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Mice Toy Set (Flax)

When your cat feels frisky, they need a toy that engages their playful spirit. Maybe you have tried other cat toys in the past, but your feline lost interest in them in a few days. It can be frustrating because you just want them to have fun (and for them to stop play-attacking your feet!). Well, every good cat deserves a mouse…or two. Our Flax Mouse Toy Set may just be the toys you want to keep your cat entertained for days to come!


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Features -
  • Two mice, featuring one big and one small
  • Stuffed with premium catnip and cotton
  • Lightweight, perfect for swatting or carrying
  • Tight stitching guarantees both safety and durability
Materials/care +

Encourage a Playful Cat-and-Mouse Fight!


Cats and mice are obvious enemies, but when your cat is enamored with a mouse toy, it is quite adorable. With our Mice Toy Set, your cat gets two mice they can swat around. The textured flax fabric makes it easy for all cats to grip and kick during play. The bigger mouse is 9 inches long (from nose to tail) and 1.7 inches wide, ideal for adult cats to bat or carry around. The smaller mouse is 5.7 inches long and about 1.2 inch wide, perfect for kittens and juveniles. However, cats will likely be attracted to either mouse, regardless of size.

Both mice are stuffed with cotton and high-quality catnip. Many cats are drawn to catnip, making these toys irresistible. We recommend rubbing some more catnip on the outside of the toy after a few weeks of use, as the potency of the catnip inside will wear off. But we are sure these toys will remain a hit with your furry friends!

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