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Top 25 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force (Ranked By PSI)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

dogue de bordeaux puppies playing outdoor

As much as we love dogs, some can be dangerous because of their personality and strong bite force. The bite force of a dog is measured in PSI, which stands for pound per square inch. The higher the PSI rating, the more forceful and painful a dog’s bite will be.

However, a strong bite doesn’t correlate to aggression. Some dogs with strong bites are known for their gentle and loving personality.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the top 25 dog breeds with the strongest bite force.

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The Top 25 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bite

1. Kangal – 743 PSI

kangal dog
Image Credit: Marry Kolesnik, Shutterstock

The number one dog with the strongest bite force is the Kangal. These dogs have a bite force of 743 PSI. They are often used as guard dogs, especially in their native country of Turkey. Kangals were originally bred to protect flocks from other predators, such as bears, wolves, and jackals.

Despite their strong bite, Kangals are surprisingly gentle towards children and animals. However, they are not great with strangers because they can be very protective over their humans. With good socialization, Kangals can make a great guard dog in any home.

2. Bandog – 730 PSI

Image Credit: Libor Hladik, Shutterstock

The Bandog, sometimes called the American Bandogge, is a big dog that looks scary and has a bite force of 730 PSI. This dog dates to the Middle Ages, but it has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club or any other organization. It is believed that the Bandog participated in the Holy Crusades.

3. Cane Corso – 700 PSI

Cane Corso laying in the park
Image Credit: Stivog, Shutterstock

The Cane Corso is a dog that descends from ancient Rome. Historically, they have been bred and used for many purposes, ranging from attack dogs to tax collectors. This dog has a large head and jaw, which allows it to have a bite force of 700 PSI.

Although scarily strong, Cane Corsos tend to be super affectionate and loyal, especially to their own family members. In fact, they are considered Italy’s most popular dog. They can be overprotective. So, early socialization is a must.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux – 556 PSI

Dogue de Bordeaux outdoors
Image Credit: Jan Steiner, Pixabay

As its name suggests, the Dogue de Bordeaux was bred in the port city of southwestern France. Sometimes, this dog is called the “French Mastiff” or the “Bordeaux Mastiff.” Shockingly, this breed has been around since around the 14th century.

Originally, the Bordeaux Mastiff was a working dog, often used to pull carts, guard livestock, and guard mansions. Today, this dog is super lazy and drools quite a bit. They are even great around children and almost never activate their 556 PSI bite.

5. Tosa Inu – 556 PSI

Tosa inu male dog closeup_acceptphoto_shutterstock
Image Credit: acceptphoto, Shutterstock

The Tosa Inu was bred to create a canine version of a gladiator. As a result, dog breeders created a dog with a bite force of 550 PSI. Although this is a strong enough bite force to easily break any bone, they are very gentle and only known to bite in the case of intruders or other dangerous scenarios.

Despite the Tosa Inu’s gentle behavior, several countries have outlawed it, including Germany, Australia, and Denmark.

6. English Mastiff – 552 PSI

English Mastiff drooling
Image Credit: GoDog Photo, Shutterstock

If you are a fan of large dogs, you likely love English Mastiffs. English Mastiffs are huge, but they are often calm and lazy. When needed, these dogs can become powerful and have been used as war dogs in the past. English mastiffs have a bite force of 550 PSI, though they aren’t known to bite often.

7. Dogo Canario – 540 PSI

Dogo Canario
Image Credit: Eve Photography, Shutterstock

Even though the Dogo Canario is a gorgeous dog, it is not one that makes a good pet. It has a jaw strength of 540 PSI, and it is an aggressive breed. In fact, this dog was often used in wars and has been linked to several fatal attacks.

Because of this dog’s aggressive nature, it was once a popular fighting dog before dog fighting became illegal in the 1940s. Today, Dogo Canarios are outlawed in many countries.

