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59 Dog Breeds that Start with P – Complete List (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

peach poodle on beach

If you have ever wondered how many dog breeds there are that start with the letter P, you’re in luck. We’ve looked through every resource we could find to assemble a complete list. We believe our research was successful, and we were able to locate 59 different dog breeds that start with the letter P.

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The 59 Dog Breeds that Start With P

Here are the dog breeds that start with the letter P:

1. Paperanian

The Paperanian is a mix between the Papillon and the Pomeranian. It has erect ears, a curly tail, and a lot of hair on its backside. It’s a gentle dog that likes to be the center of attention. It also enjoys going for short walks and being outside.

2. Papeagle

Image Credit: juthaoil, Shutterstock

The Papeagle is a mixed breed created by mixing the Papillon with the Beagle. This breed has sad eyes and loosely hanging ears. It’s friendly but can be shy at times, especially when friends stop by.

3. Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier
Image Credit: Jeannette1980, Pixabay

The Parson Russell Terrier is a small but energetic white dog with an outgoing disposition. It is playful and get along well with children, but may not handle rough play very well and doesn’t like its hair pulled. It also tends to bark and dig due to its breeding history.

4. Papillon

Image Credit: Fayzulin Serg, Shutterstock

The Papillon is one of the oldest toy breeds, and many people love the large butterfly-shaped ears. It’s a happy and friendly dog that can also be shy.

5. Papipoo

The Papipoo is a mixture between the Papillon and the Poodle. It’s a small dog with a curly tail that likes to be active and run around. It can be mischievous, but it’s also very loving and affectionate.

6. Patterdale Terrier

Image Credit: Johnny Madrid, Shutterstock

The Patterdale Terrier is a smart and energetic dog with good hunting abilities. It makes a great watchdog but also likes to cuddle up in your lap for a good movie.

7. Peagle


The Peagle is a mix between the Beagle and the Pekingese. It has a round head with floppy ears and is friendly enough to be considered the perfect family dog, but it is a little wary of strangers and can bark when they are around.

8. Peek-A-Pom

Image Credit: wirakorn deelert, Shutterstock

The Peek-A-Pom is a mixed breed created by mixing the Pekingese with the Pomeranian. It has button eyes, erect ears, and a dense coat. Its small size makes it well suited to small apartments, and it usually gets along with other pets.

9. Peekapoo

Peekapoo Pekingese Poodle dog
Image Credit: jbentler, Shutterstock

The Peekapoo is created by mixing the Pekingese with a Miniature Poodle. It’s a cheerful dog that likes to clown around and entertain.

10. Peke-A-Tese

Image Credit: ssputnik, Shutterstock

The Peke-A-Tese is created by mixing the Maltese with the Pekingese. These dogs are becoming more popular because they are very loyal and have a longer life span than many other breeds.

11. Pekingese

pekingese walking
Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

The Pekingese originated in China and has a lion-like appearance. It’s intelligent, bold, and independent.

12. Pembroke Sheltie

Pembroke Sheltie corgi sheepdog mix
Image Credit: Mehdi El Khattabi, Shutterstock

The Pembroke Sheltie is a mix between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog. It is a medium-sized dog that is extremely intelligent and can be overly protective. It’s also loving and likes to cuddle on the couch.

13. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi on sea background
Image Credit: Elena Rogulina, Pixabay

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the smallest herding dogs. It’s a loyal dog that is protective and alert.

14. Peruvian Inca Orchard

The Peruvian Inca Orchard is the national dog of Peru. It’s a small, hairless breed with erect triangular ears and slender legs.

15. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
Image Credit: Nadezhda V. Kulagina, Shutterstock

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a medium-sized dog that is friendly and outgoing. It’s also an independent breed that can be stubborn if it doesn’t get its way.

16. Phalene

Image Credit: Elmina, Shutterstock

The Phalene is a French toy breed that has short legs and a round face. It’s intelligent and obedient.

17. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds
Image Credit: Lenkadan, Shutterstock

The Pharaoh Hound is a medium-sized dog with a sleek look. It doesn’t shed much and enjoys being around children. You can see pictures of this breed in ancient writings, and it’s suspected to be around 6,000 years old.

18. Phu Quoc Ridgeback

The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is the smallest Ridgeback and is a rare medium-sized dog. These dogs have a ridge of hair running down their back, which is where they get their name. It is a loving and obedient breed.

19. Picardy Spaniel

The Picardy Spaniel is a large breed that makes a fantastic family pet. It’s a relaxed and laid-back breed that is kind and gentle.

