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22 Mixed German Shepherd Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix dog

German Shepherds are widely known for their intimidating and dominant appearance just as much as they are for their loving, loyal, and protective demeanor. They are intelligent dogs that make wonderful companions and workers, and they’ll fit in with just about any family.

The popularity and desirable qualities in the German Shepherd make it a great breed for mixing with other dogs, as the result is often a pup that pulls the best characteristics from each parent breed. We’re going to take a look at 22 German Shepherd mixes that embody both the lively and protective spirit of the German Shepherd, as well as some wonderful traits from other breeds. Here are the 22 mixed German Shepherd breeds you’ll want to know about.

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The 22 Mixed German Shepherd Breeds to Know:

1. German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix: The Golden Shepherd

german shepherd golden retreiver mix
Photo Credit: Julien132a, Shutterstock

Perhaps one of the most popular German Shepherd hybrids, this mixed breed is known for its fun-loving and positive personality as well as its loyal, protective, and obedient nature. These dogs are excellent with children and are happy to be around all of their owners. They can inherit a slight distrust of strangers from their German Shepherd parents or general friendliness toward all from their Golden Retriever parents, but for the most part, they are welcoming and sweet-natured.

2. German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix: The Labrashepherd

What do you get when you take America’s most popular and sociable dog, the Lab, and mix it with the loyal and fearless German Shepherd? You get a dog that will love and spread joy but also snap into a protective mode in an instant. These dogs are also excellent with children, and they thrive on human interaction. They’re highly intelligent, so training will be relatively easy. What more could you ask for in a pooch?

3. German Shepherd and Husky Mix: The Siberian Shepherd

German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mixed puppy
Photo Credit: jnorris2, Shutterstock

Also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, this hybrid is strikingly beautiful with a powerful stance and a fearless will to protect and serve their owners. They are very intelligent, so they will pick up on commands, rules, and tricks easily. However, they can also inherit some willfulness from their Husky parent, and this may make training rather difficult for you. These pups are energetic and love to work, and they’ll also need some mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp.

4. German Shepherd and Pug Mix: The Shug

The Shug is unbearably adorable and highly affectionate. These pups crave human interaction on a nearly constant basis, so this hybrid doesn’t fare well with being left alone for too long. They inherit a certain goofiness from their Pug parents, and while they’re less energetic than many other breeds on our list, they will make up for that exercise time with playtime. If you’re looking for the personality of a German Shepherd in a goofy, pint-sized package, this is the mixed breed for you!

5. German Shepherd and Corgi Mix: The Corman Shepherd

What could be cuter than the classic German Shepherd coloration on the Corgie’s long, stout body? Not much! Corman Shepherds are highly energetic and playful, so much so that they can become destructive if they don’t have the proper outlet for their energy. They are highly intelligent and just as easy to train as a purebred German Shepherd. They can inherit the tendency to bark or howl from their Corgi parents, so despite their small size, they’re not suitable for apartments where noise might be an issue.

6. German Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix: The Shepweiler

The protective nature, loyalty, and power of both parent breeds makes this hybrid one of the greatest options for a guard dog for you and your family. These pups will be loving and are usually very affectionate toward their families and familiar humans, but they are alert and always on the lookout for potential threats. With a dog this muscular and determined, there really isn’t such a thing as a true threat! The Shepweiler is best suited for property owners with large yards that are good for exercise and exploration, as this is a very curious and investigative breed.

7. German Shepherd and Poodle Mix: The Shepadoodle

Shepadoodle Puppy Dog
Photo Credit: Holly Michele, Shutterstock

Just about every breed out there is bred with a Poodle, and the German Shepherd is no exception. The Shepadoodle is extremely intelligent, and their loyalty and willingness to please make them one of the easiest breeds to housebreak and train. Coloration varies in these dogs as does their likelihood of being hypoallergenic, but they almost always have the adorable, curly hair associated with the Poodle. This is another breed on our list that thrives on human interaction and is happiest when spending time with their owners.