8. Dogo Argentino – 500 PSI

Dogo Argentino in the wild
Photo Credit: thereseb87, Pixabay

The Dogo Argentino is a frightening looking dog, and with good reason. They have a bite force of 500 PSI and are often aggressive. This dog was bred for hunting purposes and protecting its owner. Bred in Argentina, the dog came from mixing the Cordoba Fighting Dog and other aggressive breeds.

9. Akita Inu – 400 PSI

happy akita inu
Image Credit: TatyanaPanova, Shutterstock

The Akita Inu was popularized by the movie Hachiko, which was based on a true story of a dog that had heartbreaking loyalty to its owner. Despite this breeds compassion and extreme loyalty, it also has a bite force of 400 PSI.

Thankfully, Akita Inus are not known to be aggressive and bite rarely. They can be very stubborn and difficult to train simply because they have minds of their own.

10. Leonberger – 399 PSI

Image Credit: joses, Pixabay

The Leonberger is one of the gentlest giants. These dogs are enormous and have fluffy fur to match. Even though they are huge, Leonbergers are perfect for close knit families with other pets and children. In fact, Leonbergers are often used as therapy dogs.

Despite this giant’s loving nature, it has a shocking bite force of 399 PSI. Plus, Leonbergers are very large and accidentally knock over people and especially children during play time, though by accident.

11. Rottweiler – 328 PSI

Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

Rottweilers are powerful and strong dogs. They have a bite force of 328 PSI, which is typically double the dog’s weight. Because these dogs were bred for pulling carts and acting as guard dogs, it’s no shock that they are strong and protective.

Although Rottweilers were used in the police force, they are most often seen in rescue missions today. Between the dog’s strength, intelligence, and bravery, it is one of the best breeds to send into a dire situation.

12. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 328 PSI

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Featured Image Credit: k9arteu, Pixabay

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is often confused with the Pitbull because they look similar. Not to mention, they often get the same bad rap because they are used for dog fighting. Nevertheless, they are different breeds, both of which are generally loving and loyal.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a bite force of 328 PSI, but the dog does not show aggression to most people. Especially to its owners, you can expect a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be loving and affectionate.

13. Siberian Husky – 320 PSI

Siberian Husky Dog
Image Credit: jpgordijn, Pixabay

Anyone who has been around a Siberian Husky before knows that these dogs are rambunctious handfuls. Raised as working dogs, this breed is energetic and strong, and even has a bite force of 320 PSI.

Despite their powerful bite, Siberian Huskies are not known to be aggressive. Often, these dogs are goofy and can be found running around your home almost like a toddler. In many ways, the Siberian Husky is simply an overgrown puppy.

14. American Bulldog – 305 PSI

Scott American Bulldog
Image Credit: R.M.T, Shutterstock

The American Bulldog is a cuddly and loving big dog, but the dog is very strong and confident too. These dogs have a bite force of 305 PSI. Between the dog’s bite force and confidence, the American Bulldog will not hesitate to bite someone if they are intruding or harming their owner.

15. Bull Terrier – 269 PSI

bull terrier standing on grass
Image Credit: Alexandra Morrison Photo, Shutterstock

The Bull Terrier has a funny look with a distinctive clown-like face. You might recognize the Bull Terrier from Target ads. Despite its humorous appearance, it has a bite force of 269 PSI. In addition to its strong bite, these dogs are muscular and known to be stubborn.

Although Bull Terriers are not recommended to have with other pets, they are pretty good with older family members. Because of their strong bite force, we wouldn’t recommend them with children, especially considering they can be a bit more aggressive than other breeds.

16. German Shepherd – 238 PSI

Silver Sable German Shepherd
Image Credit: J. Romanova, Shutterstock

German Shepherds are considered one of the most popular dogs around the world. The German Shepherd is second only to the Labrador Retriever in America for being the most popular pet breed. Similarly, German Shepherds are used by police forces, the military, and rescue missions.

Part of the reason that German Shepherds are loved by police officers is because they have a strong bite force of 238 PSI. At the same time, they are gentle around children and family members and are easy to train.