20. Pinny-Poo

The Pinny-Poo is created by mixing the Miniature Pinscher with the Poodle. This breed is very possessive and can get jealous if you have other pets. However, it is also loving and sweet.

21. Pin-Tzu

Pin-Tzu mixed breed dog
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

The Pin-Tzu is a small breed created by mixing the Miniature Pinscher with the Shih Tzu. It’s a playful and energetic dog that enjoys being with the family.

22. Pitsky

Image Credit: AllisonJ7, Shutterstock

The Pitsky is a Pitbull and Alaskan Husky mix. It is affectionate, loyal, and intelligent but can bark on occasion. Still, it is child-friendly and protective.

23. Plott Hound

plott hound chewing a bone
Image Credit: Kiah Staley, Shutterstock

The Plott Hound is a large dog bred for hunting bears. It has a muscular body and large floppy ears. Despite their intimidating size, it’s affectionate and friendly.

24. Plummer Terrier

The Plummer Terrier is a mixed breed with several different terriers in its bloodline along with the Beagle. It’s known for being courageous, tenacious, and intelligent.

25. Pocket Beagle

The Pocket Beagle is a miniature Beagle with a long tail and hanging ears. It’s a curious breed that is very sociable and gentle.

26. Podenco Canario

The Podenco Canario is another hunting dog that has big, pointy ears. These dogs rarely bark if raised with children.

27. Poitevin

The Poitevin is a scent hound from France. It has a strong body with floppy ears. Its breed hunts large animals like deer and wolves, and they are rare to find outside hunting circles. They are not the best family members because they don’t get along with children or other pets and prefer kennel life.

28. Polish Greyhound

Polish greyhound
Image Credit: Ewelina Lesik, Shutterstock

The Polish Greyhound is known for being protective. It has almond eyes, floppy ears, well-proportioned legs, and a thin waist. It’s not related to other Grayhound breeds but has existed since the 16th century. It’s great with children but is uncomfortable around other pets.

29. Polish Hound

Black and Tan Polish Hound
Image Credit: Peakpx

Polish Hounds have strong athletic body with hanging ears. It’s a gentle breed that is very relaxed. It’s also loyal and courageous and will fiercely protect its family.

30. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Image Credit: WeekendOClock, Pixabay

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a medium-sized dog that has a very shaggy appearance due to its long hair that covers its eyes. It prefers a cold climate, but it’s great with children and has a sharp memory. They stay close to family members but will avoid strangers.

31. Polish Tatra Sheepdog

Polish Tatra Sheepdog
Image Credit: EKATERINA SOLODILOVA, Shutterstock

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a rare breed that makes a great companion. Its large size makes it a great watchdog.

32. Pomapoo

Image Credit: dawnie206, Pixabay

The Pomapoo is a mix between the Poodle and the Pomeranian. It’s a small dog that has a teddy-bear bear-like appearance and is hypoallergenic. It’s smart, has a long life span, and makes a great watchdog.

33. Pom-A-Pug

happy pom-a-pug outside
Image Credit: Melissa Staroszik, Shutterstock

The Pom-A-Pug is created by mixing the Pomeranian with a Pug. It is a small and lean breed with a wrinkled face. It’s playful, friendly, and loyal, and makes an excellent companion or addition to the family.

34. Pomchi

Image Credit: Photohunter, Shutterstock

The Pomchi is a mix between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua. It’s a very small dog with a round head and round eyes. It’s good-natured, affectionate, and makes a great watchdog.

35. Pomeagle

The Pomeagle is a mix between a Beagle and a Pomeranian. These dogs are extremely brave and won’t back down from any perceived threat.

36. Pomeranian

pomeranians on chair
Image Credit: Ohhlanla, Shutterstock

The Pomeranian is a popular dog from Central Europe. It’s a lively dog that demands your full attention and can get bold if it doesn’t get its way.

37. Pomerat

The Pomerat is a mix between the Pomeranian and the Rat Terrier. It’s very playful and has nearly unlimited energy. It enjoys being with the family and helps entertain when guests arrive, but it can be standoffish with other dogs that it perceives as a threat.

38. Pomimo

Pomimo dogs
Image Credit: Joyce Lee Williams, Shutterstock

The Pomimo is a cross between the Pomeranian and the American Eskimo. These are very intelligent and lively dogs that excel in many activities.

39. Poogle

Image Credit: Kannittha, Shutterstock

The Poogle is a cross between the Poodle and the Beagle. Their body is longer than it is tall, and it has rounded eyes and floppy ears. It rarely barks and enjoys the company of its family.

40. Pootalion

The Pootalion is created by mixing the Poodle with the Italian Greyhound. It has large, floppy ears and round button eyes. These dogs are aggressive, but they are also loyal and affectionate.

