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Hepper's focus on function and form is good for cat-kids and their parents.
This is a pretty perfect bowl arrangement -- good looking enough to have anywhere in your house, wide enough dishes to accommodate whiskers, stainless steel (I've known cats who have allergies to plastic and the ceramic ones break), and just the right amount of a tray for slobbering. I used to put stainless steel bowls on a regularly tray and they didn't sit still!— Lindsy G.
love it so much i need to buy another!...it's helped the kibble mess completely. the cats even love it....they seem to eat out of those bowls more now. i will probably be buying another one in the near future. — Cherie P.
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Hepper Modern Pets

Hepper® makes modern pet furniture designed to work for your pet's needs, while looking great too.

Hepper pet products were born from that universal thought: "There’s got to be a better way." In our case, we had a house full of cats, and therefore a house full of really ugly cat furniture. A search for truly innovative, functional designer cat beds proved fruitless.

So, we created the original Cat Pod, Podium, Nest, Wave, Pad and Roost – the first line of designer pet furniture from Hepper.

Founded in 2007.