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55 Velcro Dog Breeds That Will Never Leave Your Side (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove


Velcro breeds are the dogs that once you get them, they’re stuck to your side from that day forward. These dogs range in size from tiny dogs that you might carry in a purse to big dogs that are larger than some grown men. But what they all share in common is a deep loyalty that means they’ll be by your side through everything.

If you’re looking for a dog that will be your everywhere, all the time partner, then the following 55 breeds are all candidates for you to consider.

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The 55 Velcro Dog Breeds

1. Akita Dog

akita dog
Image credit: Malen Billoni Ahumada, Pixabay

Akitas are so loyal that one member of this breed has probably the single greatest story of canine loyalty ever. An Akita named Hachiko waited at the subway for his owner every single day for 10 years. Unfortunately, his owner had died, but the dog continued to wait there every day, even the day he died.

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier
Image Credit: Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay

These popular pooches make some of the stickiest companion pets ever. They never want to be away from you! Once you become partners with an American Staffordshire Terrier, you have a partner for life.

3. Australian Shepherd

close up australian shepherd
Image credit: Pascal zum Felde, Shutterstock

Few dogs embody the spirit of the cowboy life more than the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are partners to many cowboys, and they’re the closest of compadres you could ever picture.

4. Basset Hound

basset hound sitting
Image Credit: Maria Symchych, Shutterstock

These hounds are instantly recognizable by their long droopy ears and faces that always look like they’re sad. Few dogs are more adorable, and few dogs are as clingy! A Basset Hound wants to be your forever buddy and never wants to be without you.

5. Beagle

Image Credit: Olga Melnichuk, Shutterstock

According to the AKC, Beagles are the sixth most popular dog, and there’s good reason for this. These dogs make excellent companions because of how strong your bond will be together. Partner with a Beagle and you’ll understand why dogs are considered man’s best friend.

6. Border Collie

Shollie Dog Breed Info
Image Credit: TheOtherKev, Pixabay

Border Collies were bred to work, mainly on the farm. After generations of close bonds with farmers, these dogs have developed the need for constant human contact. Your Border Collie wants to accompany you everywhere and won’t be happy if you leave them at home all the time!

7. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier
Image Credit: IgorTheGoodBoy,Unsplash

Nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier is the perfect size for a dog that’s going to be stuck to your size. They’re loyal to a fault and will always be there when you need a smile, which their antics can provide at any moment.

8. Boxer Dog

Boxer standing tall
Image credit: Romek, Pixabay

Good looking, muscular, athletic, and utterly loyal, Boxers have it all. No wonder they’re the 11th most popular breed of dog, according to the AKC.

9. Brittany

Image Credit: TanyaCPhotography, Shutterstock

These are some of the most popular and versatile gun dogs. They’re known to bond closely with their hunter partner, creating a level of trust that few ever get to experience.

10. Bulldog

English Bulldog
Image Credit: BLACK17BG, Pixabay

Bulldogs are short, wide, and hilarious. They make some of the best companion pets in the world, partially because of how loving and affectionate they are. They’re so popular that they’re ranked fifth on the AKC’s most popular canines list.

11. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Image Credit: BIGANDT.COM, Shutterstock

Graceful and loyal, the AKC’s 18th most popular pooch stands just 13 inches high at the most, but their hearts are giant. Once you bond with one of these sweethearts, you’ll never want them to leave your side, which is perfect because they won’t want to.

12. Chihuahua

Chihuahua Training
Image credit: christels, Pixabay

When you see a tiny canine head peeking out of a woman’s purse, it’s most often a Chihuahua. These little dogs are the perfect Velcro dogs since they’re small enough to take everywhere and they don’t ever want to be left alone!

13. Cocker Spaniel

white and sable cocker spaniel
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

The Cocker Spaniel, the smallest of the sporting Spaniels, is known for the iconic expression on their face. Coupled with their big, soft eyes, these dogs are hard to resist, which is why they’re one of the most popular Velcro dogs in the world.

14. Collie

Image Credit: Grigorita Ko, Shutterstock

Collies are beautiful, graceful dogs that make incredible family pets. But it’s a big-time commitment to get a dog that wants as much of your attention as a Collie.

15. Coton de Tulear

Coton de tulear running down a grassy path
Image Credit: chica_de_tulear, Pixabay

Known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar,” the Coton de Tulear has a peppy and humorous personality that will keep you laughing all the time. Topping out at about 13 pounds, they’re just the right size to accompany you on all your errands.

16. Dachshund

miniature dachshund
Image Credit: James Player, shutterstock

These little hounds are about as iconic as dogs get. Their long, low bodies are instantly recognizable and they even come in a miniature version that weighs less than 11 pounds.

17. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher
Image Credit: patstatic, Pixabay

Originally bred as guard dogs, Dobermans love their owners and show it with their obvious loyalty. That loyalty helps them excel at a variety of jobs working with police and militaries.

18. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels
Image Credit: Photosounds, Shutterstock

These Spaniels are the perfect hunting partners. They are highly trainable canines that can be trusted to display unending loyalty. Not only will your Spaniel be there during your hunting trips, but they’ll be there every day as your closest mate.

19. Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund
Image Credit: Janko Ferlic, pexels

Finnish Lapphunds were bred as reindeer herders in the unforgiving environment of the Arctic Circle. They’re considered to be some of the friendliest dogs around, and they’re known for picking up the emotions of their owners, whom they bond with very closely.

20. Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz
Image Credit: 596770, Pixabay

With a face that’s similar to a fox, the Finnish Spitz is an attractive dog with a good-natured personality that endears them to many.

21. French Bulldog

French Bulldog
Image Credit: Aaron Bookout, Unsplash

Even-natured and friendly, French Bulldogs are the ideal everywhere companion. At about a foot in height, they’re the perfect size to fill your front seat while they accompany you on all of your daily adventures.

22. German Shepherd

German Shepherd lying on grass
Image Credit: Małgorzata Duszyńska, Pixabay

German Shepherds are the second most popular dog according to the AKC. They’re also used in a variety of military and police jobs, partially because their loyalty is never in question.

23. German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer_Shutterstock_Vellicos
Image Credit: Vellicos, Shutterstock

Hunting dogs were bred to display undying loyalty and bond closely with their owners so they could intuitively understand their person. German Wirehaired Pointers are known for being excellent gundogs, specifically because they exhibit such traits.

24. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer_Shutterstock_Eliska Zeiskova
Image Credit: Eliska Zeiskova, Shutterstock

The largest Schnauzer breed is one that wants all of your attention for themselves. They’re big teddy bears that weigh nearly 100 pounds and can stand more than two feet tall at the shoulder, so taking them with you can prove to be more challenging than other Velcro breeds.

25. Golden Retriever

male golden retriever
Image Credit: Helena Lopes, Unsplash

Hard-working dogs that excel at hunting and fieldwork, Golden Retrievers are the third most popular breed in America. They’re known for their incredible work ethic and loving demeanor, which is why so many people are attached to these dogs.

26. Great Dane

harlequin great dane
Image Credit: Karen Arnold, Needpix

One of the largest Velcro breeds, Great Danes are as loving as any canine. They can weigh as much as 175 pounds, though they don’t seem to realize it when they attempt to curl up on your lap!

27. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog
Image Credit: Trong Nguyen, Shutterstock

These are massive dogs that were bred to be able to defend sheep from wolves. Males weigh at least 100 pounds. They’re known for being extremely calm, but always alert and ready for anything.

28. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound
Image Credit: DragoNika, Shutterstock

Friendly and gigantic, these dogs can reach 180 pounds and stand just shy of three feet tall. They’re calm and gentle, despite their massive size.

29. Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound
Image Credit: Alexandra Morrison Photo, Shutterstock

These are miniature versions of Greyhounds that stand just 15 inches tall at the most. They’ve been companions to people for centuries, which is part of why they have such close bonds with their people.

30. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack russell terrier with pancakes
Image Credit: VKStudio, Shutterstock

Clever and charming, these dogs need an experienced owner. They’re full of spunk but they need a firm hand if they’re going to be properly trained.

31. Komondor Dog

Komondor_Shutterstock_BORINA OLGA
Image Credit: BORINA OLGA, Shutterstock

A massive dog with long shaggy locks that hang to the ground, these dogs are known for being far more agile than their giant size would lead you to believe. Despite males often weighing over 100 pounds, these dogs are very light on their feet.

32. Kuvasz Dog

white kuvasz
Image Credit:CC0 Public Domain Peakpx

A fearless breed that’s all-white and can weigh as much as 120 pounds, the Kuvasz is majestic and intelligent, which helps them to excel at a variety of activities such as guarding and canine sports.

33. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Image credit: Chiemsee2016, Pixabay

Considered by the AKC to be the most popular dog in America, the Labrador Retriever is as friendly, loving, and loyal as any dog; the ideal companion pet.

34. Maltese Dog

happy adult maltese running outdoor
Image Credit: Kimrawicz, Shutterstock

Regal and playful, these dogs have been favorites of royalty for many centuries. Today, they’re one of the most popular dogs around and you’ll often find them accompanying their owners on errands since they never want to leave their person’s side.

35. Mastiff Dog

mastiff dog outdoors
Image Credit: Ricantimages, Shutterstock

Mastiffs are some of the largest dogs in the world, weighing up to 230 pounds. Males stand more than 30 inches tall at the shoulder. But despite their massive size, they’re gentle sweethearts who will protect their family with their last breath.