8. German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: The Euro Mountain Sheparnese

The name is a mouthful, and these dogs are a handful! They inherit playfulness and mischievousness from the Bernese Mountain Dog, and this parent also passes on a tendency to remain “puppy-ish” for longer than normal. Both parent breeds are highly alert and watchful, so this hybrid will make an excellent guard dog. Their level of intelligence will allow them to assess a threat quickly and properly, so you won’t have a dog that barks at just anyone walking by outside. Training can be difficult, but they make up for this with their cuteness and their willingness to protect you and your family.

9. German Shepherd and Pitbull Mix: The Sheppit

Looking for a short-haired German Shepherd mix with a little added muscle? Enter the Sheppit! These dogs are alert and have a very strong will to protect you, your family, and your home. Despite their desire to stand between you and any threat, these dogs are abundantly friendly toward strangers they perceive as friendly. They tend not to get along with other dogs, and that could be because they desire all the undivided attention you could possibly give. The Sheppit is highly affectionate, patient with children, and thrives on human interaction.

10. German Shepherd and Saint Bernard Mix: The Saint Shepherd

Following one of the shortest-haired entries on our list we have one of the fluffiest! The Saint Shepherd is a massive dog that can weigh up to around 150 pounds, and if you have the space, these dogs will bring a lot of liveliness and joy to your home. Given their size and the agility and alertness they inherit from their German Shepherd parents, these pups make excellent guard dogs. After a long day of protecting your home, they’ll happily relax and cuddle with you while you watch television.

11. German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix: The German Australian Shepherd

These gorgeous dogs can have a wide range of coloration spanning from the classic German Shepherd appearance to the spotted coat of the Australian Shepherd. Their temperament can vary as well, but these are generally highly intelligent dogs that are extremely loyal, protective, and hardworking. The companionship you’ll experience from the German Australian Shepherd is hard to match, and these pups will always aim to please you and their other owners if trained properly.

12. German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix: The German Ridgeback

 Smiling Ridgeback Shepherd Puppy Dog on Bed
Image Credit: jen mccormack, Shutterstock

Despite this pup’s large, muscular stature, they’re very sensitive dogs that crave and thrive on human interaction. They’re moderately active, but they enjoy relaxing and snuggling with their owners just as much as they love going for a walk or run. They can be a bit distrustful of strangers, but they’re very welcoming and friendly toward their families. They are intelligent and learn quickly. However, they also can be willful and a bit stubborn, making training somewhat difficult. They can vary in coloration and can also inherit the ridge of hair on their back after which one of their parent breeds is named.

13. German Shepherd and Chow Chow Mix: The German Chow

Looking for a longer-haired German Shepherd mix to guard your home? Meet the German Chow. With an adorable, fluffy coat and the potential to be serious and highly protective, strangers won’t know whether to snuggle them or fear them. These dogs tend to be more serious in nature, owing to their Chow Chow parent breed, and while they can be playful at times, they’re happiest when they’re at work protecting you and your home. They’re also a highly intelligent hybrid that will be a breeze to housebreak and train.

14. German Shepherd and Collie Mix: The Shollie

Since both parent breeds of this long-haired mix are bred to be working dogs, your Shollie is bound to want to serve you. They are highly intelligent, very loyal, and eager to please their owners, so you’d find it difficult to find a dog that is more easily trainable. They make excellent family pets and are very patient with children, and they’re even-tempered and collected around strangers, other dogs, and even cats and other small animals. These dogs are very expressive and, given their calm nature, you’ll likely think of them more as a family member than a pet.

15. German Shepherd and Akita Mix: The Shepkita

The Shepkita is a beautiful and regal dog that will always have your family’s best interest at heart. They owe their loyalty and willingness to protect to both parent breeds, so above all else this dog will make a wonderful guard dog. They are alert, intelligent, and entirely fearless. They tend to be distrustful of strangers, but in your home, they will only exhibit sheer friendliness and even affection. They’re excellent with children, and their playfulness and love of human interaction make this an ideal dog for families of any size. Their intelligence and independence do tend to make them willful and stubborn, but once trained, they will be superbly obedient.

