatian Mix: The Bodacion

If you love Border Collies but somehow want a breed that is even more energetic, the Bodacion is a breed to consider! These pups are beautiful and often have coloration from both parents which makes for a stunning and adorable dog. These dogs aren’t recommended for families with small children or small animals, but for owners without either, they make excellent family members with their fun-loving personalities.

13. Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: The Bordernese

The intelligence and protective nature of the Border Collie pair wonderfully with the gentleness and sociability of the Bernese Mountain Dog. These hybrids make excellent family pets that are medium to large in size and are moderately active. The Bordernese is excellent with children and family members of all ages, including those with four legs.

14. Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier Mix: The Border Jack

border jack breed in snow

Another smaller dog on our list, the Border Jack is an intelligent, loyal, and boisterous pup that packs a lot of personality into a small, furry package. These dogs are extremely active and will thrive in homes where they have a job to do, whether that’s herding livestock or ridding your yard of squirrels, rabbits, and other small animals. They make excellent family pets, but they may be too high-energy for young children and can be distrustful of strangers.

15. Border Collie and Saint Bernard Mix

This hybrid gets its intelligence and affection from the Border Collie as well as a protective and calm, lumbering nature from the Saint Bernard. If you want a beautiful Border Collie mix with less of an active personality, this may be the hybrid for you. Relaxed yet agile and alert, these pups also make great watchdogs and will gladly protect you and your family from any perceived threats.

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Wrapping Up

The Border Collie has an amazing personality on its own, and breeders have selected them for some of their more desirable traits in a myriad of different Border Collie hybrid breeds. Mixes tend to pull characteristics from both parent breeds, and they’re usually healthier than their purebred ancestors.

If you love the affection and hardworking nature the Border Collie brings to their families but want a healthier pup who may have a lower energy level, a Border Collie mix can be a great commitment for you. They come in all sizes, coat colors, and temperaments, so take your pick and bring home your new best friend!

Featured Image Credit: Nietosvaara, Pixabay

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