36. Newfoundland Dog

brown newfoundland
Image credit: Utekhina Anna, Shutterstock

Majestic giants with a soft expression, these dogs are loving and affectionate with their owners and children in particular.

37. Papillon Dog

papillon dog
Image credit: birgl, Pixabay

Compact pups with a head shaped like Yoda, Papillons’ curious nature is combined with a face that any dog person would be endeared to.

38. Pug

Image credit: Toberoon, Pixabay

Pugs have been some of our closest companions for a long time. Even ancient Chinese emperors were attached to these little dogs. In fact, Holland’s Royal House of Orange made this iconic pup their mascot!

39. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Image credit: du_weist_schon_wer, Pixabay

These dogs are so tough that they were originally used for tracking and baying lions. Today, they most often serve as best friends and close companions instead.

40. Rottweiler

Image Credit: Pikist

Big dogs that are naturally protective of their family, Rottweilers are the eighth most popular dog in the US.

41. Saint Bernard

Saint bernard
Image Credit: vlaaitje, Pixabay

These giant teddy bears are iconic thanks to famous members of the breed such as Beethoven who starred in several movies in the 90s. They’re from the Swiss Alps, where they were used to help rescue stranded travelers.

42. Samoyed Dog

Image Credit: coolcoolleah, Pixabay

These graceful dogs are as friendly as they are beautiful. They’re known for their ever-smiling expressions, which actually evolved to prevent drool from forming icicles on their faces in the freezing cold.

43. Shar-Pei

shar pei side
Image Credit: Pickpik

Shar-Peis are one of the most unique-looking breeds of all. You can instantly pick out their wrinkled heads and bodies. They aren’t very friendly with strangers, but their loyalty to their family is never-ending.

44. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs
Image credit: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay

Highly intelligent herding dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs look like miniature versions of their Collie cousins. They’re easy to train and excel in obedience training, which is part of why so many people are attached to their Shetland Sheepdogs.

45. Shih Tzu

shih tzu
Image Credit: Nikolay Tchaouchev, Unsplash

Shih Tzus may be tiny dogs but they have big personalities stuffed into their little bodies. Their personalities are so disproportionate to their body size that they’ve been given the affectionate nickname of “Lion Dog.”

46. Shikoku Dog

Shikoku Ken
Image Credit: PardoY, Shutterstock

An adept hunter who’s known for being deferential to their master, Shikokus are highly prized in their homeland of Japan.

47. Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle
Image credit: tanyarmm, Pixabay

Known for being some of the smartest dogs around, a Standard Poodle might be the closest friend you ever have. They’re full of vigor and energy and they want to be there with you for every adventure.

48. Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier
Image credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

Weighing seven pounds at the most, Toy Fox Terriers have a deeply devoted fan base. Lovers of this breed often refer to them as being truly toys. They have tons of personality and intelligence that help to make them one of the best velcro breeds.

49. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle
Image credit: FROGGYTUFF, Pixabay

Toy Poodles are tiny versions of Standard Poodles that weigh no more than 6 pounds. You can easily fit these dogs in your purse, and if your pocket is big enough, you might even fit one in there!

50. Vizsla Dog

hungarian vizsla
Image Credit: hatvanifanni, Pixabay

Vizslas are known as the poster breed for velcro dogs. They hate to be left alone and are happiest when they’re glued to your side. They’re very active dogs, making them the perfect companions for athletes and anyone who’s always on the go.

51. Weimaraner

Image Credit: Kadisha, Pixabay

Known as the “Gray Ghost,” Weimaraners are one of the only dogs that can be truly gray, and it’s quite a sight to behold.

52. Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi
Image Credit: ElfinFox, pixabay

These are some of the friendliest, most affectionate of all breeds, which is why they’re the 13th most popular pup in the US. They make excellent companions who respond well to training so you can easily train them enough to trust them when they accompany you in public.

53. West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

Full of love and excitement, the West Highland White Terrier is an irresistible partner that will capture your heart. They’re tough dogs that were bred to hunt rats and other rodents, but that doesn’t stop them from being affectionate companions.

54. Whippet

Image Credit: skeeze, Pixabay

Whippets are built like miniature Greyhounds. They’re agile and speedy dogs that love to give chase, but they’re just as content to curl up with you on the couch and accept your love and affection.

55. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: Nel Botha, Pixabay

Yorkies are some of the most loved of all companion pets, ranked number 10 by the AKC. They stand about seven inches tall and weigh in at seven pounds meaning they’re one of the velcro breeds that’s small enough to carry in a purse!

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Conclusion: Velcro Dogs

As you can see, there is no shortage of velcro dog breeds to choose from. No matter what type of four-legged companion you’re looking for, there’s certainly a worthy fit on this list. From 5 pounds to more than 200 pounds, velcro dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But they all have giant hearts that are waiting to be filled with love and adoration for you.

Featured Image Credit: monster_code, Shutterstock

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