When you’re in the business of making things for cats and the people that love them, it seems like everywhere you look, there’s another awesome brand offering great products too. 

We recently found Katt.co on our Instagram feed and immediately fell for their super cool products!

As designers and makers as well, we wanted to get to know more about Katt.co, so we reached out to say hello and get to know them. 

Co-founder Bregt was kind enough to send us some more info about him, his partner and co-founder Alejandra, and the cats in his family.

How many cats do you have at home? Tell us about them – their names, personalities, good (and bad!) stuff that they like to do.

We have two cats, Diesel, a male Maine Coon of 2 years old and Charlie, a male bi-coloured “street cat” also around 2 years old.

We got Charlie from the animal shelter. Diesel was adopted from a Maine Coon breeder in The Netherlands. Diesel is a gentle giant, twice as big as Charlie, but equally kind. Both are extremely affectionate. 

Diesel likes being with people and has the habit of following us around just about every step we take. He’s not a lap cat, but he does like to be near you all the time.

Charlie on the other hand, loves to sit on your lap, or every other place on you that he possibly can sit on. Charlie likes to go outdoors and doesn’t mind spending the night outside. Diesel has never stepped more than 2 steps outside! 

What is it about cats that you like so much that you built a business around them?

We love cats, because they are so nice and selfish. Dogs are too good and unselfish. They make us feel uncomfortable. Cats are gloriously human. We like people who like cats. We like to do business with people we like. It’s really that simple. 

What is a family favorite thing to do with the cats? 

Diesel comes to say goodnight every time the kids go to bed. He sits on their bed and gives them a hug before they go to sleep. It’s almost something mandatory Diesel has to do, or the kids won’t sleep! 

Tell us more about your company.

Katt.co is a curated online concept store featuring feline inspired items, that also functions as a unique platform for designers and illustrators. They introduce cat lovers to exclusive collaborations from some of the most relevant independent artists and creatives from all over the world.

As an alternative to perusing broad one-stop webshops, many people are looking to discover one-of-a-kind destinations that offer a highly curated selection of goods that will suit their specific interest.

An increasing amount of people don’t really look to big fashion brands and corporations to tell them what to wear anymore. They want to decide for themselves. They seek personalization and individuality in their style. Katt. is part of this rebellion.

Creating small pieces of art, this new concept store allows people to express themselves. Pins quickly turn an ordinary piece of fabric into something special. Something unique. Creating small pieces of art, we allow people to express themselves.

But Katt. isn’t just about beautiful statement pieces. The traditional idea of pins, t-shirt and prints is to show support. And so does Katt. Showcasing the work of independent makers and supporting the artists behind them. All the products have one thing in common and it’s not only cats. Each collection has a face. Like the artists behind them. Like the customers. Like the team behind it.

The goal is to create an online community for feline loving artists, illustrators and designers – known and unknown. The emphasis on collaboration and connecting artists to not only each other, but to a growing audience as well. For the artists and designers, it is an unbridled platform for expression. For everyone else, it’s a place to engage with a rapidly expanding creative cat culture in one place.

Who is the Team behind Katt.?

Katt. was created by Bregt Colpaert and Alejandra Kiki Gérard, inspired by their mutual love for all things feline. Next to taking care of business from their home in Bruges (Belgium), Bregt and Kiki also lovingly manage their newly blended family of eight. Two girls, two boys and two cats.

Since its inception in 2017, the concept store has grown to include a wide range of products for the modern cat lover – and everyone in between – including tote bags, illustrated paper goods such as greetings cards, handmade contemporary accessories such as pins and a range of vibrant digital prints.

Here’s a selection of the makers that are featured on Katt.

Nia Gould

Nia Gould

Location: Devon – United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Maker interview

Collection on Katt.

Yuliya Veligurskaya

Yuliya Veligurskaya

Location: New York – United States

Nationality: Russian

Maker interview

Collection on Katt.

Nurit Motchan

Nurit Motchan

Location: Tel Aviv – Israel

Nationality: Israeli

Maker interview

Collection on Katt.

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