16. German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute Mix: The Alaskan Shepherd

German shepherd and alaskan malamute mixed breed dog playing in the forest
Image Credit: BGSmith, Shutterstock

Despite their musculature and power, the Alaskan Shepherd is a very sensitive dog that thrives in environments with lots of human interaction. Consider this pup co-dependent, and assume they never want to be left alone. They are usually good with children but do best in homes without young kids. This is an affectionate and emotionally needy breed that is abundantly friendly toward family and even strangers. They don’t tend to get along with other dogs, and their high prey drive means they do best in a setting without cats or other small animals.

These are also extremely active pups that need over an hour of exercise every day. Given their coat density which they inherit from the Malamute, they fare best in moderate to cold climates and can easily overheat in warmer weather.

17. German Shepherd and Newfoundland Mix: The New Shep

Another dog on our list that requires nearly constant human interaction, the New Shep is a strong, powerful pup with a lot of love to give. These dogs are extremely affectionate, and their calm nature makes them an excellent choice for families of all sizes, including those with young children. They are moderately playful and only require an average amount of exercise each day.

While you may love the abundance of fluff on these dogs, you should be prepared for proper grooming several times each week, and you’ll need to invest in a powerful vacuum to help keep up with their shedding. These dogs are intelligent and easy to train, which makes them suitable for new owners.

18. German Shepherd and Chihuahua Mix

That’s right! There are breeders out there who have mixed the large and powerful German Shepherd with the small and unassuming Chihuahua. The result is a small-to-medium-sized pooch that can be very territorial and even aggressive. They usually make extremely loyal and protective dogs for adult owners, but they aren’t generally good with kids. Their distrust of strangers is usually very high and can be problematic at times. Training should be done by experienced dog owners only, as this breed is often stubborn and willful. For the right owner, these dogs make excellent guard dogs and affectionate pets.

19. German Shepherd and Beagle Mix

The Shepherd Beagle mix is another medium-sized hybrid on our list, and they range from around 20-50 pounds. These pups inherit a strong sense of loyalty from both parent breeds but can get some stubbornness and willfulness from their Beagle ancestors. This breed is great with kids and has enough energy and love to go around in large families. They do have a high prey drive, so they’re recommended for homes without cats or other small animals, but they are generally good with other dogs.

20. German Shepherd and Great Dane Mix: The Shepherdane

Love the German Shepherd but somehow want a larger dog? If so, the Shepherdane may be perfect for you! These pups are large and brawny, often weighing in around 100 pounds. They can appear intimidating, are very alert, and will quickly step between you and any perceived threat in a heartbeat. Don’t let their protective demeanor fool you into thinking they’re all work and no play! These dogs are playful and can even be goofy at times. They are good with children and families of any size, they are affectionate, and they love human interaction.

21. German Shepherd and Bulldog Mix

These medium-sized pups have a bit of a spunky attitude and will generally be a bit calmer and somewhat less active than most others on our list. The parent breeds are both hardworking and protective dogs, so this mixed breed will be loyal and will go out of its way to ward off any threats. These are moderately affectionate breeds that are great with kids. They tend to be distrustful of strangers, but they normally don’t become aggressive even around new people.

22. German Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix

Last on our list is the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix, known for its spunkiness and big attitude, which it inherits from its Pompom parent. These dogs are confident, fearless, and protective, so they make excellent guard dogs. They are usually friendly toward strangers and other dogs, but given their tendency to exhibit some dominance, they need to be socialized early on. Their size varies quite a bit, but usually, they will be about medium-sized and fairly muscular.

Divider 2German Shepherd Cross Breeds: Conclusion

The German Shepherd is known all over the world as one of the most loyal and protective dogs available. They are very intelligent and highly alert, so they make very good guard dogs. They love human interaction, and they’re also very patient with children, so they make the perfect pet for many families. Given all these desirable characteristics, it’s no wonder breeders have mixed them with other breeds with great success.

If you love the temperament and loyalty of a German Shepherd but aren’t sure you want a purebred dog, consider one of these hybrids to bring into your home. Depending on which breed they’re mixed with, your pooch will have a varying personality and energy level. No matter which one you pick, however, you’re bound to have a wonderful companion that will love and protect you and your family above all else.

Featured Image Credit: Ovidiu Constantin Moraru, Shutterstock

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