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Whale Plush Toy

When you want to spoil your kitten, get them a toy! But it seems like all cat toys are the same style—a mouse or a bird. Perhaps your kitten needs something unique; something to match the size of their boundless energy. Hepper has the solution! We are proud to introduce our Whale Plush Toy. This soft, textured toy is the perfect size for our feisty young felines to bat around the house. Trust us when we say that your kitten will have a whale of a good time!


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About this item

Features -
  • Adorable whale-shaped design
  • Compact size at 15cm x 9cm
  • Crafted with precision stitching
  • Made of top-quality plush exterior and cotton interior
Materials/care +

Kitten vs Whale: Who Will Win in the Play Fight?

Kittens are born playful and need things to entertain them. While an old sock might do the trick, we don’t want to encourage them to attack and rip apart clothing. But we don’t want to give them just any toy. Hepper’s Whale Plush Toy is the perfect combination of durability and softness. The fleece ribbed material is great for gripping and kicking. Plus, the overall size of the toy is perfect for kittens. Toys that are too large may not encourage them to play as they are harder to carry around. Another bonus? There is no bell attached to this toy, so your kitten can play hard without having a constant jingle echo through the house!

Play is not only adorable to watch, but it is an important part of a kitten’s growth and development. Play satisfies their hunting instincts. It not only provides an outlet for excess energy but also promotes physical exercise, keeping your cat fit and healthy. This is why we designed the Whale Plush Toy. We know you care about your cat’s physical and mental health. A happy kitten will equal a happy you!

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