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25 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Blue Merle Border Collie Laying On The Bench

Medium-sized dog breeds are perfect for just about any household. Whether you have a lot of land or live in an apartment, these breeds can be loving and affectionate companions that are perfect for you, your family, and other dogs.

Generally speaking, medium-sized dog breeds will be between 30 and 70 pounds. Some dogs can be smaller or bigger, depending on their breed or gender. Although these dogs generally have the same weight, they have different personalities, activity levels, temperaments, and more.

It’s important to look at all these different aspects in a dog before deciding on a breed. For example, households with children will want a different medium-sized breed than active households without children. You can also look for hypoallergenic dogs, hunting dogs, and more.

Let’s check out our 25 favorite medium-sized dog breeds.

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The Top 25 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds:

1. Golden Retriever

male golden retriever
Image By: Helena Lopes, Unsplash

Golden Retrievers have a long-standing reputation as being one of the most gentle and intelligent breeds. They are incredibly intelligent, which is why they are often used as guide and service dogs. On top of their intelligence, they are good-natured and loving.

Between their intelligence and gentle demeanor, Golden Retrievers are a top breed for families. This is especially true of households with young children. Golden Retrievers often fall in love with the children, making them your child’s best friend as they age.

2. Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd dog breed
Image By: JitkaP, Shutterstock

Australian Shepherds are some of the most intelligent, independent, and loyal breeds around. By depending on their herding instincts, they remain loyal and devoted to their owners, making them a great dog if you want some warning against intruders.

At the same time, these dogs are super intelligent and loving. They are often rated as some of the easiest dogs to train because of their willingness to learn and appease their owners. Just make sure you have enough time to train and exercise an Aussie.

3. Border Collie

Male Blue Merle Border Collie
Image Credit: ForeverNaturalPhotography, Shutterstock

In many ways, Border Collies are comparable to the Australian shepherd. They have roots as a herding dog, making them smart and athletic. They are also highly energetic and easy to train due to their love of play and willingness to please their owners.

If you have children, you might want to opt for a different breed. Although Border Collies do not mean to be aggressive, they like to herd objects, even people and children.

4. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier
Image Credit: I_Love_Bull_Terriers, Pixabay

Bull Terriers are easily one of the most playful and mischievous breeds. These stubborn and endearing dogs are really entertaining and are sure to make you laugh. You need to be sure to give them a lot of exercise, training, and early socialization.

5. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels
Image Credit: Photosounds, Shutterstock

If you have children in your household, a favorite breed among many families is the English Springer Spaniel. This breed is incredibly gentle, affectionate, and easygoing. You won’t have to worry about your dog accidentally being too aggressive with your child when selecting this breed.

Oddly enough, English Springer Spaniels are also incredibly playful and are known to wrestle with one another during playtime. Other dog breeds love them as a result.

6. German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer pointing
Image Credit: Burry van den Brink, Shutterstock

Some dogs seem to have it all: intelligence, fun personality, athleticism. This is definitely true for the German Shorthaired Pointer. These dogs are loaded with energy, meaning they love to run and play. They’re especially a great dog breed for hunting in the country.

On top of their energy and athleticism, German Shorthaired Pointers are also smart and loyal. This makes them a great dog for easy training and overall companionship. Whether you want a dog to go with you on hunts or to the park, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a great option.

7. Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo
Image Credit: CL-Medien, Shutterstock

For families with multiple dogs, the Portuguese Podengo can be a great addition. This breed is incredibly lively and playful. Because they were raised as hounds, they are great in a pack, which is why they are an ideal breed for households with other dogs.

This scrappy-looking dog also comes in three sizes, including pequeno, medio, and grande. This can help you find a dog that fits your household to a T.

8. Boxer

Boxer dog
Image Credit: thenevarmoore, Pixabay

One of the best medium-sized dogs you can get for protecting your home is the Boxer. They are wonderful watchdogs and are sure to bark and alert you whenever a stranger comes to your door. Still, they are fun-loving, meaning that they won’t be aggressive or mean to your family.

Instead, Boxers are super playful, wanting nothing more than love and attention. So long as you give your Boxer plenty of exercise, it will be a great guard dog that is also fun-loving and entertaining.

9. Brittany

Image Credit: TanyaCPhotography, Shutterstock

If you want a dog to become a running or hunting partner, the Brittany may be great for you. These dogs were bred to be field dogs, allowing them to have a lot of energy and a body designed for running and other active activities.

In addition to their energetic nature, they learn very quickly and excel at challenges. It’s important to socialize a Brittany, however, because they tend to be shy if not familiar with people or other dogs.

10. Chow Chow

Beautiful dog chow-chow in the park
Image Credit: Flower Garden, Shutterstock

Chow Chows are some of the most adorable and goofy looking dogs. Behind the cute frame, this breed is also intelligent and independent. They are often associated with dignity and other wonderful qualities everyone wants in a dog.

It’s important to socialize Chow Chows early because they often are reserved. They can even be reserved and shy among your family, but they will be loyal and loving, nonetheless.

11. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed Info
Image Credit: Crazypitbull, Pixabay

Even though American Staffordshire Terriers look a bit intimidating, they are actually very good-natured companions. If these dogs are bred responsibly and socialized well, they are fun, loyal, and loving to other breeds and people.

This breed is most known for its courage and confidence. More so, these dogs have really unique personalities, making them a great breed if you want a dog that entertains and stands out from among the crowd.

12. Collie

Smooth Collie
Image Credit: Harald Kreuzer, Shutterstock

Collies have long been one of the most popular dogs in the media, including both Timmy and Lassie. These dogs have a beautiful coat, and they are easy to train. They will follow your commands quickly and accurately, which is why they are one of the most popular herding dogs.

