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You do everything you can for your cat to make sure they are happy and thriving. And this means making sure that their litter box is not only clean but smells fresh. If you are worried that this will involve changing your cat’s litter twice a day and scrubbing the little box each evening, think again! We at Hepper understand that you want your cat’s litter box—as well as your home—to smell, well, less like a litter box. This is why we have created the Hepper Litter Additive.


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Features -
  • Formulated with bio-enzymes to break down bad smells
  • Fragrance-free, will not mask smells with an artificial scent
  • Can be used on various litter types (clay, corn, crystal, clumping, non-clumping, etc.)
  • Safe for cats of all ages—from kittens to seniors
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Sniff, Sniff! Do You Smell Something? Neither Do We!

If you hate using a smelly bathroom to do your business, imagine how your cat feels! Hepper understands the needs of both cats and their owners, which is why we have developed our Litter Additive. Why try to mask odors with sprays when you can use an enzyme to break down the smell and eliminate it? 


The Hepper Litter Additive works on all kinds of litters, so you do not have to worry if what you have is compatible with this additive. After you have cleaned your cat’s litter, just sprinkle the recommended amount of this additive into the litter to keep it fresh and your feline happy!


Plus, our Litter Additive works on other surfaces as well. If you have a stinky garbage can, diaper pail, animal kennel, or trash compactor, just grab your container of Hepper Litter Additive and let it work its magic. Your nose (and your cat’s nose!) will thank you.

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