Pet Cologne (Cucumber & Aloe)

Is your pet on their way to a special event? Is it their birthday? Your birthday? Or is it just another weekday? No matter the occasion, you want them to have a fresh, inviting scent. Human colognes are not pet-friendly, so what can you use instead? Hepper has the solution for you! Our Pet Cologne, scented with cucumber and aloe, gives your pet a gentle yet lively fragrance.


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Features -
  • 8-ounce bottle
  • Non-greasy and quick dry formula
  • Long-lasting aroma of cucumber and aloe
  • Vet-recommended, made with skin-friendly and pet-safe ingredients
  • Sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free formula
Materials/care +

Our Cologne Will Be a Crowd-Pleaser!


Hepper’s Pet Cologne is a quick and easy way to freshen up your cat or dog. You do not need to spray too much on them, nor do you need to rinse it off. The cologne is a great solution if you want to freshen up your dog if guests are coming over or after they have been bathed. Of course, if your pet is dirty, nothing can substitute a bath with shampoo. 


The cologne is also used to reduce static and prevent tangles. If you have ever gotten a static shock when you pet your furry friend, it is definitely not fun for either of you to experience! A daily spritz can help with that. In addition to that, Hepper’s Pet Cologne prevents tangles by keeping the fur silky and smooth. 


Hepper’s goal is to make quality products that enhance pets’ lives and, of course, to enhance yours!

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