Although these dogs bark a lot because of their herding nature, Collies are a great breed for their intelligence and loyalty. You will have a friend for life with a Collie. Just be prepared to listen to quite a bit of barking.

13. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers_shutterstock_fotorince
Image Credit: fotorince, Shutterstock

Labrador Retrievers are easily one of the most popular breeds in America. These dogs are intelligent, loyal, friendly, and great with kids. All of these qualities make them a favorite for guide, service, and rescue dogs.

If you have some treats, Labrador Retrievers are shockingly easy to train. With that being said, they sometimes can have a mind of their own if you don’t take the time to train them properly. Nevertheless, Labrador Retrievers are a great family breed for their kindness and intelligence.

14. Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies
Image Credit: Rolf Dannenberg, Shutterstock

For a fun-loving dog you can take anywhere or have around young children, the Bearded Collie is tough to beat. These super shaggy and adorable dogs have boisterous and bouncy personalities. At the same time, they are athletic, making them great for the outdoors.

Even though these dogs can be a bit of a handful, they’re also incredibly gentle, which is why they are a great family dog. Just about any household or temperature is perfect for the Bearded Collie.

15. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog, collie, smile with big mouth_atiger_shutterstock
Image Credit: Atiger, Shutterstock

Shetland Sheepdogs, often called shelties, are playful, energetic, and curious dogs. With herding roots, these dogs are incredibly graceful and athletic, but they tend to bark a lot, which can be a good thing if you want a dog to let you know when a stranger is at the door.

Shelties are eager to meet new people. This makes them a great breed if you want a dog to take with you anywhere you go. Just make sure to bring water and some sort of cooling device if you bring them outside on a hot day.

16. Cocker Spaniel

english cocker spaniel on green grass
Image Credit: andriano.cz, Shutterstock

Cocker Spaniels are great dogs for just about any home. Originally used as sporting dogs, they are highly athletic, active, and energetic. They require quite a bit of exercise and play, making them best for homes with yards.

Despite their energetic nature, Cocker Spaniels are incredibly gentle. They are known as one of the more athletic breeds that behaves well with just about any other breed or children.

17. Poodle

Two Poodles
Image Credit: Anna_Bondarenko, Shutterstock

Poodles have a really unique look, making them a favorite for those who want an attractive dog. Though Poodles certainly are cute and unique looking, they are more than just a pretty face. These dogs are highly intelligent too.

If you want a dog to perform fun tricks, Poodles are for you. These dogs are very intelligent and want to please their owners. This makes them one of the greatest breeds to train. Not to mention, they are super light on their feet, making them able to perform advanced tricks other bulky dogs simply can’t do.

18. Whippet

Whippet in the desert
Image Credit: Danita Delimont, Shutterstock

Whippets are a unique breed because they are incredibly nimble. When outside, they can actually run so fast as to reach speeds of 35 mph. This makes them active and athletic, which many people love to show off.

At the same time, Whippets are a really calm and quiet indoor breed. They bark infrequently and don’t make too much of a ruckus.

19. Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog in the forest
Image Credit: Brook Robinson, Shutterstock

Portuguese Water Dogs, as their name suggests, are one of the best breeds for lake or ocean lovers. These dogs have webbed feet and waterproof coats that made them great for fishing. In addition, they have hypoallergenic fur, which is ideal for families with allergies.

20. Basset Hound

Basset Hound dog
Image Credit: Billion Photos, Shutterstock

If you want a dog that is easygoing, good-natured, and a bit on the lazy side, the Basset Hound may be for you. This lazy dog tends to be a bit of a couch potato, but it has a great personality. This makes the Basset Hound a favorite among households everywhere.

Despite their lazy nature, Basset Hounds can be a bit stubborn. Plus, they are not very intelligent. This can make them difficult to train, but their fun-loving nature and floppy ears makes them worth the effort for many.

21. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers were bred for tolling, which is a luring game. With this historic background, these dogs are highly active and need a lot of exercise to remain happy and healthy. This makes them a great breed for hunters and other active families.

On top of their active nature, these dogs are highly affectionate, making them a favorite among families. They are also highly intelligent and are easy to train.

22. Bulldog

bulldog sitting on a bench in the park
Image Credit: Jumpstory

Even though Bulldogs may look a bit intimidating, they tend to be loyal, loving, and courageous. They absolutely love their owners and try their best to please you, though they aren’t the most intelligent, meaning it may take them a few minutes to understand what you want.

These medium-sized dogs require much less exercise than other breeds. They love napping, but be forewarned about their loud and unruly snores.

23. Australian Cattle Dog

Image Credit: Madelein Wolfaardt, Shutterstock

Australian Cattle Dogs are some of the most alert, curious, and intelligent dogs you can get. These dogs, sometimes called blue heelers, live off of mental stimulation, play, and exercise. As a result, you will need to play with this dog quite a bit.

When you give an Australian Cattle Dog the attention and exercise it needs, it is easily one of the best dogs. It will be an alert, curious, and loyal companion for life.

24. English Foxhound

English Foxhound
Image Credit: Derek Hunter, Shutterstock

English Foxhounds were bred for hunting purposes. As a result, they have a lot of stamina and determination, as well as athleticism. This is a favorite breed for humans who want running or hiking partners.

25. Vizsla

vizsla dog standing in a white sand desert
Image Credit: Barna Tanko, Shutterstock

Vizslas are highly energetic, gentle, and affectionate. Also called Hungarian Pointers, this breed was bred for hunting purposes. Still, these medium-sized dogs are highly versatile, perfect for athletes or families alike.

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Dogs come in nearly every shape and size, but our favorite are these 25 medium-sized dog breeds. These medium dogs can fit just about anywhere, and they come with so many temperaments and personalities that you are sure to find one to fit your activity level and household.

Featured Image Credit: xkunclova, Shutterstock

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