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22 French Bulldog Mixes (With Pictures)

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By Emma Braby

frenchie pug

The French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, is an adorable dog who was ranked as the 4th most popular dog breed in America. In 2014 he was ranked as the 9th most popular – which is the most significant jump that any of the top 10 breeds have seen. So, you know that he is a big deal!

This downright irresistible pooch measures between 11 and 13 inches tall and weighs under 28 pounds. He is described as adaptable, playful, and smart, and he is comical and affectionate with his family.

Diving headfirst into popularity, he has also jumped on the designer doggy bandwagon. Having mixed and mingled with other doggies out there, he now has a selection of mixed breed puppies for you to choose from. The genes of his signature trademark, his big bat ears, are strong and usually come out in his mixed breed pups. Let’s take a look at 22 of his mixed breeds…

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The Top 22 French Bulldog Mixes Are:

1. Frenchton (French Bulldog x Boston Terrier)

Image Credit: Kwaterman, Shutterstock

The Frenchton has two very similar looking parents, so you will know roughly what to expect in both his appearance and personality. He is charming, loving, and energetic, and he needs an owner who can handle his sass.

2. Frenchie Pug (French Bulldog x Pug)

frenchie pug
Image Credit: Bokehboo Studios, Shutterstock

The Frenchie Pug, also known as the Frug, will inherit the flat face of both of his parents, and his squishy muzzle will snore and snuffle ’til sundown. His coat will be short and shiny, and his skin folds will need extra cleaning attention. He is a mischievous little guy who is always up for a bit of fun.

3. French Bulhuahua (French Bulldog x Chihuahua)

French Bulhuahua_Shutterstock_Deep Desert Photography
Image Credit: Deep Desert Photography, Shutterstock

This Frenchie bulldog mix is another tiny pooch, but he is packed full of character, which is why everyone loves him. He loves to be with his family and will bark at anything and everything that comes near his master. He is feisty but seriously cute with his bulging eyes.

4. Froodle (French Bulldog x Poodle)

The Froodle is seriously energetic and will always be up for a game of flyball. His most appealing feature is that he is likely to shed much less due to his hypoallergenic Poodle genes. His coat will need a lot of attention to ensure that his curls do not tangle.

5. Frengle (French Bulldog x Beagle mix)

Frengle Brench bulldog beagle mix
Image Credit: Florian Bender, Shutterstock

The Frengle will usually inherit the traditional hunting colors of the Beagle, giving this Frenchie mix a unique jacket. He is a happy-go-lucky soul who loves to have a good time being involved in all the family fun. Be sure to keep an eye on him, because he will eat everything in sight and become obese if you allow him too.

6. French Chow (French Bulldog x Chow Chow)

The French Chow has a thick coat that is fluffier than his French parent’s jacket. It will keep him very warm in the winter, but too hot in the summer, so keep him as cool as possible. He will probably inherit the blue tongue, curly tail, and stocky frame.  He is likely to be independent and as cool as a cucumber.

7. French Pomerbull (French Bulldog x Pomeranian)

The French Pomerbull is a very fluffy guy who has a real zest for life. His coat will shed heavily, but he will make up for it in cuddles and kisses. The zoomies will be his favorite pastime, and he’ll be a very cheeky chap. Be sure that he doesn’t become to yappy unless you want to annoy your neighbors.

8. French Pit (French Bulldog x American Pitbull Terrier)

The French Pit is a stockier and taller version of his Frenchie parent, with an even wider smile. His squarer head and big bat ears can often make it look like his head is far too big for his body, but he is still adorable. This French Bulldog mix loves to cuddle with the children in the family, and as with any Pitbull mix, be sure to check your local laws and restrictions before committing to him.

9. French Shepherd (French Bulldog x German Shepherd)

The French Shepherd might not make the next Police dog, but he is a protective guy who is full of adoration and loyalty for his family. His ears are huge and pointy, and he will probably be the king of head tilts. He will usually take the black and brown colors of his German parent, with a short to medium-length coat.

10. French Bullweiler (French Bulldog x Rottweiler)

French Bullweiler
Image Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

The French Bullweiler is the Rottweiler but in miniature form. So, if you have a small apartment but are looking for a protective house dog, this breed may be the one for you. The French Bulldog mix’s most common coat is the Rottweiler coat, with the black and brown patterning. Despite being a protective pooch, he is a softie at heart.

