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20 Jack Russell Terrier Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Jack Russell Terrier

Originally bred in England over 200 years ago to hunt foxes, the Jack Russell Terrier has become one of the most beloved family pets today. They’re so popular, the show Wishbone features a Jack Russell Terrier, as the main character.

As lovable and sweet as Jack Russells are, some people aimed to improve the breed even more by mixing them with other breeds to create specific, desirable traits. Let’s take a look at 20 of these Jack Russell mixes.

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Top 20 Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breeds:

1. Bo-Jack (Jack Russell and Boston Terrier mix) 

sleeping bo jack puppy
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Boston Terriers are known as the “American Gentlemen” because of their calm nature and tuxedo appearance. The Bo-Jack mixes the Boston Terrier with the Jack Russell, creating a highly playful yet very well-natured pet. They can get along with just about everyone. They’re also smart enough to be easily trained and will retain their playful side forever.

2. Cocker Jack (Jack Russell and Cocker Spaniel mix)

While Jack Russells tend to be bold and fearless, Cocker Spaniels are much calmer with a quieter demeanor. The Cocker Jack that results from crossbreeding these two is an excellent blend of their personalities. They’re calm and reserved but still confident and playful. They’re very affectionate and loyal and bond closely with their humans.

3. Jackshund (Jack Russell and Dachshund mix)

Photo Credit: Lux Blue, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance breed that’s perfect for families with children, you’ll likely find your perfect match in the Jackshund, a mix of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Dachshund. They’re rather low-energy dogs. Therefore, they don’t require much space or exercise. They’re perfectly happy lounging around on the couch and floor. But watch out, because they’re susceptible to becoming overweight pretty easily.

4. Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell and Beagle mix)

The Beagle was bred primarily for hare hunting, and the Jack Russell was bred to hunt foxes, so they have a similar history. This makes both breeds loyal, intelligent, and athletic, and the Jack-A-Bee, the offspring of the two, is no different. They’re a smart breed that learns easily and has lots of energy, making them a playful addition to any family. But they can be difficult to train and have an independent streak that might need an experienced hand to curtail. Luckily, they require very little grooming or maintenance.

5. Jug (Jack Russell and Pug mix)

Jug mixed breed dog
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Some people find Pugs to be adorable, others think they’re ugly. If you like the squished-up, bug-eyed face of a Pug but prefer the outgoing demeanor of a Jack Russell, you might find the best of both worlds in the Jug. Jugs are extremely playful and have plenty of energy to expend on playing.

6. Jacairn (Jack Russell and Cairn Terrier mix)


If you’re looking for the type of companionship that only a dog can bring, but without all of the maintenance and upkeep required for some breeds, then you might consider the Jacairn. This cross between a Jack Russell and a Cairn Terrier is extremely low maintenance. They require very little grooming and are quite easy to train. They’re intelligent and can learn quickly, and they have a naturally obedient nature that lends itself to following commands.

7. Rustralian Terrier (Jack Russell and Australian Terrier mix)

Spunky and mischievous, there’s never a dull moment around a Rustralian Terrier. They’re always getting into trouble thanks to their curious personalities. They’re tons of fun, though, always doing something entertaining to get your attention. A Rustralian Terrier wants to be a part of everything you do, and they’ll be very vocal about their displeasure at being left alone for long periods.

8. Border Jack (Jack Russell and Border Collie mix)

border jack puppy training
Image Credit: rodcoffee, Shutterstock


Athletic and agile, the Border Jack, a mix between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Border Collie, is an excellent athlete that excels at canine sports. They’re also very intelligent, which helps them to learn the rules of any sport very quickly. They have tons of energy that needs to be let off, so if you’re not going to do sports with your Border Jack, you’ll need to provide it with plenty of space to run around and release that energy.

9. Yorkie Jack (Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier mix)

Yorkies and Jack Russells are two of the most well-loved English Terriers, so it only makes sense to mix them together. The result is the Yorkie Jack, a small dog with a big personality. They often closely resemble a Yorkshire Terrier but have the temperament of a Jack Russell. Yorkie Jacks have tons of energy that they want to expend by playing pretty much all the time. When they’re not playing, they want your attention, and they won’t be shy about seeking it out.

10. Jackweiler (Jack Russell and Rottweiler mix)

Rottweilers are excellent guard dogs, loyal to a fault, and intelligent enough to be easily trained. On the other hand, Jack Russells are spunky and energetic, always looking for a way to play. But both dogs are tough and dependable, just like the Jackweiler, the offspring of the crossbreeding between these two breeds. Jackweilers are intelligent, affectionate, and sometimes, downright goofy thanks to the Jack Russell flowing through their veins!

