Plush Mouse Kicker Toy

If you own a cat, you know there is a fine line between gentle and aggressive playing. And if you are caught in the middle of aggressive playing…ouch! But playing is a part of being a cat; plus, it is good exercise—especially for indoor cats. If you do have a cat who takes play to the next level, our Plush Mouse Kicker Toy will be just the thing for them. This toy can take any beating your cat dishes out!


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Features -
  • Durable stitching and bite-resistant fabric
  • Has a small bell that adds an auditory layer to the playtime experience
  • Long shape ideal for kicking and clawing
Materials/care +

Cat vs Plush Mouse Kicker: Who Will Win?

Aggressive play can leave a lot of toys destroyed. It is a sad sight: ripped fabric, bits of cotton filling, and a chewed-off tail. If this is all too common with your cat, they need a stronger toy like the Plus Mouse Kicker. This toy is a foot long (12 inches), perfect for tackling, grappling, wrestling, kicking, and pouncing. With so many play options, this single toy gives your cat much-needed mental and physical stimulation.


The length is not the only thing that encourages your cat to play. Our Plush Mouse Kicker has catnip-infused cotton filling and a small bell. The catnip will draw your feisty feline in, and the bell adds another layer of engagement. What else can we say? This toy is the perfect match for any cat that needs a full-on play session.

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