11. French Bullweiner (French Bulldog x Dachshund)

The Bullweiner is a long dog who will inherit the short and stumpy legs of the Dachshund breed, complete with big paddle paws. He will be a lot chunkier with extra rolls, so be sure to clean them properly. He is a funny little character who is very affectionate with his family.

12. French Pei (French Bulldog x Chinese Shar-Pei)

The French Pei is a protective dog who will probably inherit the independent streak of his Chinese parent. So, if you are looking for a Frenchie lookalike that will not forever be under your feet, this guy might be the one for you. He might be a little difficult to train, but he makes up for it in his handsome looks.

13. French Bull Dane (French Bulldog x Great Dane mix)

The French Bull Dane is the tallest on this list. Expect a Frenchie lookalike but with really long legs. He is a fun and goofy mix that will keep everyone entertained for hours. He has a booming bark and makes an excellent watchdog. With his short coat, it can take any color, but harlequin is very desirable.

14. Frenchnese (French Bulldog x Havanese mix)

The Frenchnese is a little fluffy dog that is super sweet, but a little bit needy. So if you are looking for a dog that will never leave your side, this guy could be your best bet. This French Bulldog Mix’s coat will usually be fluffy and white like his Havanese parent, but much shorter like the Frenchie.

15. French Bullrador (French Bulldog x Labrador Retriever)

The French Bullrador is very energetic, and he loves an enjoyable romp in the garden or adventure to the local doggy park. He is also partial to a dip in the local lake, and retrieve anything you throw at him. He is also intelligent, so you best keep him entertained. His coat will be short, and his tail will be long and curly.

16. French Corgi (French Bulldog x Corgi)

The French Corgi is another short and dwarf-like pooch that has a wide smile, stretching from big bat ear to big bat ear. His infectious smile will cheer you up on rainy days, just be sure to keep up with his energy needs. He also gives the best cuddles, good enough for royalty.

17. French Frise (French Bulldog x Bichon Frise)

The French Frise is another white and fluffy mix that commands your complete attention. Often looking like a round cloud, all you will see poking out of his coat is his large ears and cheeky smile. He will make a great family addition to those with younger children, and will happily keep them company all day long.

18. French Bulloxer (French Bulldog x Boxer)

This comical canine clown is always up for a laugh, come rain or shine, and you need to be able to keep up with his energy. Otherwise, he will become naughty and destructive, and he can be quite the powerful pooch. His short coat will usually take the colors of the Boxer, but his body will be broad and stocky whoever he takes after.

19. French Buillon (French Bulldog x Papillon)

The French Buillon is a friendly dog who will get along with every member of the family, even the felines. He has a well-balanced personality, but he can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. His coat will be short, with feathering fur around his tall butterfly-bat ears.

20. French Bulljack (French Bulldog x Jack Russel Terrier)

The French Bulljack is probably the most cheekiest of all the Frenchie mixes, and you’ll struggle to say no to him. This guy will not like the local rats or your pet rodents, so you best keep him on a leash when out in public. He has a lot of terrier energy, and you’ll need to provide him with an outlet. Short and smiley, this guy is gorgeous.

21. French Schnauzer (French Bulldog x Miniature Schnauzer)

The French Schnauzer is a fairly stubborn dog who will pretty much do what he wants when he wants. But this is all part of his charm. With his bat ears, mustache, beard, and belly rolls, he’ll have everyone swooning. Very energetic for a little dog, you’ll need to invest in plenty of toys to keep him entertained.

22. Miniature French Pin (French Bulldog x Miniature Pinscher)

The Miniature French Pin is a little Doberman lookalike. Although his bark and personality are just as formidable, he is teeny tiny in stature. This toy pooch is very charismatic and will have everyone giggling for hours. He’ll likely look like the Frenchie, but with the Pinscher coloring and coat.

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The Wrap Up

There are probably many more Frenchie hybrid pups out there, so don’t think this is the exhaustive list. But hopefully, this has given you an idea about what you can expect from a Frenchie. As well as some of the best mixes available. Full of lots of love, laughter, and energy, he’ll keep you on your toes for sure. Most of the mixes have chubby rolls and bat-like ears, which combined make him irresistibly gorgeous.

Featured Image Credit: Bokehboo Studios, Shutterstock

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