Hepper Cat Bowl

NomNom Cat Food Bowl

Food time is a favorite time for pet people. Nothing else will get your furry friends running to the kitchen faster than the sound of a fresh meal or snack. Our NomNom Cat Bowl makes eating easier for the little guys by raising the food off the floor. The dual bowls keep wet from dry or appetizers from entrees, making food time even better. Shop now »

Hepper NomNom cat Bowls

Crumb Catching Lip

Unless your cat or dog has perfect manners, you’ll appreciate that the NomNom Cat Bowl has a wide lip to catch crumbs and drips. In the frenzy of food time, the NomNom helps to keep your floors clean. And, in the summer, the lip can be filled with water to keep the hungry ants out of the food!Shop now »

Hepper Cat Bowl

Clean Cat Bowls Club

After your little friend has “cleaned the plate”, you can clean up easily too. The food safe stainless steel bowls lift out of the plastic base and all the parts can go into the dishwasher. Shop now »






Hepper eating from her nomnom cat food bowl