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14 Dogs That Are Similar to Rottweilers (With Pictures)

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By Emma Braby


Many people do not know much about Rottweilers or have never had the pleasure of meeting one. And often, it is those people who think that he is an aggressive dog that has no place in a family home. But they are so, so wrong!

Rottweilers are gentle giants who are big softies at heart. The American Kennel Club describes the Rottie as a “loyal, loving, confident guardian.” He will protect his family from harm, and he makes a brilliant guard dog. Those who have owned a Rottie know he prefers to snuggle on the sofa squished between Mom and Dad. All 80 to 135 pounds of him!

There are a handful of dogs that look like Rottweilers out there, and some have a similar personality. Some of them even look and act like them. Maybe the Rottie isn’t the right dog breed for you, but are you looking for a similar pooch? Well, here we have a list of 14 pooches that look like the Rottweiler in one way or another, so let’s take a closer look at them.

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The 14 Dogs That Look Like Rottweilers Are:

1. Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher dog
Image Credit: Pxhere

The Doberman Pinscher is the pooch most commonly mistaken for the Rottweiler. He is the same height but a lot leaner and more athletic than the Rottie. He has the same black and tan colorings and markings, so it’s easy to understand why some people think of the Doberman as the younger, or slimmer, sibling. They are both affectionate and loving with their family and will protect them in the face of danger.

2. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher
Image Credit: Dorena, pixabay

If you love the idea of a Rottie, but you haven’t got much space for him, the Miniature Pinscher is a great little option for you. This tiny guy is known as the “King of Toys”, so he makes up for his small stature in sass and attitude. Weighing only 8 to 10 pounds, you could fit this Rottie lookalike into your handbag.

3. Beaucerons

Image credit: christels, Pixabay

This guy looks a lot like a Rottie crossed with a Border Collie. He also has the brains of the Border, so if you are looking for an intelligent Rottie lookalike, the Beaucerons might be the breed for you. He is a sensitive soul who makes a fantastic family addition for young families.

4. Hovawart

Hovawart black
Image Credit: birgl, Pixabay

If you like the Rottie colorings, but the grace of a Golden Retriever, the Hovawart is your best fit. He is a working watchdog who is also very sweet, and he is increasingly becoming a popular therapy dog as he is so kind and gentle. This relatively new and unknown dog breed is one to watch out for.

5. Manchester Terrier

manchester terrier
Image Credit: Pxhere

The Manchester Terrier is a playful dog who is full of energy. Weighing in at only 12 to 22 pounds, he is around 1/5 the size of the Rottie. He is a ratting terrier at heart who has got a lot more enthusiasm than the Rottie. So, if you are a seriously active family who loves to run about chasing squirrels, he would make a great option.

6. Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in winter
Image Credit: Zuzule, Shutterstock

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog looks a lot like the Rottie but with splashes of white across his coat. If you like the Rottie but your other half thinks he looks too mean, this guy might offer an alternative friendlier face. He is also dependable and loyal, and a very family-oriented pooch who loves to hang around the little humans in the family, making him a great nanny dog.

7. Boerboel

Image credit: 947051, Pixabay

The Boerboel was bred to protect South African farms against lions and other predators. So, if you are after a stocky but rarer guard dog, this boy could be the one for you. He is a much more challenging dog breed for sure, so you need to be an experienced and robust pack leader. Confident and courageous outside the home, docile and calm inside with the family, he makes an excellent addition for the right family.

8. Bullmastiff

Image Credit: BORINA OLGA, Shutterstock

The Bullmastiff is substantial and bulky, just like the Rottweiler. He is another fearless pooch who will stand in between his family and danger. But this lazy boy would prefer it if everyone would just leave him alone so he can get on with snoozing on the sofa. Weighing more than 100 pounds, you need to be strong to handle this heavy hooch.

9. Cane Corso

black cane corso
Image Credit: Lucie Malouin, Pixabay

The Cane Corso roughly translates into “bodyguard dog,” and he is one of the best guard dogs around. This guy is seriously in tune with his master’s emotions, so if you are anxious about the person in front of you, the Cane Corso will react accordingly. He has the same bulky frame as the Rottie while making an equally warm, cuddly companion.

10. Great Dane

Great Dane Husky mix
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

Ok, so the Great Dane doesn’t really look like the Rottweiler in any way, but they have very similar personalities. So, if you like big dogs with an even bigger character, the Great Dane is another gentle giant to think about. He is powerful, courageous, and suspicious of strangers, but goofy and affectionate with his loved ones.

11. Boxer

Image Credit: stanbalik, Pixabay

The Boxer shares the same square structure of the Rottweiler, but a little less chunky. He is also much more energetic and loves to clown around with his family. So, if you like the square shape of the Rottie but want a little more family entertainment and energy, the Boxer is a funny family companion to have around. The Boxer is black and brown like the Rottie, but with white, too.

12. American Bully

American Bulldog Brown
Image Credit: PeakPx

The American Bully comes in many sizes, and sometimes he has the similar markings of the Rottweiler with the eyebrows and chest markings. Much shorter and squatter, if you are looking for a stumpy Rottie lookalike, the American Bully is your guy. This chunky monkey is loving, loyal, and full of character.

13. German Shepherd

german shepherd sitting outdoor panting
Image Credit: shelma25, Pixabay

The German Shepherd is the Rottweiler’s colleague in the world of canine protection, so if it is a working guard dog that you are after, this boy is an option for you. The German Shepherd is just as protective, but he is a bit more intelligent and trainable than the Rottie.

Described as a one-man dog, the German Shepherd is inseparable from his master. Unlike the Rottie, who will cuddle anyone who gives him the best belly rubs and snacks.

14. The Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff in winter
Image Credit: Tatyana Kuznetsova, Shutterstock

The Tibetan Mastiff is a colossal canine who is one of the biggest dogs on this list, and much bigger than the Rottweiler. If you are after a seriously hairy Rottie on steroids, this might be the pooch for you. He is reserved with strangers but very loving with his family. He is a sweet giant, but he is considered to be the ultimate guard dog.

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Wrap Up

Some of these dog breeds look a lot like the Rottweiler with the black and tan colorings, big beefy bodies, and square statures. And some share his affectionate, loyal, and protective temperament. Some of these dog breeds even share both his handsome looks and brave personality.

If you like the Rottweiler and one of the similar breeds listed above but you can’t decide between the two, why not look at their hybrid puppy? That way, you get the best of both doggy worlds in one adorable pooch.

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Featured Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

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