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150+ Punny Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Furr-tastic Cat

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Punny Cat Names

When you bring home a new kitten or cat to add to your family, nothing is quite as fun as naming your new companion. Going through lists full of style, variety, originality, and classic vibes is a lot of fun, but how about a nice pun instead?

If you love a good play on words or classic dad joke, we have a list we think you’ll want to look at. Some are punny, some are funny, and others are downright knee-slappin’. So, get ready for names built to entertain.

How to Name Your Cat

Naming your cat can be a challenge, but why not stand out? People will certainly remember your cat’s name whether you’re trying to be an Instagram sensation or just appreciate a good joke. Punny names are a great way to be unique and get a few laughs along the way.

bi-color smoke manx cat
Image Credit: applevinci, Shutterstock

Draw at Random

If you have a list of comical names and you can’t make a decision, leave it to fate. Write down or input all names onto paper and let the universe do its job.

Pick a Name That Gets You Every Time

If you’re looking for a punny name, you’ll want to love it each time you say it. After all, if you can’t amuse yourself, what good is it?

Choose a Name With Lots of Nickname Possibilities

If you already love silly names, you might love it extra if you can create more. We all come up with nicknames for our pets, so why not pick a name that lends lots of potential nicknames?

For instance, if you chose the name “Jessicat”, you could use funny spin offs like:

  • Jessikittens
  • Jessikitten and her little mittens
  • Jessicatius
  • Jessi-cool-cat
  • Jessicats pajamas

… and the list goes on.


It’s Time to Name That Cat!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. We compiled several lists for your viewing pleasure. Here are some punny ideas just for your fantastic feline:

Celebrity Cat Names

If you’re into all the latest gossip from the stars, you might find some of these celeb cat names to be irresistible picks. You can recreate them, choose celebrity couple names for a pair of cats, and spruce up a name no one has thought of yet.

Punny Male Cat Names

  • Matthew Purry—Matthew Perry
  • RuPaw—RuPaul
  • Ben Catfleck—Ben Affleck
  • Shel Silvercat—Shel Silverstein
  • Hairy Pawter—Harry Potter
  • Anderson Pooper—Anderson Cooper
  • Chuck Pawris—Chuck Norris
  • Furaiser—Dr. Kelsey Fraiser
  • Bing Clawsby—Bing Crosby
  • Pawtrick Swayze—Patrick Swayze
  • J.R.R. Tolkitten—J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Purrnest Hemingway—Earnest Hemingway
  • Leonardo DiCatprio—Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Picatso—Picaso
  • Hairy Styles—Harry Styles
  • Jaocat Phoenix—Joaquin Phoenix
  • Nicholas Cats—Nicholas Cage
  • Tomcat Hardy—Tom Hardy
  • Cat Efron –Zach Efron
  • Meowcauley Culkin—Macaulay Culkin

Punny Female Cat Names

  • Kitty Purry—Katy Perry
  • Feline Dion—Celine Dion
  • Catti B—Cardi B
  • Margaret Scratcher—Margaret Thatcher
  • Uma Purrman—Uma Thurman
  • Catty Bates—Cathy Bates
  • Emily Lickinson—Emily Dickinson
  • Jennipurr Aniston—Jennifer Aniston
  • Furgie—Fergie
  • Meowdeline Albright—Meowdeline Albright
  • Amelia Purrheart—Amelia Earhart
  • Opurrah—Oprah Winfrey
  • Pawla Dean—Paula Dean
  • Catsy Cline—Patsy Cline
  • Drew Hairymore—Drew Barrymore
  • Nelly Furtado—Nelly Fertado
  • Catalie Portman—Natalie Portman
  • Meowylie Cyrus—Mylie Cyrus
  • Cindy Clawford—Cindy Crawford
  • Dolly Purrton—Dolly Parton
funny cat
Image by: IRCat, Pixabay


Dad Joke Cat Names

Doesn’t a name that sounds like your dad thought it up for a random alley cat sound like a good way to go? Only a dad in jean shorts with socks and sandals could appreciate these punny names.

Punny Unisex Cat Names

  • Outclaw
  • Pepe Le Paw
  • Whispurr
  • Just Kitten
  • Kitten Around
  • Kitten Kaboodle
  • Pusstule
  • Puss Puss
  • Hood Cat
  • The Butthole Show
  • Catsserole
  • Octopuss
  • Fartbox
  • Pota-Toe Beans
  • Catasrophe
  • Catoloupe
  • Unicat
  • Catosapien
  • Poopypaws
  • Heart Attack on Legs
  • Dog the Cat
  • The Great Catsby
tortie cat wearing Irish hat
Image Credit: Alena A, Shutterstock


Punny Character Cat Names

With a few minor changes, your favorite book or movie characters can come to life in cat form. There are tons of names of beloved characters that you could draw inspiration from. Here are just a few to think about:

Punny Male Character Cat Names

  • Puss in Boots—Puss in Boots
  • Winnie the Purr—Winnie the Pooh
  • Fuzz Lightyear—Buzz Lightyear
  • Obi-Wan Catnobi—Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Dudley Purrsley—Dudley Dursley
  • Chupawcabra—Chupacabra Seas
  • Pusseidon—Poseidon
  • Rometoe beans—Romeo and Juliet
  • Pawto—Pluto
  • Catsputin—Rasputin

Punny Female Character Cat Names

  • Ravenpaw—Ravenclaw
  • Pawdme–Padme
  • Furley Temple—Shirley Temple
  • Cleocatra—Cleopatra
  • Catnip Everdeen—Catniss Everdeen
  • Strawberry Shortcat—Strawberry Shortcake
  • Catemis—Artemis
  • Sarah Catter—Sarah Connor
  • Impecator Fur-iosa—Imperator Furiosa
  • Morticia Cattams—Morticia Addams
a norwegian forest cat tilting its head
Image Credit: pklaschka, Pixabay


Outlandish Cat Names

If naming your cat something outlandishly absurd strikes your fancy, look no further. Calling out one of these names while you have a guest over will definitely get some mixed reactions. But we hope that the most common one is laughter.

