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Furball Toy Set (2 Pack)

If you have a cat, you know they are a ball of energy when they get playful. Nothing can stop them from kicking, tackling, and swatting anything they can get their paws on! While we want to encourage play, we don’t want them destroying things like furniture, curtains, and even shoes. You need a toy to be tossed, chased, chewed, and carried. And that toy is the Furball Toy Set. This simple yet entertaining toy will have your cat engaged and chasing it around all day!


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Features -
  • Two plush faux fur balls
  • Long plush faux fur and bell offers a multisensory delight
  • Durable, keeping the stuffing intact
Materials/care +


Furballs for Your Furball!


Playing is important in any cat’s life, whether kittens, adults, or seniors. Playing heightens their hunting skills and agility. It is also a good form of exercise. With Hepper’s Furball Toy Set, your cat will get agility training and a workout.
This set has two plush faux fur balls stuffed with cotton, making the final product incredibly soft.
Inside each ball is a bell, which further encourages your cat’s play drive. And do not worry about finding stray tufts of fur on the floor. Our toys are stitched tightly, ensuring they can withstand even the toughest play session. With the Furball Toy Set, your cat will be entertained no matter the time of day!

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