17. Great Dane – 238 PSI

Great Dane
Image Credit: Martin Tajmr, Pixabay

Great Danes are considered patient, sensitive, and sweet dogs, despite their large size. Nevertheless, Great Danes have a 238 PSI bite force. Even though these dogs are known for being gentle with their family members, they can become aggressive and mentally unstable if left alone for too long.

18. American Pitbull – 235 PSI

red nose American pitbull terrier
Image Credit: KruBeer Photo, Shutterstock

Unfortunately, the American Pitbull has a terrible reputation of being aggressive, and a bite force of 235 PSI seems to support this reputation. Although Pitbulls do have a powerful bite and are energetic, the breed is cuddly, loyal, and loving to its family members and most other people.

That being said, American Pitbulls are known to be protective over their family. Hence, these dogs can do a lot of damage to an intruder in the home.

19. Boxer – 230 PSI

Boxer dog standing on a flower field
Image Credit: Lenkadan, Shutterstock

Boxers can be a bit of a handful because they are powerful and playful. With a bite force of 230 PSI, it’s important to train these dogs correctly. With proper training, Boxers make great pets because they are super sweet and lovable.

20. Labrador Retriever – 230 PSI

nine months black Labrador_pixelaway_shutterstock
Image Credit: pixelaway, Shutterstock

The Labrador Retriever is far from being known as an aggressive or dangerous dog. For the last three decades, the Labrador Retriever has ranked as being the most popular dog in America. Despite its affectionate and outgoing personality, the Labrador Retriever has a bite of 230 PSI.

Interestingly, Labrador Retrievers have notably soft mouths despite their strong bite. The soft mouth developed because Labrador Retrievers were used to retrieve game unmarked. So, Labrador Retrievers know how to be gentle or strong, depending on scenario.

21. Doberman – 228 PSI

Doberman Pinscher with tongue out
Image Credit: patstatic, Pixabay

The Doberman is a type of dog with a mixed reputation. Some people absolutely love this breed for their gentle and goofy personality, but others are afraid because of their alertness and extreme loyalty, which can translate to aggression. With a bite of 228 PSI, it makes sense that some people are afraid of these dogs, though they are often great pets with training.

22. Alano Español – 227 PSI

Alano Español
Image Credit: miguel curiel mena, Shutterstock

Sometimes called the “Spanish Bulldog,” the Alano Español has a bite force of 227 PSI. This dog does not make a great indoor pet because they are difficult to train and energetic. Not to mention, these dogs are aggressive, especially around new people. Even with early socialization, these dogs are known to bite, which is dangerous given their bite’s strength.

23. Rhodesian Ridgeback – 224 PSI

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not a great dog for the faint of heart. It has a bite force of 224 PSI, and it is standoffish and requires a lot of exercise. Luckily, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not known to be aggressive, especially not towards humans. Instead, they are simply more reserved and athletic.

24. Dutch Shepherd – 224 PSI

Dutch Shepherd
Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Though less popular than the German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherds are similar in power and appearance. Bred in the Netherlands to be both a working dog and a pet, Dutch Shepherds are powerful yet gentle and loving, even around kids.

Dutch Shepherds are often used by police forces because they have such a strong bite force, yet they can easily integrate into any home. Plus, Dutch Shepherds are super easy to train, making them a great dog to have around your home.

25. Chow Chow – 220 PSI

Chow Chow in snow
Image Credit: Serhii Khomiak, Shutterstock

As adorable as these dogs may be, Chow Chow’s have a bite force of 220 PSI because they were originally bred as working dogs in China. It is believed that Chow Chows may have even helped Mongolian armies during wars and battles.

In addition to their strong bite, Chow Chow’s are often aggressive and overprotective of their family members. So, it’s important to socialize your Chow Chow from an early age. Luckily, Chow Chow’s have little energy and make great pets with early socialization, making them a good choice for apartment dwellers.

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