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100+ Newfoundland Dog Names: Top Giant & Gentle Ideas

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Newfoundland Dog Names

Newfoundlands are among some of the sweetest dogs in the world. They are known for their good nature and calm temperament – which is a wonderful quality to complement their otherwise grand stature. In fact, their size is comparable to the largest documented canines across the globe. So in a nutshell – the Newfoundland is a noble and caring giant with a heart of pure gold! Ideal for families, the Newfoundland is known for its affinity for children and love taking part in family activities such as hiking, swimming, and a decent game of fetch! 

Now that you’ve adopted a Newfoundland of your very own, you might be keen on getting them home and settled – and even start searching for their name. You have certainly come to the right place as we have the most popular names for females and males, big dog names for their obviously large build, tough ideas (even though their faces would never let you believe these softies are even the slightest bit fierce), funny suggestions for these gentle goofballs, unique and adorable names!

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Female Newfoundland Dog Names

  • Sophie 
  • Honey 
  • Talia 
  • Pandora 
  • Nana
  • Holly
  • Dipsey 
  • Ivy 
  • Gypsy
  • Juno 
  • Oma 
  • Astra 
  • Marina 
  • Stella 
  • Willow 
  • Molly 
  • Kali 
  • Nera
  • Piper 
  • Lucy 
Grey Newfoundland
Image Credit: Pxhere

Male Newfoundland Dog Names 

  • Oscar 
  • Gus 
  • Newton 
  • Atlas 
  • Zorro 
  • Murphy 
  • Link
  • Higgins 
  • Manny 
  • Magnus
  • Hugo 
  • Winston 
  • Darwin 
  • Unger 
  • Odin 
  • Bear 
  • Uno 
  • Argon 
  • Milo 
  • Doc 

Big Dog Names for Newfoundland Dogs

You might be interested in a name as big as your fluffy dog. This next list provides just that! Each of these suggestions is larger than life and would be an unforgettable match for your Newfoundland. 

  • Bessi 
  • Tank 
  • Titan 
  • Dakota
  • Maximus
  • Everest 
  • Sumo 
  • Athena 
  • Olympia 
  • Dozer 
  • Empress
  • Kodiak 
  • Liberty
  • Baron 
  • Hera  
  • Adonis 
  • Hulk 
  • Moose 
  • Goliath 
  • Attila 
  • Kong 
brown newfoundland
Image Credit: Utekhina Anna, Shutterstock

Tough Dog Names for Newfoundland Dogs

The saying “their bark is worse than their bite” rings true for this gentle giant. They are far from tough but a name from this next list would be a fun alternative to your typical sweet dog name!

  • Jericho 
  • Bane 
  • Vixen 
  • Caine 
  • Fang 
  • Nyx 
  • Tiger 
  • Xena 
  • Vixen 
  • Hercules 
  • Boss 
  • Turbo 
  • Elektra 
  • Medusa 
  • Rousey
  • Godzilla

Funny Dog Names for Newfoundland Dogs

A funny name might be the perfect idea for such a sweet and goofy dog. The combination of their grand frame and lovely demeanor is quite humorous in itself!

  • Vader 
  • Kahuna 
  • Chunk 
  • Droolius
  • Peanut
  • Teeny
  • Groot
  • Chew Barka 
  • Grande 
  • Meatball 
  • Yeti 
  • Bowser
  • Bigfoot 
  • Cujo
  • Danger 
  • Floof
  • Venti 
  • Howlser
  • Pawbourne 
Image Credit: 4598242, Pixabay

Unique Dog Names for Newfoundland Dogs

Of course, each breed has specific traits, but every pup is destined to develop its own unique personality! Pair your Newfoundland puppy with a name as special as they are!

  • Bilbo 
  • Gander 
  • Pollux 
  • Bonkers 
  • Talu 
  • Arya 
  • Cirta 
  • Scully 
  • Bowie 
  • Stevie 
  • Porsha 
  • Lacie 
  • Rolo 
  • Fury 
  • Ernie 

Cute Dog Names for Newfoundland Dogs

Big fluffy balls, face as sweet as pie, there truly isnt a big puppy quite as adorable as the Newfoundland. Pair your pooch with a name that’s just as cute!

  • Bento 
  • Miso 
  • Latte 
  • Nox 
  • Silas 
  • Cici 
  • Mavis 
  • Elliot 
  • Chewie 
  • Teeka 
  • Madden 
  • Beau 

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Finding the Right Name for Your Newfoundland Dog

As we noted, there are a few different things that will make you fall in love with this breed – the Newfoundland is a wonderful companion and deserves a name just as great as they are!  There are many ways to go about choosing a name – their build, adorable faces, or silly little quirks. You can be certain that your pup will love whatever you choose!

If you weren’t able to find one you loved, below we have noted a few other name links you can check for additional inspiration: 

Feature Image Credit: Pandas, Shutterstock

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