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11 Dogs That Are Similar to Boxers (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Boxers are instantly recognizable with their large, square heads, muscular bodies, and short muzzles. They’re adorable dogs from puppyhood into adulthood, but their appearance isn’t the only loveable thing about them. Boxers have wonderful personalities, they’re fun and energetic, and for as regal and powerful as they look, they can still be silly and goofy. Mix these characteristics with a love for family and protective nature, and you have a nearly perfect dog!

Breeders, of course, love these traits just as much as Boxer owners, so they have sought to combine the Boxer aesthetic and positive personality with other breeds. We’ll be taking a look at 11 dog breeds that look like and behave like Boxers.Divider 8

The 11 Dogs That Look Like Boxers

1. Boxer and Beagle Mix: The Boggle

Image By: naD photos, Shutterstock

The Boggle is a hybrid between a Boxer and a Beagle, and the result is a pint-sized cutie with the adorable and inquisitive Boxer face. These pups can sometimes resemble their Beagle parents a bit more, but they always inherit the playfulness and love of life from their Boxer ancestors.

2. Boxer and Bulldog Mix: The Bull Boxer

boxer bulldog
Image credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock

Also known as a Valley Bulldog, this hybrid is incredibly friendly, just like Boxers. They’re also easy to train and groom, and they are downright adorable. This is a highly energetic mix that’s also extremely affectionate, so they make wonderful pets for active families. These pups are generally much smaller than Boxers, so if you love Boxers but don’t have the space for one, consider this breed for your home.

3. Boxer and Golden Retriever Mix

boxer golden retriever
Image credit: kung_tom, Shutterstock

No fancy breed names here, just a loving and affectionate dog who will stick by your side whether you like it or not! The gentleness of the Golden Retriever compliments the Boxer’s tendency to be friendly and affectionate, so these mixes are often very loving and emotional pups. They’ll still have the desire to protect you, but they’re awfully friendly toward anything that isn’t perceived as a threat.

4. Boxer and Labrador Mix: The Boxador

boxer labrador
Image credit: Clarke Colin, Shutterstock

This mixed breed takes cuteness and loyalty to a whole new level. Boxadors are often perfect mashups of the two parent breeds both physically and in terms of personality. They will provide endless love to your family and defend you to no end. This is a medium to large size dog that is intelligent and eager to please, and you’d have difficulty finding a more adorable dog.

5. Miniature Boxer

mini boxer
Image credit: jaimie tuchman, Shutterstock

Miniature Boxers are actually a mix between a Boxer and a Boston Terrier, but they often heavily have faces that resemble the Boxer’s with their short snouts and underbites. These pups are generally less energetic than boxers and have a similar loving and welcoming temperament.

6. Boxer and Rottweiler Mix: The Boxweiler

Image credit: Malachi Jacobs, Shutterstock

If you love the look of a Boxer but somehow think they’re not quite big enough, the Boxweiler might catch your eye! Boxweilers can vary quite a bit in size but can top 100 pounds at their largest. This breed inherits its willingness to protect from both parent breeds, and this can lead to an overprotective dog. Luckily, they’re easy to train!

7. Boxer and Great Dane Mix: The Boxane

great dane and boxer dog
Image credit: Ysbrand Cosijn, Shutterstock

Another hybrid on our list, this breed tops the charts in terms of size. Boxanes can weigh up to 150 pounds but still often resemble Boxers in their muscularity and squarish head. This mix may look intimidating, but it inherits its affection and love of family from both parents, so you’re in for another mushy and cuddly pup!

8. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Rottweiler
Image credit: Kev Gregory, Shutterstock

The only breed on our list that doesn’t have Boxer ancestry, the Bullmastiff can actually resemble the Boxer quite a bit in its appearance. They are another brachycephalic breed, so they have the same smushed-in snout. They’re also large and muscular dogs, and their personality is often loving and energetic much like that of the Boxer.

9. Boxer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix: The Bullboxer Staff

staffordshire bull terrier
Image credit: Valery Kalantay, Shutterstock

We’re back to Boxer mixes with this breed that tends to be even more muscular and stocky than the Boxer. Bullboxer Staffs can resemble both parent breeds, but they often get the adorable snout and floppy ears from the Boxer. This breed can be aggressive toward other dogs, but they share their love of human interaction with the Boxer.

10. Boxer and Mastiff Mix: The Boxmas

Image credit: Deonna Carroll, Shutterstock

Because the Bullmastiff made our list by itself, you can be sure it resembles the Boxer even more when mixed with one! Imagine an oversized Boxer that can reach 100 pounds, and you’ve envisioned a Boxmas. This dog is just as affectionate and loyal toward its family as the Boxer.

11. Boxer and Saint Bernard Mix: The Saint Berxer

Saint Berxers are large Boxer mixes that can easily top 100 pounds. They can vary quite a bit in appearance, but many of these dogs have the same big-eyed, investigative face of the Boxer. These dogs make wonderful family pets and always have a lot of love to go around!

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Wrapping Up

The adorable, striking appearance and affectionate nature of the boxer make for wonderful traits for crossbreeding, so it’s no surprise that they’re mixed with all kinds of other dogs. Their instantly recognizable snouts and large, square heads dominate the appearance of many mixes, so there are a lot of designer dogs that look like Boxers out there.

If you love how Boxers look but aren’t sold on some part of their personality or grooming and energy needs, consider one of the breeds we’ve looked at here. You’ll get the classic Boxer appearance and the best traits the Boxer can bring to the table mixed with the benefits of another breed. No matter what mix you choose, you’re bound to see the fun-loving and goofy nature of the Boxer in your pup!

Featured Image Credit: Marco-willy, Pixabay

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