Punny Male Outlandish Cat Names

  • Yukon Gold Grand Slam
  • Captain Pickle Teats
  • Pink-nose Pistol
  • Pawblo American
  • Inspector Catget Galore
  • Buns in the Sun Steve
  • Victorious Gru Cachoo
  • Nostradamus Thomas
  • Piccolo Pete
  • Big Willy and the Boys
  • Dollar Store Dan
  • Catnip Tipton
  • Frosty Tot Tim
  • Jedediah Nickelspratz
  • Curtis Vandertosh of the Seven Seas
  • Barnswallow Tittlestone
  • Foreman John
  • Buckwild Bill
  • Turnin’ Tables Todd
  • Zip the Whip
  • Tone Deaf Tony
  • Gustav Wind
  • Barncat Grody
  • Knuckle-crackin’ Crawdad
  • Knickerbocker
  • Skittles McFarland
  • Hippopotamus Hans
  • Diggy in the Dowry
  • Tom Hucksby and the Midnight Band
  • Shots and Missiles
  • Whippersnappin’ Waldo Webb
  • Bootlace Banks
  • Taco Tuesday Tito
  • Babyface Burblesnatch
  • Tim Tithery Tooth Tansyman
  • Hideaway Horace
  • Square Dancin’ Darren McGee
  • Squidlips Sanderson
  • The Cobweb King
  • Stuntman Extraordinaire
  • Tortellini Tino
  • Bumblebee Tuna
  • Flocca Wocca Wobble Gnats
  • Booger-eye Benito
  • Tum Tum
  • Noshoes Noshirt Noservice
  • Barty Bed of Lies
  • Bojangles of the Dangles
  • Newman Feathersnatcher
  • Disco Dance Dudley

Punny Female Outlandish Cat Names

  • Hilda on Heels
  • Brandy Britches of Brawn
  • Drusilla in the Villa
  • Florence Pales of Poo
  • Shi Shi of the North Winds
  • Veronica Valdaires
  • Wiska Fliska Francine
  • Freda the Grim Reapa
  • Twinkletoes
  • Gretchen in the Ketchen
  • Nina Wintersloth
  • Biggest Bertha on Eartha
  • Cuddles in the Cutlass
  • Viola Ragini
  • Angie Peterson-Smith
  • Glitter Guts McGraw
  • Margot Tarot
  • Penny Lane
  • Cheenie Poop-in-the-Shoe
  • Vivica Astrozinica
  • Cow Bell Fever Fannie
  • Piney Mae Preriot
  • Victoria Never Visits
  • Demmy Lemmy Debra
  • Susie ‘McFinnigan Strikes Again
  • Brawling Bonnie
  • Belly Dancing Dolores
  • Superstretchin’ Sabrina
  • If-I-had-a-dollar Denise
  • Bennie Sans the Jetts
  • Marlene Bevelheimer
  • Princess Witherslaws
  • Caviar Fairchild
  • Zero Turn Tina
  • Ursula Skin and Bones
  • Martini Linguini Panini
  • Dinglehopper DeeDee
  • Finish-my-sentence Stella
  • Annie McFanny
  • Judy Is Me
  • Umbrella For’realla
  • Astrid Asteroid
  • Kimmy Cat
  • The Rogue Witch
  • Yodeling Yani
  • Donna Yo Mama
  • Pepperoni Pizza Pauline
  • Tippy Toes Tonya
  • Famine-Stricken Fran
  • Marlow Mango
a black polydactyl cat licking its mouth
Image Credit: Casey Elise Christopher, Shutterstock


Regular Joe Cat Names

You can always spice up your average everyday name by making it fit your feline friend. If you think it would be comical to give your cat an average name with a twist, here are some options you can think about:

Punny Male Regular Joe Cat Names

  • Pawl—Paul
  • Purrcy—Percy
  • Catticus—Atticus
  • Clawby—Colby
  • Kitteon—Gideon
  • Catthew—Matthw
  • Rupuss—Rufus
  • Bartholomeow—Bartholomew
  • Catfred—Alfred
  • Catnelius—Cornelius

Punny Female Regular Joe Cat Names

  • Purrcilla—Priscilla
  • Furrleshia—Felicia
  • Jessicat—Jessica
  • Padison—Madison
  • Pawla—Paula
  • Catalina—Catalina
  • Alley—Ally
  • Meowgot—Margaret
  • Felina—Selena
  • Cataline—Caroline
Abyssinian cat
Image Credit: Osetrik, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

No matter which name you choose, this is one of the very first ways you’ll bond with your cat. Learning a name and personalizing your kitty is the first part of a long and rewarding partnership between the two of you.

Congratulations on your newcomer, and hopefully, we’ve helped you out in the name department. It’s just an extra perk that the name you pick is pretty hilarious, and we think it’s worth the giggles.

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