41. Poshie

The Poshie is a mix between the Pomeranian and the Shetland Sheepdog. It’s an independent breed that can be stubborn at times, but this small breed is also very loving and gets along well with children.

42. Prague Ratter

The Prague Ratter is the smallest dog breed in the world by height. It’s similar in appearance to a Miniature Pinscher. It was nearly extinct but was brought back in the 1980s. It is an active breed that will often chase any small animals that cross its path, including cats.

43. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is an ancient breed with an excellent sense of sight, smell, and hearing. This breed is lively and playful.

44. Portuguese Pointer

The Rare Portuguese Pointer Dog
Image Credit: Karen Appleby, Shutterstock

The Portuguese Pointer is more than 1,000 years old and has a compact build with a narrow tail. It’s suitable for children and pets, and it doesn’t shed much or need excessive grooming. It’s loyal, protective, and makes a great watchdog.

45. Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog puppy
Image Credit: T.Ivarsson, Shutterstock

The Portuguese Water Dog has a rugged appearance with a large but well-proportioned head. It’s adventurous, athletic, and extremely affectionate.

46. Presa Canario

adult presa canario
Image Credit: tsik, Shutterstock

The Presa Canario is a large dog with large hanging ears. It’s calm and obedient, but it won’t get along well with children or pets.

47. Pudelpointer

pudelpointer in snow
Image Credit: Chamois huntress, Shutterstock

The Pudelpointer is a tireless medium-sized dog that sports a distinctive mustache. It’s a dependable dog that is very curious and playful.

48. Pugapoo

Image Credit: Brook Robinson, Shutterstock

A Pugapoo is created by mixing a Pug with a Poodle. This breed is smart and can learn complex tricks.

49. Puggle

Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

The Puggle is a mixed breed created by mixing a Pug with a Beagle. It retains the wrinkled look of the Pug with the Beagle’s long muzzle. It’s outgoing and friendly.

50. Puginese

Puginese mixed breed dog
Image Credit: Joshua Minso, Shutterstock

The Puginese originated in China and is a mix between the Pug and the Pekingese breeds. These dogs have a squashed faces with hanging ears and a muscular body. It has a double coat that sheds, but not as much as some other breeds. It’s a very playful dog that’s always willing to please.

51. Pugland

The Pugland is created by mixing the Pug with a West Highland White Terrier. Its appearance depends on which parent it takes after, but you can expect this breed to enjoy being part of the family. It’s friendly and is good with children but can also be stubborn and strong-willed at times.

52.  Pugshire


The Pugshire is a mix between the Pug and the Yorkshire Terrier. It’s a small dog with floppy ears and a loving and dedicated nature. It’s a great family dog that enjoys cuddling and giving kisses, but it may be a bit too fragile for small children.

53. Puli

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Puli is an ancient dog with an instantly recognizable coat that hangs down to the ground and covers its eyes. This dog will aggressively protect you, and its large size will likely terrify any would-be intruders.

54. Pumi

Hungarian Dog Breed Pumi_katinka bakos_shutterstock
Image Credit: Katinka Bakos, Shutterstock

The Pumi is a lean but muscular dog with slightly floppy ears. It’s great with children as well as other pets, and it doesn’t shed that much. It does have a slight problem with barking and may try to herd family members, but it’s highly protective, loyal, and caring.

55. Pungsan

The Pungsan is a large hunting dog that’s not very popular outside its home of Pungsan. This breed sheds heavily but is good with children.

56. Pushon

The Pushon is created by mixing the Bichon Frise with a Pug. These dogs are very playful and can spend the entire day chasing a ball.

57. Pyredoodle

Pyredoodle Puppy
Image Credit: Reimar, Shutterstock

The Pyredoodle is a large dog created by mixing the Great Pyrenees with the Poodle. It can weigh up to 100 pounds and is very affectionate, calm, and courageous. It makes a great guard dog is wary of strangers and can start barking until its owner makes it clear it’s ok for them to be there.

58. Pyrenean Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff in the snow
Image Credit: AnjavdR, Shutterstock

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a large dog that can be very strong-willed and likes to be the boss. However, if it’s properly trained, it can be very affectionate.

59. Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd
Image Credit: BIGANDT.COM, Shutterstock

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a medium-sized dog known for being enthusiastic in all of its activities. It’s also intelligent and can be a mischievous trick player.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading over this long list and found a breed suitable for your home. Some dogs require a lot of care, so you need to be honest with yourself about the length of time you can spend with your pet each day. If you have found it helpful, please share these 59 dog breeds that start with P on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit to: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

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