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100+ Soccer Inspired Dog Names: For Athletic, Ball-Chasing Canines

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Border Collie soccer ball

True sports fans are a group of individuals who love a game so passionately their support can be heard, felt, and seen by almost every person who meets them. Memorabilia – whether it be from their favorite sports team by way of a jersey, signed equipment, pictures, trophies, and a good luck charm they held each time they played – are proudly displayed in their home and on their socials. Soccer fans are no exception; their devotion to the game is fierce. Soccer has secured its rank as the top sport globally, so it’s only natural that their fans would follow suit. 

But you already know this, being an unwavering soccer fan yourself. That’s why you’ve come to find a soccer-themed dog name. While you might have an idea of what you want, there is no harm in taking a glance at the comprehensive list of soccer players, coaches, lingo, and terminology that we’ve come up with for some additional inspiration. 

We hope to take out the guesswork so you can get back to explaining the rules of fútbol to your new addition. 

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Girl Soccer Player Dog Names

  • Pernille | Pernille Harder 
  • Julie | Julie Ertz 
  • Miedema | Vivianne Miedema
  • Lucy | Lucy Bronze 
  • Wendy | Wendie Renard 
  • Mapi | Mapi Leon 
  • Chrissy | Christine Sinclair
  • Hope or Solo | Hope Solo
  • Mandine | Amandine Henry 
  • Nilla | Nilla Fischer 
  • Maren | Maren Mjelde 
  • Lina | Lina Magull 
  • Panos | Sandra Panos 
  • Mia | Mia Hamm 
  • Pressly | Christen Press

Boy Soccer Player Dog Names

  • Messi | Lionel Messi 
  • Ronaldo | Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • Frankie | Frenkie de Jong
  • Iniesta | Andres Iniesta 
  • Falcao | Radamel Falcao Garcia 
  • Mane | Sadio Mane
  • Becker | Alisson Becker 
  • Kane | Harry Kane 
  • Neymar | Neymar 
  • Bale | Gareth Bale 
  • Sterling | Raheem Sterling 
  • Hazard | Eden Hazard 
  • Beckham | David Beckham 
  • Persie | Robin Van Persie 
  • Iker | Iker Casillas Fernandez 
Spaniel Running
Image Credit: DaveFrancis, Pixabay

Soccer Lingo Dog Names

We wanted to include a diversified list of everything soccer to provide you with the most adorable and fun ideas for your fur baby. Among this list you will find soccer lingo, terminology, positions, plays, tournaments, trophies, and more. It’s like an inclusive one-stop shop for the most random soccer dog names, but each lends itself as a bright and eager dog name for a pup who shares these same qualities. 

  • Kit 
  • Caps 
  • PItch 
  • Fifa
  • Derby
  • Striker
  • Boots 
  • Match 
  • Clasico
  • Booted
  • Futbol
  • Nutmeg
  • Winger 
  • Sweeper 
  • Coach
  • Liga 
  • Punt
  • Cleats
  • Volley 
  • Trap 
  • Jersey
  • Dribble 
  • Cross 
  • Hat Trick 
  • Tuck
Belgian Malinois Running
Image Credit: 825545, pixabay

Soccer Team Dog Names

While the FIFA World Cup doesn’t necessarily have team names but are rather represented by their country, that doesn’t mean other organizations are without catchy team names. Although they may not be as well known, they are still fabulous choices for soccer-themed dog names. While we’re on the topic, how adorable is FIFA for a dog’s name?! 

  • Lyon | Olympique Lyonnaise
  • Barcelona | FC Barcelona
  • Dynamo | FC Dynamo 
  • Chelsea | Chelsea FC 
  • Manchester | Manchester United FC 
  • Santos | Santos FC 
  • Balboa | Pug | Mesut Ozil 
  • Everton | Everton FC 
  • Napoli | SSC Napoli 
  • Bayern | FC Bayern Munich 
  • Arsenal | Arsenal FC 
  • Boca | Boca Juniors 
  • Ajax | AFC Ajax 
  • Monaco | AS Monaco 
  • Roma | AS Roma 
  • Juventus | Juventus F.C. 
  • Bordeaux | FC Girondins de Bordeaux 
  • Aston | Aston Villa FC 
  • Lazio | SS Lazio 
  • Madrid | Real Madrid CF
  • Porto | FC Porto 

Bonus: Dogs Owned by Famous Soccer Players

Soccer superstars might seem like heavenly gods of the sports world, but you can always find solace in knowing these talented individuals share the same love and devotion to their very own fur babies. How charming and relatable is that? Here is a list of the most notable players and their dogs. 

  • Humber | Golden Retriever | Alex Sanchez
  • Flush | Retriever |Neymar 
  • Bowser | Staffordshire | Mario Balotelli 
  • Lola | Newfoundland | Marcelo 
  • Halo | Beagle | Aaron Ramsey 
  • Lizzy | German Shepherd | Sergio Ramos 
  • Nala | Labrador | Marcelo 
  • Atom | Golden Retriever | Alex Sanchez
  • Saint | Cane Corso | Marcus Rashford 
  • Truco | Retriever |Neymar 
  • Blue | French Bulldog | John Terry 
  • Matxo | Chow Chow | David de Gea 
  • Ully | French Bulldog| Marcelo 
  • Otto | Weimaraner | Hector Bellerin 
  • Luigi | Staffordshire | Mario Balotelli 
  • Kiara | English Bulldog | Marcelo 
  • Maluma | British Bulldog | James Rodriguez 
  • Senor Hulk | Dogue De Bordeaux | Lionel Messi 
  • James | Australian Terrier | Wesley Sneijder 
  • Jagger | German Shepherd | Sergio Ramos 
  • Bella | Miniature Pinscher | Marcelo 
  • Poker | Retriever |Neymar 
  • Simba | Chow Chow | Memphis Depay 
  • Thaig | English Bulldog | | Marcelo 
  • Chulu | Jack Russel Cross | Sergio Ramos 

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Finding the Right Soccer-Themed Name for Your Dog

Being a soccer fan is rewarding, gratifying, and even difficult at times. Being a dog owner will likely be similar in the sense that you will share both great and hard days, but in the end, your love and devotion will conquer all. We hope that you were able to combine your two true passions and find the right soccer dog name for your pup. 

If you are having a little trouble narrowing it down, here are a few tips to consider: 

  • Choose a name that’s short and easy for your pup to understand. You might be interested in using your favorite soccer player’s name such as Lionel Messi, but shortening it up to either Lionel or Messi will be much easier for your pup to learn and respond to. 
  • If your puppy is quite new, you might want to consider its personality. Giving them a few days to warm up to their new environment will allow their personality to shine and might point you in the direction of a fitting name. 
  • Enlist a few trusted people to give you input on your top three soccer-themed dog names. While their opinions could provide clarity, it might also muddy the water for you, so tread lightly here! 

At the end of the day, this is your new companion and you should live the name above all else. Your dog will grow into it and undoubtedly love whatever you choose. When all else fails, we think Soccer would make for an excellent name.

Here are additional puppy name links if you are still undecided: 

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