11. Cojack (Jack Russell and Corgi mix)

cojack parents
Image Credit: TrapezaStudio, Shutterstock

A great mix between a calm lounging pet and an active, playful dog, the Cojack is a great addition to any family. This breed takes a lot of its looks from the Corgi side of the family, giving it short legs and a thick body with an adorable face that you can’t help but love. But most of the temperament will come from the Jack Russell, so your Cojack will be playful, full of energy, and want lots of your attention. If you don’t provide enough attention, you might find your Cojack displaying destructive behaviors or becoming very vocal.

12. Jack-A-Poo (Jack Russell and Poodle mix) 

White Jack a poo playing outside_Nicole C Fox_shutterstock
Image Credit: Nicole C Fox, Shutterstock

If you’ve got allergies but still want the energy of a Jack Russell Terrier in your life, look no further than the Jack-A-Poo. This breed doesn’t shed, a trait it takes from the Poodle part of the family tree. They’re loving, cuddly, affectionate, and playful: all of the traits that you might hope to find in a companion pet.

13. Jack-A-Ranian (Jack Russell and Pomeranian mix)

jack-a-ranian in grass
Image Credit: Jontmh, Shutterstock

Pomeranians are a much lower-key personality than the ever-outgoing Jack Russell Terrier. When you mix the two to create a Jack-A-Ranian, you get a playful and fun dog that’s much calmer than your average Jack Russell. But you’ll have to look out for the hair because Jack-A-Ranians are heavy shedders! On the bright side, they’re easier to train than many other Jack Russell mixes, so they’re a great choice for first-time dog owners.

14. Jack-Rat Terrier (Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix)

jack rat terrier mix
Image Credit: Pikrepo

The Jack-Rat Terrier, also known as the Jersey Terrier, is a little ball of unending energy. They’re spunky as can be, which makes sense when you realize that both parent breeds are known for their high levels of energy. Still, the Jack-Rat Terrier is surprisingly easy to train, so they’re great for beginning dog owners. They’re also very small, which makes them well-suited for living in smaller spaces like apartments. They don’t require too much space to run around.

15. Jack Tzu (Jack Russell and Shih Tzu mix)

Unlike most Jack Russell crossbreeds, the Jack Tzu, a mix of the Jack Russell and Shih Tzu, doesn’t mind spending long periods alone. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals who don’t have multiple family members around to provide attention to the dog. Jack Tzus are also known for their incredible obedience, making them very easy to train.

They’re also a favorite with celebrities, which, unfortunately, makes them more expensive than many other Jack Russell mixes. They also have some known health concerns to look out for, including bladder, kidney, and liver problems.

16. Papijack (Jack Russell and Papillon)

Curious and creative, the Papijack is always getting into something. They’re a lot of fun, though, and they’ll seek out your attention constantly. They also have loads of excess energy to expend, so you’ll need to exercise your Papijack every day or face the possibility of negative behaviors developing.

17. Husky Jack (Jack Russell and Siberian Husky mix)

husky jack
Image Credit: Jan Ziegler, Shutterstock

The Husky Jack might seem like a very strange mix. Huskies and Jack Russells are very different breeds, in more than just size and stature. Surprisingly, they mix well and create an interesting dog that has a body like a Jack Russell but the look of a Husky. Since both parents are known for their high levels of energy, the Husky Jack is an incredibly high-energy dog that needs lots of space to run around so they can relieve that excess energy. This dog needs a lot of exercise, so don’t try to coop it up in a small apartment!

18. Golden Jack Retriever (Jack Russell and Golden Retriever mix)


If you’re looking for a canine exercise partner that can accompany you just about anywhere, you might consider the Golden Jack Retriever. They have tons of energy, so they need a lot of exercise. Moreover, they love water, thanks to the Golden Retriever’s roots as a waterdog, meant to retrieve fallen fowl. But with the personality traits they inherit from the Jack Russell, the Golden Jack Retriever can be just as fun and goofy as anyone, even though they can be serious when the situation calls for it.

19. French Bull Jack (Jack Russell and French Bulldog mix)

French Bulldogs are an extremely sturdy, hardy breed, with a body that’s covered in muscle slung low to the ground. Mix that with the energetic and outgoing personality of the Jack Russell Terrier, and you get the French Bull Jack, a fun-loving dog with plenty of energy to spare. They’re stout and tough, but lovable and affectionate at the same time.

20. Jack Chi (Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix)

jack chi
Image By: Kaitlin Kelly, Shutterstock

Everyone knows that Chihuahuas have an unending supply of energy, not much different from Jack Russell Terriers. It’s no surprise then that the Jack Chi that results when you breed the two is energy incarnate. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any dog with more boundless energy than the Jack Chi. They’re not afraid of anything or anyone, and they’ll bark their heads off at any perceived threat, just like a Chihuahua.

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Jack Russell Terriers have many desirable traits. They’re brave, cunning, and charming, but they can also be a royal pain to try to train. By mixing them with other breeds, you can create dogs with a wide range of temperaments and physical attributes. But they’re all likely to be highly intelligent, loving, loyal dogs, just like the Jack Russell Terrier.

Featured Image Credit: Olga1205, Pixabay

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