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Mice Toy Set (Hessian)

If you look in any pet store, you are bound to find at least a dozen different mouse toys for cats. It can be hard to tell which ones are of good quality and will meet the high expectations of your beloved feline. We understand that mouse toys come and go, so we have created the ideal mouse duo, our Mice Toy Set, made with hessian/burlap fabric. If you have a particularly frisky feline (or two!), this toy set will withstand some heavy-duty play.


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About this item

Features -
  • Two mice, featuring one big and one small
  • Stuffed with premium catnip and cotton
  • Lightweight, perfect for swatting or carrying
  • Tight stitching guarantees both safety and durability
Materials/care +

Ready? Set? Play!

Part of what makes a toy engaging to cats is the fabric. Our Mice Toy Set is made with burlap, giving the toy a textured feel and encourages your cat to act out their hunting instincts by batting and kicking them. The bigger mouse is 7 inches long (from nose to tail) and 1.1 inches wide, ideal for adult cats to bat or carry around. The smaller mouse is 4.7 inches long and about an inch wide, perfect for kittens and younger adults.

Another bonus to the mouse duo set is that it has catnip added to the interior cotton stuffing. Catnip certainly has a way of drawing in cats, so don’t be surprised if once they get a whiff of these mice, they immediately start playing with them! While the catnip’s potency inside will wear off after a while, you can always rub some new catnip on the outside of the toy. But even without the catnip, your cat will love both of these mouse toys.

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